How to Program Clicker Garage Door Opener

You can find other articles on this topic of how to program clicker garage door opener, However, for the user’s convenience, we just simplified each step with images to be able to ensure smooth programming without any problem so be with us at the end of this article to find a complete detail.

  • # (Button -2) it’s for those who has Two sided door
  • # (Button -1) it’s for those who has one sided door

A black program button, from this button you set pins under the guidelines of Clicker garage door opener.

First, you need to Look at your garage door Learn button color, which determined the number of times # (Button -2) you can press to program your garage door opener.

In this case, we have a Chamberlain garage door device that has a purple learn button on the backside of the device.

1st Step

Initially, first, you have to open the front remote cover to initiate a process.

How to Program Clicker Garage Door Opener

2nd step

Press the Program Button until the Led Light Turn on.

After opening a cover and under a thumb a program button

3rd Step

Press the Learn Button and release it, on the back of your garage door opener, in this case, the color of the button is Purple.

Note: The Flashing Light after pressing the Purple Button turns steady after a couple of blinks.

How to Program Clicker Garage Door Opener

4th Step  

Press Button 2 three times to be able to sync with the garage door opener. After pressing the 2nd button 3 three times you will see the Smart purple button light turn off. This will ensure the syncing process has been done.

Note: In the case of one side garage door, you have to use button 1st as a # to be able to do step 4.

How to Program Clicker Garage Door Opener

 5th and Final Step

Press the program button to set a Program

After opening a cover and under a thumb a program button 1

So finally press button 2, in this case, to open and close the door.

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How do you program a clicker remote keypad?

1st Step

First, you need to press the * and # buttons simultaneously, the keypad light begins to flash and turn off after 5 seconds, don’t hold more than 5 seconds while programming, otherwise it will cause a timeout.

How to Program Clicker Garage Door Opener

2nd Step

Enter the 4 digit password you want to select and then press #

2 1

3rd Step

Enter the ID you wrote down for your garage door opener from type 1 to Type 9, and Then Press the # Button.

How to Program Clicker Garage Door Opener

4th Step

Press and Release the Learn Button on the backside of the garage door opener, After Pressing the Learn Button the Light Turn on.

Note: After Step 3 you have 30 Seconds to Press the Learn Button.

4 2

5th Step

Again enter the 4 Digit Password you just set in step 2nd and then Press 0.

Now You will see the learn button light first flash on the garage door opener and blink and wait until the light turns off…

How to Program Clicker Garage Door Opener

It’s done.                                                                                        

Now you have to put 4 digit password and then press 0 for open and close.

What type of battery is required for the clicker garage door opener?

CR2032 coin batteries, 3 volts

ONLY use 3V CR2032 coin batteries to replace them. RECHARGE, DISASSEMBLY, HEAT OVER 212°F (100°C), OR IGNITE.

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