X10 Dimming Module

List of X10 Dimming Module available in UK

Switches Modules

WS4777 Wall Switch Module 3-way – X10

The WS4777 is a prepacked 3-way operable switch. The package comes with both a master switch and a secondary switch that fit within your homes existing toggle style switch plate covers. This switch is simple to install and will upgrade your switches to enable you to control them remotely or on a timer via X10’s controllers.

  • Enables remote control of lighting by simply replacing your current switch.
  • 3-way design and functionality at a fraction of the cost of other 3-way options.
  • Easy and simple installation.
Wattage Load: 60W to 500W
Compatible Load Type: Incandescent only



WS13A X10 Pro Wall Switch Module (Ivory)


The wall switch will respond to the ALL LIGHTS ON/ALL UNITS OFF command, and you can dim the light from any X10 transmitter with DIM/BRIGHT control. Wall plates sold separately.

Wattage Load: 60W to 500W
Compatible Load Type: Incandescent only




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WS469 3 Way Soft Start Dimmable Light Switch

[images cols=”three” lightbox=”true”] [image link=”4113″ image=”4113″] [image link=”4114″ image=”4114″] [/images]

Upgrade your existing 3-way wall switch to an X10 PRO-enabled wall switch. This 3-way switch module set is perfect for automation of indoor/outdoor lights including front porch, patio, hallway, and stairway lights currently controlled by two or more switches.

Wattage Load: 60W to 1000W
Compatible Load Type: Incandescent only



 XPD3-IW Master Dimmer Switch

[images cols=”three” lightbox=”true”] [image link=”4132″ image=”4132″] [image link=”4131″ image=”4131″] [/images]

The XPD3 (3-way master/single pole) Incandescent Dimmer Module is designed to control incandescent loads with a rating of between 40W and 500W. Lamps rated below 40W may flicker or operate erratically. A Companion Switch (XPSS) is available for three and four-way operation.



Wattage Load: 40W to 500W
Compatible Load Type: Incandescent only

Lamp Modules

LM15A Socket Rocket Screw-In Lamp Module

lm15a 1 1

The LM15A is a simple setup, small device that will allow you to control any bulb in any fixture. The only constraint this simple piece of hardware has is height. Note, it will extend your bulb out by about 1.25 “.

  • You can use it with any decor you choose. You don’t need a visible lamp module plugged into your wall. It’s concealed and it’s automated.
  • Enables remote control of lighting by simply screwing this in before the bulb..
  • Simple design allows for the use of your current decor without being visible.
  • Easy and simple installation.


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LM12 Lamp Module

[images cols=”three” lightbox=”true”] [image link=”4120″ image=”4120″] [image link=”4121″ image=”4121″] [/images]

The LM12, LM12W enables you to control your lamps with the press of a button. They are even dimmable. Set the mood and dim those lights to the appropriate level, all without getting up.

Use it in conjunction with other X10 modules and you can create whole scenes that turn on and off a whole room or even the whole house. X10 is simple, yet robust and the possibilities are endless.

  • Enables remote control of lighting by simply plugging this unit into the wall before the plug.
  • Simple design allows for easy placement and movement to another location.
  • Easy and simple installation.
Making capacity Making capacity: 40W to 300W (normal light bulbs only)



X10 Lamp Module 2G

X10 Lamp Module 2G

The lamp module unit works as a remote controlled switch or relay. You can plug it into any plug socket in the house and control the light attached to it via X10 commands.

  • Latest 2nd generation X10 lamp module with built in noise filter and improved signal sensitivity
  • On/Off/dim/bright functions by X10 remote control for control of plug in lighting
  • Designed to operate with 230V AC loads of up to 600W
  • Includes manual on/off button on the front of the module Soft start with memory dim setting,
Wattage Load: 60W to 500W
Compatible Load Type: Incandescent only



One Load Lamp Dimmer Micro Module LMM31 LM32

[images cols=”three” lightbox=”true”] [image link=”4123″ image=”4123″] [image link=”4124″ image=”4124″] [/images]

The Marmitek X10 One Load Lamp Dimmer Micro Module LMM31 is designed to fit behind a standard switch or momentary switch to control incandescent lighting in the range of 25 – 300W.

  • Suitable for 230V and low-voltage lighting with a transformer, including halogen lighting.
  • Remote control via the mains using Marmitek X-10 Commands and with one or more momentary switches.
  • Switches and dims lighting circuits up to 300W LMM 31 and 400W LMM32
  • Can be used in combination with ‘designer’ switching material.
  • Soft start and smooth dimming features, remembers the last dim setting.




Two Load Lamp Dimmer Micro Module LMM22 LM21

[images cols=”three” lightbox=”true”] [image link=”4125″ image=”4125″] [image link=”4126″ image=”4126″] [/images]

LMM21 is an extremely small X10 module (43.25mm x 47 mm x 21mm) which can be fitted behind an existing double wall switch to control 2 sets of lights.

The lights connected to the Micro Module can be controlled by a X10 signal or by the double (2 gang) switch in the normal way. The benefit of this Micro module is that it only requires 2 wires to each side of the switch

  • Switches and dims lighting circuits up to 400W
  • Can be used in combination with ‘designer’ switching material.
  • Soft start and smooth dimming features, remembers the last dim setting.
  • No extra wires required for installation, works with a 2 wire switch.
  • Dimmer (60W – 400W) LMM22.
  • Dimmer (60W – 300W) LMM21.




XPDF Inline Dimmable Receiver Module

Softly and discretely light any room by remote control and set just the mood you’re looking for with a controller you can keep in your pocket. This small module receives signals from your X10 system through your existing home wiring, via plug-in controllers and radio frequency signals from wireless X10 remotes, like the HR12A X10 Palm Pad Wireless Remote Control Module.

Enjoy the ability to shut off all your house lights with a handy PHC02 X10 Pro Plug-in Mini Controller in the bedroom or kitchen, and avoid the hassle of locating every light switch at bedtime. Avoid stubbed toes and save on your energy bills.

Load Range: Max 300W
Compatible Load Type: Incandescent only



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