Leviton Has Released the Decora Smart Wi-Fi 2nd Gen Scene Controller Switch Which Includes Homekit Functionality

Leviton has released its latest HomeKit accessory, the Decora Smart Wi-Fi 2nd Gen Scene Controller Switch, after the release of its No-Neutral HomeKit Switch and Dimmer range in May. The new four-button switch allows for one-touch management of HomeKit scenarios, as well as numerous smart lighting and other devices.

Leviton announced today the release of the Decora Smart Wi-Fi 2nd Gen Scene Controller Switch, which will be available soon.

The 4 Button Scene Controller Switch is versatile since it may be installed in a single or multi-pole configuration (Anywhere Switch companion needed for multi-location applications).

This HomeKit-compatible Decora Smart 4 Button Controller also doesn’t require a hub or bridge.

Leviton Has Released the Decora Smart Wi Fi 2nd Gen Scene

Decora Smart Wi-Fi 2nd Gen Scene Controller Switch specs:

  • Set up the top three buttons with custom scenes and automation activities through the  My Leviton app or the Apple Home app.
  • Control multiple Decora Smart Wi‐Fi devices together using commands such as “All Off”, “Movie Time”, “Party Mode”, “Game Night”, and more.
  • Use voice control with Amazon Alexa™, Hey Google®, and Apple Siri®, as well as set schedules, scenes/activities, and an optional auto-shutoff timer capability.
  • Use in single pole or multi-location applications when paired with the wire-free Leviton DAWSC Anywhere Switch Companion or the wired DD0SR Switch Companions – no bridge required.

The functionality to control HomeKit scenes means you can control other smart devices outside of the Decora lineup with this 4 Button Controller too.

The Decora Smart Wi-Fi 2nd Gen Scene Controller Switch priced at $83 will be available soon at Amazon. It’s also possible to order custom engraved versions through the My Leviton App.

Recent Decora Smart Homekit 2nd Generation Devices

Along with the No-Neutral HomeKit products Leviton released in May, the company also released a 2nd Gen Smart Motion Sensing Dimmer and Tamper-Resistant Outlet (both require neutral wiring).

The Motion Detecting Dimmer has ambient light sensing, nighttime settings, a built-in light guide, motion snooze, and the ability to utilize it as a control mechanism for other smart switches and HomeKit automation.

Meanwhile, the Tamper-Resistant Outlet can handle loads of up to 15A and is suitable for lamps, fans, holiday illumination, small appliances, and other items. Instead of having anything that sticks out of the wall, this provides a simple built-in smart outlet.


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