Wyze Plug Blinking Blue – Reasons – Troubleshooting Guide

One of the advantages of having a Wyze Smart Plug is that you can manage and keep a watchful eye on your electronics with the tap of a button or the sound of your voice using the Alexa voice command feature.

However, your Wyze Smart Plug can only use this and its other features when it is connected to your home’s Wi-Fi. However the reason for not connecting to Wi-Fi can be due to many reasons, here we are discussing a particular issue that caused the wyze smart plug not to connect to Wi-Fi due to blinking blue.

In this topic, we explore what are the possible reasons including the possible code against this blinking blue light, and what possible and realistic troubleshooting steps we can take to fix this issue.

So bear with me:              

There is an issue with the connection between your Wi-Fi device and the smart plug, which could be the cause of the persistent flashing of the blue light on the Wyze smart plug. This issue is caused by error code 90.

What Are The Codes Of Wzye Smart Plug?

Error Code What to do
-90 The device is offline (error code 90) Please check your internet connection or power cycle the camera. 
-42 The connection failed (error code 42) Please connect your mobile device to a different network or try again.
-20011 The connection has timed out (error code 20011) Please try again. 
-60 The server not responding (error code 60) Please make sure your internet is stable. 
-41 The network is unreachable (error code 41) Please check network settings.
-10003.7 Authentication failed (error code 10003.7) Please try again. 
10003 Authentication failed (error code 10003) Please try again. 
20002 The connection failed (error code 20002) Please force close the app and try again 
27 (iOS only) The connection has timed out (error code 27) Please connect your mobile device to a different network or try again.
(iOS only) Connection failed (error code 0) Please connect your mobile device to a different network or try again.
-2 The connection failed (error code 2) Please check your network connection. 

What Are Wyze Flashing Light Means?

  • Solid yellow light: The device is starting up, and powering on.
  • Flashing yellow light: Travel mode is enabled.
  • Flashing blue light: The device is connecting to the Base Station’s network.
  • Solid blue light: The device is successfully powered and connected to the network.
  • Flashing yellow and blue light: The device is in pairing mode
  • Flashing red light: The device is plugged into power and charging.

Reasons for Wyze Plug Blinking Blue

  • The frequency at which your Wi-Fi router operates is 5GHz.
  • Your Wi-Fi signals are not powerful enough
  • There could be some technical difficulties with either your device or the app.
Wyze Plug Blinking Blue  - Reasons – Troubleshooting Guide

How to fix it?

First Method to fix it:

  • Rebooted your Wi-Fi router.
  • Do a factory reset which is to hold the pug side button for 5 seconds.
  • Then set up the WYZE plugs again

Second Method:


  • Perform a factory reset which is to hold the plug side button for 5 seconds.
  • After the factory reset, you need to setup your plug again.

If your smart plug is keep disconnecting and the same blinking light then you have to look elsewhere.

Check the Frequency of the Wi-Fi.

If you are running your Wi-Fi network on a frequency of 5GHz, then that is most likely the reason why it is unable to connect. This is due to the fact that Wyze Plugs are only compatible with the 2.4GHz frequency.

Make sure the Wi-Fi band on your router is set to 2.4 GHz by checking its settings. In such a case, you’ll need to adjust the frequency to the one that’s required, but doing so should cure the problem.

Determine The Strength Of Your Wi-Fi Signal.

There are situations when the frequency may be correct, but the signal intensity may be inadequate. In order to connect, the Wyze Smart Plug has to have a strong Wi-Fi signal. Check to check that your router is sending out sufficient signals; if it isn’t, the plug in your computer will have a difficult time connecting to the network.

You may determine the strength of the signal by attempting to use the same Wi-Fi network on your phone while browsing the internet. You can tell if the signal from your network is strong or weak by observing how long it takes for a webpage to load or how quickly it does so. You may need to restart the router as a troubleshooting option if the signal quality is low in order to determine whether or not the signal will become better.             

You can also try moving the plug closer to where the router is located in order to increase the likelihood of it successfully connecting. If you want to extend the range of your Wi-Fi signals, you might need to invest in a Wi-Fi booster in certain circumstances.

Check That The Wi-Fi Password Is Correct.

If none of these methods succeed in connecting your plug, you should double-check that you are using the right Wi-Fi password. It is conceivable that you are typing it incorrectly; verify that it is correct by checking it twice. In the event that you have lost your password, you will need to reset your router and select a new password.

If you follow these steps, your plug should become connected. If it is still not connecting, you may need to perform a factory reset because the plug may have some flaws that cause it not to work properly. To reset it, press and hold the power button on your plug for around five seconds, and then check the Google Play or Apple Store to see if there are any new updates available for the Wyze app on your device. Make sure the app is up to date, then try to set it up again.

Wyze Smart Plug Is Still not working

  • Increase your network signal by moving your plug nearer the router or by using a Wi-Fi extender.
  • Your phone’s Wyze app (Ios, Android) needs to be updated.
  • Upgrade your router as needed.


Hope the above methods will resolve this issue. Users of this plug indicated that this issue is quite common with this plug, therefore you will have to live with it if it occurs again and again after all troubleshooting steps have been taken.

Second, if you are unable to fix the problem and nothing seems to be working to get this plug back online, my advice is to replace it with a new one. I also suggest switching the brand to a more dependable and long-lasting technology, like Teckin plugs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I modify the Wi-Fi settings on my Wyze Smart Plug?

Answer: To connect your Wyze Plug to a new WiFi network, you must first perform a factory reset on the device, which will remove the existing WiFi network. Next, connect the plug to a new WiFi network.

Why wouldn’t Wyze Plug Update?

After removing the plug from the Wyze App, turn off mobile data (a fast way is to activate Airplane mode then turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi). Additionally, before attempting the install, briefly disable DoT if you use it to encrypt your DNS calls. After plug installation, update your firmware.


To make sure there are no Cache or App issues, restart your device. After around 10 seconds, unplug the plug from the wall, plug it back in, and allow the device to reconnect to your Wi-Fi. Retry the update.

How Long Does Wyze Firmware Update Take?

Not more than 8 to 10 minutes depending on your internet connection speed.

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