Top 10 Personal Robots 2020

These are the List of top 10 personal Robots 2020, few are in the market and the rest of them are about to be in line to launch in to the market.

1.      WALKER

UBTECH’s Walker robot was revealed at CES 2019 and is due to be released in the next 18 months. Walker is an agile, intelligent, bipedal humanoid robot. Standing at 1.45m tall, the new version of walker is more advanced than ever, it is able to interact with people and even has the ability to walk smoothly and quickly and to grasp and manipulate objects.

Unique Features: Even though it has not been released yet, this robot has the potential to make history. Walker may be the first commercially viable, bipedal robot available to purchase.

Top 10 Personal Robots 2020

Walker launching date unknown, Here you can consider ALPHA 1 Pro from Ubertech.. features 16 advanced digital servos that enable your robot to perform incredible movements at Lightning speed; speaker: 3W Mono speaker.

Price: view availability on Amazon



Samsung released three robots at CES 2019: Bot Retail, Bot Care and Bot Air. Bot retail is the biggest of the three with a large front display and basic shelving system at the back allowing it to deliver food or other items.

Unique Features: Samsung Bot Retail has the ability to interact with people, make payments using NFC technology and recognize objects using the front facing camera. Therefore, this robot looks like strong competition for SoftBank Robotics’ Pepper and may be seen climbing the rankings very soon.

Price: Release Soon

3.      Mykie: The Kitchen Assistant Robot

Mykie The Kitchen Assistant Robot

My Kitchen Elf’ or Mykie is a concept personal kitchen assistant from Bosch which could invade your home soon. It works on the similar grounds such as Alexa from Amazon or Google Home.

But this robotic sous-chef comes with a bit of a culinary pedigree. Whether you are an experienced cook or just a beginner, Mykie can be a handy companion to have at the kitchen counter.

It can plan your meal by connecting to a network of home appliances. For example, it helps you find recipes with just the ingredients available in the fridge.

Also, the built-in projector helps project recipes right into the walls of the kitchen or even show videos by simply using the voice activation or the touchscreen. It makes cooking an interactive affair by connecting with your family and friends worldwide through an integrated camera.

Price: Release Date – Unkown

4.      Aido: A Smart Home Robot

Aido A Smart Home Robot

You could easily confuse Aido for Wall-E’s girlfriend Eve and it’s not just perfect for kids but everyone in the household. Aido is a unique mobile robot which balances itself on a ball that can maneuver around complex spaces like furniture and other minor obstacles in the house.

This family robot was also designed to make its interaction with human beings as natural and intuitive as possible. It can perform tasks like performing household tasks, playing with kids, keeping your home safe and even handling your schedule.

Ingen Dynamic Inc.’s Aido is on IndieGoGo for a pre-order amount of $499

5.      Professor Einstein: The Miniature Robot Genius

Professor Einstein The Miniature Robot Genius

This tongue-in-cheek version of miniature Einstein offers a familiar face in the companion robot category. This home robot is also just as smart and can be a great teacher as well as a companion.

It uses the company’s cloud-based database to answer various questions while connected to the internet. The ‘Genius’ robot can more than keep a conversation going by maintaining eye contact and over 50 facial expressions to offer.

Users can also learn science and play “brain games” by connecting to the Stein-O- Matic app. This Einstein could easily be a part of your home for a price of around $200.

Price: view availability on Amazon

6.      Lynx


You have to travel abroad but want to give a hug to your daughter and be there when she performs at the school play? Just ask your Lynx robot produced by the Chinese robotics company, Ubtech, to do it for you!

Through the Avatar Mode in the Lynx app, the doll-sized robot is able to see, hear and speak for you or wave hi, dance or hug. With its touch sensors, the mechanic creature responds to human touch and detects motion or light. Combined with its video recording feature and surveillance mode, it is a viable option for home security. Moreover, users can sync it with Amazon Alexa, so Lynx can perform its commands: play music, search show times, check traffic, weather or news reports.

Price: $800

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7.      Olly: The Robot with Feelings

Olly The Robot with Feelings

Emotech calls it the ‘Robot with a Feeling.’ Olly is the first robot assistant which is said to have an evolving personality.

This home assistant learns all your habits and preferences, likes and dislikes and responds according to a user’s personality. The machine learning allows Olly to pick up information from normal day to day interactions which helps create a better understanding of the user.

It is also proactive, meaning it anticipates your needs and then offers suggestions based on that. It also knows where you are in the room, so it is able to perfectly direct audio to your best liking.

And they say that two Olly’s are not the same because the AI system and character engine creates a unique personality for every Olly. It is available for pre-order on IndieGoGo for $549.

8.      Connected Robotics

Connected Robotics

Connected Robotics, a Tokyo-based startup, has created two automated food robots: the OctoChef, which makes fried octopus balls known as tokoyaki, a popular street food in Japan, and the Reita robot, which serves soft-serve ice cream.

The company recently announced  a ¥850M ($7.8 million USD) Series A funding round. This funding supports Connected Robotics’ advancements in the food industry including an automated dishwasher robot, a hot-snacks robot targeted for convenience stores, and an automated breakfast-cooking robot named Loraine.

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9.      SANBOT


Sanbot is an intelligent, cloud enabled service robot developed by Qihan technology.

Unique Features: Not only does Sanbot have the ability to interact with people, it can present using its front screen and even use its built-in projector to display graphics on a nearby wall, making Sanbot perfect for retail environments.

Slightly smaller than Pepper, but under half the price, Sanbot is one of the leading social robots in the industry right now.

Price: $2,800

10. Buddy


The wide-eyed, flat-faced French robot has already been in high society having met and trolled French President Emmanuel Macron at last year’s Vivatech. However, the creature is set to rather become the newest family member in every household. Its features allow it to protect the home, offer assistance in the kitchen, act as a personal assistant by reminding family members of important dates as well as a playmate for children.

As an emotional robot, it promises to express various emotions throughout the day. It might cheerfully welcome you when you come home from work, but might be grumpy if you don’t spend much time with it.

Price: $1000

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