Leviton Decora Smart Switch Troubleshooting

Here is a list of Leviton decora smart switch troubleshooting for some of the most common issues that consumers encounter while using a Leviton smart switch or dimmer.

Leviton decora smart switch won’t turn on

While uncommon, a dimmer or switch may become unresponsive when the on/off paddle or dim/bright bar is pressed.

You must power cycle the device in these cases. Simply elevate the bottom of the dim/bright bar until the light or LED at the bottom of the dimmer goes off if it’s a dimmer (DH6HD or DH1KD). The dimmer will resume if you wait 5 seconds and then press the dim/bright bar back in.

To power cycle a switch (DH15S), you will need to flip the circuit breaker powering the switch off for 5 seconds, and then flip back on. 

It is important that you ensure the Decora Smart device is running the latest firmware.  Once your switch or dimmer is restarted please update the device firmware.

In most cases, this will address your situation.  If the loss of control continues or if you have any questions, please contact support at [email protected].

Leviton Switch Blinking

If the lights on your Leviton Decora Smart Switch begin to flicker abruptly, the cause might be a faulty lamp connection. Check the lamp’s connection right away; there might be a problem.

While checking, first of all, make sure that the wires are connected firmly with the wire connecters of your Leviton Decora Smart switch or the terminal screws of the remote. If this is the problem, fix it immediately.

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The Lights Aren’t Turning On With the Remote

Check the length of the cable if your remote isn’t turning on the lights. Make sure the overall length of the wire is less than or equal to 300 feet and not more. If the length is correct, look at the wiring. The wiring must be interfering with the remote’s operation. If the issue is with the wiring, have it addressed as soon as possible.

The green or bare copper wire should be connected to the green terminal screw in the wall box. If it isn’t like that, you should suspect an issue with the wiring of your remote.

These were some of the reasons that could interrupt the smooth usage of your Leviton Decora Smart Switch. If you are having trouble with your switch, all that you have to do is figure out your problem from the above-mentioned list and then follow the steps given under that. Your switch will get fixed within a few minutes.

Leviton smart switch not connecting to Wi-Fi

If you are able to connect the mobile device to the Decora Smart Wi-Fi device but are getting a message that the device is unable to enroll.

Please follow these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Factory Reset the Decora Smart Wi-Fi device by pressing and holding the top paddle for 15 seconds (until the LED begins to flash red and amber), then release the paddle. After a few seconds, the LED will flash green.
  2. Pay attention to the Status LED during the remainder of the enrollment process. When you get to the step where the device joins your Wi-Fi network (right after you select your Wi-Fi network and enter the password):

What is the color and state on the LED?

  • If the LED is solid green (or turns totally out if the light it controls is on), proceed to the section below under “Device displaying as not connected and status LED is green.”
  • If the LED flashes amber, double-check that you’ve entered the proper password for the Wi-Fi network you’re using. The password differs depending on the case. You can see the text by pressing the eye symbol to make sure you typed it correctly.
    Leviton Decora Smart Switch Won’t Reset
  • If your router has 2.4GHz and 5 GHz WI-Fi signals on the same Network Name (SSID), try splitting these out into different Wi-Fi network names.
  • Attempt to enroll the device again after following all of these steps to see if you are successful. If not, please contact our technical support team at [email protected]. Please include the type model number of the Decora Smart device and the brand and model of your wireless router.

Leviton decora smart switch reset

This procedure can also be used to place the accessory in ready mode with the locator LED flashing green:

  • Hold the top of the paddle for 7 seconds.
    • After 7 seconds the Locator LED will blink amber.
  • Release the top of the paddle and the switch will reset.
  • Once the switch has reset the Locator LED will blink green.

Leviton Smart Switch Not Responding

  • Update the firmware will fix this issue.

Smart Switch Turning On And Off

It’s possible that a problem with the schedule setup is causing your lights to switch on and off at seemingly random times.

How to connect the Leviton device in the SmartThings app

  1. For outlets or plug-in modules, press the button once.
  2. For in-wall switches and dimmers, press up on the switch once.
  3. For Z-Wave Plus in-wall models: Hold the top of the dimmer for seven (7) seconds. Release the dimmer when the LED blinks amber. Press up on the switch.

How to connect the Leviton Wi-Fi device in the SmartThings Classic app

  1. Tap Marketplace.
  2. Under Things, tap Switches & Dimmers.
  3. Select your Leviton Wi-Fi device.
  4. Tap Connect Now.
  5. Tap Leviton Login.
  6. Enter your Leviton account email address and password.
  7. Tap Link Your Account.
  8. Tap Done.
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