Top 10 smart home automation companies

There are many companies in the market offering various products and services, to elaborate more about the top 10 smart home automation companies.

Some companies manufactured, sell and provide services to customers itself.

Some companies offering just services on the behalf of their expertise and skills and choose the right products that fit best for customer requirement.

Therefore in this list a mix of both type of companies available in United Kingdom, although a detailed article about companies according to area wise in UK available.

Companies with own Products.

Control4 Corp

Control4 crop activated all over UK offering consultancy, services and products by themselves, one of a renowned smart home automation system company in the market worldwide.

Savant Systems LLC 

Another top notch company available in UK and Europe, offering best consultancy services and products to their customers.

Savant owned brands includes audio, video, controllers, touchscreen and many more can integrated with many of the most products in the market related to smart solutions.


Top sales in Germany and France and 5th in the UK in 2017, worldwide leading KNX company offering variety of products with latest up to date technology throughout many countries.

KNX own brand with consultation makes them the best in the market of smart automation especially in Europe and UK.

Intecho is a certified installation partner in UK representing KNX brand.

KNX partner with many of the other top companies in the field of automation in order to integrate with other devices.


Another company offering a complete range of their products in smart automation in UK, Free consultancy with estimated budget according to client requirement.

Partner with major brands in order to eliminate the compatibility issues with other devices.


Nest don’t dealing with complete smart home systems, they specialized in CCTV, security systems and alarms, very reliable and high quality products, if someone only want to secure their home, then Nest is the first choice without a shadow of a doubt.

Consultation and services given by their certified expert management.


ADT specialized in dealing with Security systems such as CCTV, alarms, Doors sensors and Alarms similar to Nest specialty, providing high quality products including with installation to their clients home.

Companies without their Products.


A leading company with more than 10 years of experience, Plan, design and build for future consideration.

They use only top of the systems such as Creston, Fibaro, control4 and few others devices for better reliability and durability with up to date technology.

Build IT

Another company offering free consultation and services to UK customers, dealing in all kind of smart home tech and systems.

Seven Oaks

Free Consultation and service company in UK, dealing in Home automation, Home cinema, Wireless and with Wire installation of all system.

Your Smart Home

Offering their expert services to the client, design, plan and build according to client wish, Consultation and estimated budget is free for all clients.

Select and choose a number of high quality brands such as Crestron, Elan, Amx, Control 4, Niko, Vimar and many more on their chosen list.

Other Uk Service Companies

Global Companies with own products

  • Holding, Inc
  • Broadlink Co. Ltd
  • Crestron Electronics Inc
  • Dacor Inc
  • Devolo AG
  • Ecobee Inc
  • EcoVent
  • Eq-3 AG
  • Ingersoll Rand plc
  • Legrand S.A
  • LG Electronics Inc
  • Rako
  • Fibaro
  • Homeseer
  • Samsung by smart things
  • Insteon
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