What are the most bizarre smart devices on the market?

One of technology’s guiding ideas is to solve problems and satisfy demands in as many areas as feasible. But, to be honest, this does not always turn out to be the case, as evidenced by a large number of bizarre smart gadgets on the market for technological items. They’re the kinds of discoveries that make us wonder, “Is this real?” They are, in fact.


What are the most bizarre smart devices on the market?

Classical conditioning. Pavlov discovered that every time he fed the dog, the animal salivated; in this way, a bell would ring every time it was time for food. As a result, the dog connected the ring of the bell with food and began drooling despite the fact that it had not been eaten.

What does this have to do with one of the oddest smart devices on the market? Pavlok is the name of a wristwatch designed to help us break undesirable behaviors. We would suppose that any brilliant man could accomplish it, yet Pavlov’s suggestion is unique.

If you wear it and smoke, don’t exercise, or eat junk food, the watch will send you an electric shock.

It is a somewhat extreme method, but if you react better to electric shocks than positive conditioning, it will probably help you.

Selfie Toaster

What are the most bizarre smart devices on the market?

The news and stories of heavenly manifestations in all types of locations and items are common in America, especially. On tables, fruits, trees, clouds, and even bruises, the Virgin Mary and the face of Jesus Christ have appeared. In that case, why can’t you put yours on toast?

The Selfie Toaster allows you to make toast with your face printed on it. It’s not a smart device, but it’s an odd one. Use a steel mold fitted into the toaster to imprint your face on the toasts. The photo that you must supply while placing your purchase on their website is used to build the mold with your face.

Personal Robot Assistant


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On television, we’ve seen characters like Bane, Salamander Hanz, and Darth Vader employ what amounts to a vocal filter. That’s Hushme, and if you don’t like your voice tone, you can alter it using this gadget. Another circumstance where it might come in handy is if you make a living off of playing phone pranks. Even so, the device is geared for making calls in complete anonymity.

Quirky EggMinder

What are the most bizarre smart devices on the market?

If at some point you have been sitting in your office, on the way home, or in a meeting with friends, and the thought of “how many eggs will be left in the refrigerator?” Has come to your mind, perhaps this product is for you. The Quirky EggMinder is an egg-laying tray that connects to WiFi and tells us how many there are and also how fresh they are. The latter is quite useful to avoid breaking a past egg.

However, there is a detail that we can appreciate in all the comments about the product on Amazon. The application to manage the device requires a subscription of $ 4.95 per month and only connects to the local network. In other words, it is a device that saves us from getting up and counting the eggs in the refrigerator.


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Juicers have always been a common sight in many kitchens, although in many shapes and evolutions. The Jack Lalane Power Juicer, which could juice anything from an apple to a pineapple, was maybe one of the most popular. Starting with the fact that you won’t be able to generate juice without a WiFi connection, the Juiciero is nothing like it.

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