Sengled Bluetooth Bulb Troubleshooting

Sengled light bulbs are well-known to anybody interested in smart homes or smart technologies. So, Here we highlighted sengled bluetooth bulb problems and how to troubleshooting against them? Please continue reading.

The Sengled light bulbs are smart light bulbs that may be used without a hub or when connected to other smart devices, however they are considerably more powerful when connected to another device.

A hub allows a user to utilise up to 64 Sengled lights and gadgets at the same time, all linked to accomplish anything the user wants.

These light bulbs and gadgets let a person to control the lights by turning them on and off, adjusting the brightness, and sometimes even changing the colour.

These can all be managed remotely when coupled with a phone and the Sengled mobile app, or the user’s preferred hub app.

So here is the List of Sengled Bluetooth Bulb Troubleshooting

Problem- 1

Sengled Bluetooth bulb not responding

Issue – 1

Check to see if your Wi-Fi connection is up and running.

The link the receiver (the technology) has to the sender is one of the most typical problems with any unresponsive piece of technology (often your phone, a remote, or smart hub).

Cell service and your Wi-Fi (wireless internet), or just your Wi-Fi if you’re at home, will be the connecting line that connects these two.

The connection might be broken due to a problem with the receiver or transmitter, but if they both operate in other areas or with other devices, the problem could be with the connecting service itself.

It’s likely that your Wi-Fi isn’t powerful or fast enough to support a large number of passive devices that regularly drain a little amount of power from your network’s bandwidth, slowing down your entire house.

If you feel this is the case, conduct a speed test on your internet connection. If speed and bandwidth are issues, a new router, a better internet plan, or a better internet provider are your best bets for completing your move to a smart home.

Issue -2

Another typical issue with technology and Sengled light bulbs has to do with the connection, but more specifically with what the connection is connecting.

Naming conflicts are widespread in technology and can cause problems with where the signal should travel.

For example, if you have many Sengled bulbs in a room, you might name them all “Light Bulb – Living Room” to make it easier to find the bulbs.

The problem is that, in the absence of centralized control for all of the “Living Room” lamps, the signal is unsure which bulb to activate, so it simply does not activate any.

Make sure that all of your light bulbs are either grouped together on a single system, such as a hub, to manage a whole area at once or that they each have their own distinct name.

Sengled Bluetooth Bulb Troubleshooting

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Problem- 2

Sengled Bluetooth bulb not responding to Alexa

Most of The Time Resetting Fix This Issue So, How To Reset Sengled Bluetooth Bulb are here as follow:

  1. To reset a Sengled bulb, turn the light off and on 10 times (best to use a light switch or power strip for this).
  2. When successfully resetthe light should blink close to 5 times, letting you know you have reset the bulb.

Please try pairing it in your Alexa app again when it has been successfully reset. If the bulb was previously added to the Alexa device, it must be removed before it may be re-added.

Note: An Echo device may report that it did not detect a new device when, in fact, it did—this is known as a false fail.

To that end, please try turning off all lights to determine if the bulb did indeed contribute. All you’d have to say is, “Alexa, turn off all lights.” If the bulb in question reacts, it does reply by adding back.

Compatible Echo Devices & Echo’s Software

Ensure you are trying to set the bulb up on a compatible Echo device.

Compatible devices include: Echo (2nd, 3rd, and 4th Gen), Echo Dot (2nd, 3rd and 4th Gen), Echo Show (1st Gen), Echo Show 5/8/10, Echo Spot, Echo Input, Echo Flex, Echo Studio

Ensure your Echo device has the latest version of the software. For most of the Echo devices without a screen, you can check the software version by saying, “Alexa, is your software up-to-date?”

For the Echo devices with a screen, please see the following from Amazon: 

How Do I Pair My Bluetooth Sengled Bulb To Alexa?

Before You Begin: You will need to have the Amazon Alexa app installed on your smartphone or tablet to connect to your smart home devices.

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app, then select the Menu in the top-right corner.
  2. Select Skills & Games.  
  3. Select Search, type in Sengled, and select Sengled from the list.
  4. Select Sengled Home.
  5. Select Enable To Use.
  6. Enter your Sengled Email Address and Password, then select Sign In.
  7. Your account will be linked. Select the X in the top-left corner.
  8. Alexa will ask to discover devices on your Sengled system, select Discover Devices.

Alexa will scan for your new devices to control, and they will be available to your Alexa app, as well as any Echo speaker assistants shortly after.

Problem -3

Sengled Hub Not Working

Some methods for troubleshooting and fixing your sengled smart hub not working. So, without further ado, here are a few actions to do to resolve this issue:

  1. First, we recommend that you establish whether or not your individual smart hub has to be reset.
  2. If an Ethernet cable is attached to the modem, detach it and go to the next step.
  3. Turn off your router or disconnect it completely. Also, disconnect your hub to turn it off. Wait 30 seconds once you have properly disconnected both of these. Then, turn on your router. We recommend that you wait 60 seconds for both devices to switch on.
  4. For around 10 seconds, press and hold the reset button on the side of the hub (If you are having difficulties reaching the button, you may use a pencil or pen). When the router has been successfully reset, an LED indicator on the hub will blink 8 times.
  5. Now, wait 60 seconds before doing anything else. This ensures that the hub properly resets itself.
  6. Check that the internet is operational before connecting the Ethernet connection to the hub.
  7. Finally, if you haven’t already, download the Sengled Home app for your smartphone.
  8. Log in or register using your Sengled Home app on your smartphone.
  9. Now, add your devices by tapping the three dots in the upper right corner. You may also rename all of your smart devices, as well as create rooms and bedrooms.

Your devices should now be operational after you have correctly configured everything.

Sengled App Not Connecting To Wi-Fi

First, ensure that the hub has been reset and that all prior Sengled accounts have been deleted.

Your mobile device must be connected to the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network of the router that you are connecting with your hub (5 GHz connections are not supported).

The pairing procedure will not function if your mobile device is connected to a different network or is using cellular data.                                                   

Cycle Your Device, Router, or Smart Hub

We recommend first cycling the power to the device the bulb is plugged into to do a soft reset. Allow the smart bulb a minute to reconnect, then check to see if it is responsive. If not, try the additional suggestions below or keep reading for more potential fixes.

There are two other points in which various minor errors could crop up, causing your smart lights to be unresponsive: your wireless router or smart hub. Following the same power cycle process on one or both of these devices may resolve the issue.

Your Network May Be Unable to Support Your Smart Bulb

When setting up a smart home, connectivity troubles are typical, especially if your network isn’t designed to handle a big number of devices spread out over a broad region. If your smart lights aren’t reacting, it’s possible that they’re having difficulty connecting to your Wi-Fi network.

Your Wi-Fi router may be out of range of the bulb. Alternatively, your network may not have enough capacity to handle the number of devices that are attempting to connect to it. When configuring smart lighting, use these procedures to troubleshoot and fix network connectivity issues:

The Fix: Restart or Reset Router

This can be done by cycling the power, as mentioned above, or using the router’s specific reset function. Consult the support page or manual for your specific brand and model of the router for detailed instructions on how to reset it.

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