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To get the right product is a bit problem for most of the customer when he/she searching for their own requirement, home automation lighting control systems available in many brands and style, it starts from a single room to a whole house system.

Here is the best home automation lighting control systems which starts from single room to a whole house

Rako lighting control system

Rako available in various technology, with wire and without wire, old homes can install Rako lighting by using old wires and lights, new home do have more options to choose from Rako system, either want wired or wireless lighting or both with combination.

Rako system offers one single room system to a whole house system

Rako can be integrated with your phone, iPad or remote control where you can operate all lighting systems you installed.

How it works:

Wired Network:

Rako modules available according to your requirement can connect with keypads via cats data cable.

Wireless Network:

Rako Modules connect without wire via a WTC bridge with a rako module and wireless router which able to throw a signal to a wireless keypad and dimmer from where you can manage it either from your phone or tab.


Multiple interfaces called Hub are available for the customer by rako according to their requirement.

  • WTC Bridge
  • WA Bridge
  • WR B100
  • RA Bridge
  • RTC Bridg


Rako offers flush and surfaced mounted plates which makes them very attractive and elegant.

Estimated Price of dimmers and keypads without interface.

Dimmers Modules Wireless & Wired Keypad
Rako RAK4T Dimmers = £506


Rako Wireless Flat faceplate Keypad RCM 020, 070, 100 = £125 ( 2, 7 & 10 button)


Rako RAK4F Dimmers = £485 Rako Wired Flat faceplate keypad  WCM 020, 060, 070, 100 = £175 (2, 6, 7 & 10)


Rako RAK4L Dimmers = £506  


Another system that can be say the best among the automation lighting control system in uk, lutran and rako do have a same technology from single room panel to a complete house, the only differences is the keypad design and the price.

Lutron comes in the top list of  lighting control system, it allows to you think each and every place you want to install at your home without limiting, regardless of the pre wires, you just don’t need it, Lutron offers individual wireless keypad, or if you want to install more than one room along with easy to manage, control via from phone or tab then a separate systems available offered by Lutron to be able to connect, communicate and integrate all switches, dimmers and other similar devices.

Lutron offers lighting packages according to room wise.

One room requires wireless switches but they only limit to digital control placed on a keypad, however if you want to manage from phone, tab or from remote then a separate controller will be needed to fulfill that task.

Number of packages and Plans available:

One bedroom


Multiple Bedroom Lighting Systems for one bedroom Lighting Systems for multiple  bedrooms
To save energy


  Rania Wireless RF switch
Radio Powr Savr – Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor
HomeWorks QS
To make a room more elegant and ambiance


  Rania, Lyneo , Touch keypads


Radio Powr Savr sensors
To be more convenient and remote control


  Rania Wireless RF switch, Radio Powr Savr – Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor



HomeWorks QS
  To be more safe and secure   HomeWorks QS
Sivoia QS
  Pathway  Lighting & multi-room control


  HomeWorks QS
  “Away” and “Vacation” Mode


  HomeWorks QS
Sivoia QS


Fibaro make it easier for the customer to choose according to their requirement, it offers smart plugs with single switch panel to double switch panels, dimmers, smart sockets, sensors and RGBW controller, but here only the lighting control system will be in detail.

Fibaro not only best for new homes but it is one of the best home automation system that can be fit easily to an old sockets thanks to his small rectangular design, in addition the modulus size are very tiny only to be able to fit into the existing junction box easily.







You can choose any place you want to fit, it can be fit in just single room with one socket or multiple rooms with multiple sockets you wants with the option of single button and double button panel.

Controller Hub:

Z-wave wall switch, plugs, dimmers and sensors cannot be handle and work alone without controller (hub), you need a controller Z-wave home center or certified controller from Z-wave to connect and manage all functions.

You could manage all switches at once via home center 1 or lite, it allows to integrate to all fibaro z-wave devices from one channel, in addition home center can be work with other devices such as Google home, Amazon Alexa, Apple Home kit and others devices certified by Z-WAVE from where you can control it remotely.

Fibaro lighting system packages:

  • Smart Switches
  • Smart Led Z-wave bulb, you can choose other Led to work with such as Philips hue.
  • Dimmers modules 1 and 2
  • Module Relays
  • Inline switches
  • Wall plugs and Sockets

Description and detail of all smart systems will be later in a separate section.

Caution: All smart lighting control system require neutral wire, most of the homes in UK do have neutral wires and but many not, so keep that confirm before installing that system.

Must be single switch panel if you intended to use only Apple Home kit

APPLE Home Kit Wireless Bluetooth communication Simple scene sequences available Apple Siri® voice control Works with iOS 9 and higher The sharing home functionality

Double switch panel work with Z-WAVE and other controllers.

Z- Wave Wireless Z-Wave communication Simple scene sequences available Smart notifications


Works with iOS 9 and higher Wide operating range


Designed especially for old homes, available only as a wired technology with a replacement of old panels and buttons, Futronix systems is prewired small compact design panels to make it fit in existing installation.

Futronix offers stainless steel and Sahara design switch panels and dimmers with the configuration of 2 button panel to up to 12 button panels.

To control and manage all, Futronix offers dedicated controllers with wired and wireless technology.

Futronix can be integrate with Amazon Alexa to be able to control lighting from voice, home icon touch screen and remote control for lighting can be get as an extra.

Estimated Price:

Dimmers Switches House controllers
P100 dimmer = £ 160 Eclipse Switch panel = £ 306 Pound Futronix Hx System = £ 993
P400 dimmer = £ 349 Metal Switch plate = £ 154 Futronix Home Automation =

£ 1160

P800 dimmer = £ 714    


Control 4 is very similar to Lutron smart lighting, very stylish, elegant

and reliable for long durability is a key to this company.

Control 4 enable you to control lights by voice with Alexa and google home, if offers you a complete range of wired and without wired lighting and dimming control systems.

Control 4 has wireless keypads, dimmers, switches and wired keypads with variety of button and face plate colors you can choose.


Compatible Led:

Perfect for Dimming

  • SYLVANIA HI-spot RefLED PAR-16 GU10 – 6.5W
  • Osram Parathom PRO PAR-16 50 Advanced
  • Philips Master LEDspot MV 6W GU10 dimmable
  • Megaman LED Reflector GU10 – 7W 500lm
  • Megaman Energy saving LED reflector PAR16 8W
  • BELL Mini Dimmable 5W LED GU10 Stock Code 05136
  • BELL Dimmable 8W LED GU10 BC/B22

There are few of the best LEDs which support all smart automation systems.


These four are so far the best for Home automation lighting control system in uk, if you want to choose other than these due to low budget, then I would suggest to keep that project step aside until you have the  budget to cover one of these systems cost fulfill, however in spite of  other low price systems are available, but not durable for long life, for single room or to make a dimmer lamp or to do only an experiment then there is another article which suggest that about getting started with home automation lighting control.








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