Olly Robot Vs Pepper Robot

Comparison of Olly Robot Vs Pepper Robot

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Olly Robot


Pepper Robot


+ Social

Olly is the first home robot with an evolving personality that adapts to each individual. Designed to do more than just respond to commands  

Pepper is a robot designed for people. Built to connect with them, assist them, and share knowledge with them – while helping your business in the process. Friendly and engaging, Pepper creates unique experiences and forms real relationships.

A ground-breaking AI engine allows each Olly to develop a unique personality, connecting with you on a highly personalized level. Pepper can make personalized recommendations, help people find exactly what they’re looking for, sell, upsell, and cross-sell, and interact with your human team as needed.
Olly recognizes your routines and executes the most relevant and useful actions, such as play your favorite music and set the temperature to the right degree at the right time. Outgoing and charming, Pepper reaches out to people the moment they walk in the door and starts making conversation – and friends.
Olly draws connections to your calendar, email, TFL, news, BBC and so on. This gives Olly optimal information to better assist you. Designed to draw people in, Pepper adds new life to your business by attracting new customers, sparking real curiosity – and leaving a lasting impression.
Olly understands your facial expressions, vocal intonations, and verbal patterns. So whether you are happy or sad, Olly sees it and hears it.  This understanding allows Olly to move and talk to you in an unprecedented way. Pepper can answer your customers’ questions, providing the latest product and promotional info, so your customers are more likely to learn, understand, and buy.
Olly interacts with people in a more natural way similar to how a person might. Olly does not only hear, but it can also see. Olly will proactively start a conversation rather than just reacting to a command.


Always on and always happy to lend a hand, Pepper helps your employees be even more effective by handling the routine, repetitive tasks – freeing them up to make better use of their time and talent
Olly recognizes people through visual and audio detection/by voice and by image. The two combined techniques work together to improve recognition rates. This is the foundation of Olly’s proactivity.

Olly not only recognizes what you’re doing, but can also learn the intention behind it. Subsequently, Olly is able to anticipate situations and offer helpful suggestions.

Pepper gathers data over the course of conversations, learning people’s tastes, traits, preferences, and habits to help personalize responses and better address needs.
Hearing you clearly across the room is important. Olly therefore uses vision to enhance its beamforming microphone array technology. Olly scans and analyses the surrounding environment to identify the room type and any potential obstacles between itself and you, so it can focus on you better.


Pepper is always there to help, working with both your team and your customers. Pepper also works well with all of your pre-existing technology, extending the value of your other marketing solutions to the store.
Olly communicates with you using a custom built circular LED display with a design language that is as visually unique as every Olly, yet understandable due to its shared core patterns.


Pepper integrates all of your promotional, inventory, and pricing data, acting as a go-to, real-time knowledge base for customers and employees alike.
Compatible with Hue, Nest, IFTTT, Gmail, Twitter, Calendar, Subway Always consistent, always friendly and welcoming, Pepper ensures that every interaction with every customer or staff member is positive and professional.
A rounded circle device A fully human robot

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Last Verdict

Olly is more of a social robot, works well at home with number of task he can do, interact and integrate with other smart devices at home, vice versa Pepper is more of a business robot that can works on retail, healthcare, banking and education.

Therefore these two are separate and do different task, so each one is best as their features and specification.

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