Using Real-Time AI to Protect Data from Smart Home Devices

To protect the data shared by smart devices, Everything Set has launched a new home network security solution.

While smart devices, such as light bulbs, robot vacuums, and security cameras, provide new conveniences on a regular basis, they can also be a source of new risks due to the vast amounts of data collected.

To safeguard that information – and the conveniences it provides – Everything Set just released a home security system that monitors and safeguards data-sharing behavior between smart devices.

To collect similar information across all smart devices, the company leverages AI and real-time analysis of anonymized crowdsourcing data. Traditional home data security solutions like firewalls and antivirus software don’t keep track of what information is exchanged with the outside world, but Everything Set uses statistical analysis and algorithms to keep track of smart gadgets and warn users about potential security threats.

Using Real Time AI to Protect Data from Smart Home Devices

“Identifying viruses, classifying them, and constructing a firewall against known dangers the traditional way is like defending a warehouse with only a chain and padlock,” stated David Knudsen, CEO and founder of Everything Set. “Our homes and businesses are unprotected and open to sophisticated attacks, and current security measures haven’t kept up with new, ever-evolving malware.”

Everything Set connects to any router and watches how individual devices operate while looking for security flaws, such as unfamiliar or suspicious IP traffic.

Users are brought up to date with system-wide network analysis and real-time alerts of odd activities via the Everything Set app. The program then offers remedies such as blocking rogue communications, assisting users in keeping their devices safe, and other auto-fixes.

The house, according to Phil Black, co-founder of True Ventures and an investor in Everything Set, is the new data privacy battleground.

“We’re living our entire lives online within the boundaries of our smarter houses,” he continued, “from your home office to your thermostat to your fitness regimen.” “All of our smart devices are learning our habits, so it’s vital that we safeguard what’s being sent to the cloud.” Everything Set is the safety net we need to ensure that all of our technologies are working in our favor.”


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