Smartthings Vs Google Home

Smart Devices can help you to manage a lot of your burden, if you know how to control and manage them properly, but if you don’t know the right smart devices then those devices you purchased and installed are become headache for you.

This is why?, We’ll go through the differences between SmartThings vs Google Home in this post to help you determine which one is right for you. As a result, be sure to read this article to learn about the many features of both devices.


Samsung’s SmartThings is a smartphone app that allows you to operate your smart home. To personalize all of your smart devices, you have hundreds of setup choices to choose from.

There is also a SmartThings hub available in the market that you can use to centralize all of your smart home devices.

You can use Zigbee and Z-Wave plugins along with your SmartThings to control your devices more effectively.

SmartThings supports a wide range of smart products that you can link with the mobile app. afterward, you just have to configure the voice commands and you will be able to use them remotely from anywhere.

SmartThings, like Google Home, is a cloud-based technology that requires a constant internet connection to function effectively. So, if your internet connection goes down at any time, you will most likely be unable to utilize your smart gadgets.


  • You may end up paying more depending on the number of sensors, plugs, and devices you will add
  • Some of the configurations settings are not easy to find

Google Home

Google Home itself is a virtual assistant that you can use with your smartphone app to control a range of smart home devices. This allows consumers to control their smart devices by voice commands. Google Home may also be used to listen to music or podcasts.

However, Google Home Hub especially display Hub not only offers to control via voice commands but from the hub screen as well, you can also set your own routines for each device connected with google home hub.

Five years back you can say that google home hub or google home itself isn’t compatible with many devices, users have very limited options in each technology such as light, Locks, CCTV, and so on.

At present having a google home Hub as most people say speaker compatible with so many devices which offers buyers a variety of options.

There are no monthly fees, and purchasing this device for your house will cost you approximately $50 to $80 on average. It requires a stable internet connection to function, and if your internet is not operating correctly, it will cease responding. So, to improve the signal quality, move it closer to your Wi-Fi router.


  • Does not support Zigbee or Z-wave
  • Alexa still has more compatibility

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Comparison of Smartthings Vs Google Home

Google Home Hub

While the fact that Home Hub is not regarded a real hub is not a major issue, I have seen individuals mistakenly believe that it is a smart home hub to which you can connect various devices and sensors directly, which is not the case.

The Google Home Hub allows you to connect gadgets to it and operate them from there. If you have Philips hue smart lights, for example, you won’t be able to connect them directly to the Home Hub; instead, you’ll need the Hue Bridge Hub. The Hue Bridge may then be connected to the Home Hub.

You’ll need to connect some Z-wave motion sensors to a smart home hub that supports Z-Wave devices if you want to use them. Unfortunately, neither Z-Wave nor Zigbee are supported by Home Hub.

Samsung’s SmartThings Hub

Samsung’s SmartThings Hub advertises itself as the “brain” of your smart home, with the goal of intuitively understanding not just how to connect and synchronize smart home devices, but also how to comprehend the basics of your daily routine.

It wants to understand when you sleep, wake up, when present or absent, and then leverage the knowledge to make the everyday experience smoother.

The routines may be configured to do some specific tasks in one of two ways: automatically via sensors or manually via a button press.

The best part is that SmartThings may send you an SMS or a push notification if it detects any unusual activity.


Recently in January 2021 for the first time, Google and Samsung are combining their smart home systems. Samsung SmartThings will support Google Nest devices, linking one of the industry’s top ecosystems for controlling smart devices such as cameras and thermostats with one of the leading businesses creating such products.

Now you can use control and manage google nest devices from smarthings app.

Samsung says it’s new Google partnership means Nest devices can be incorporated into SmartThings Scenes for setting up automated controls for multiple devices at the same time, and the integration will also mean Samsung TVs and its Family Hub fridge will support streaming from Nest cameras and other devices.

Note: So the debate over Smartthings vs Google Home is irrelevant; utilizing both devices provides greater value than sticking to one.

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