Braava 380t Troubleshooting

The device will not turn on.

Your mopping device isn’t moving, and the lights aren’t turning on.

Battery No Longer Holds A Charge

Replace battery

The Battery Has Not Been Charged.

Before attempting to use the gadget, plug it in and wait for the battery to fully charge. A defective AC adapter might possibly be the cause of this issue. Check the current of the AC adapter using a voltmeter if the light on the AC adapter does not turn on. To do so, connect the adapter to a power source, turn on the voltmeter, connect the red terminal of the voltmeter to the pin inside the ac adapter’s plug, connect the black terminal of the voltmeter to ground (any piece of metal), and check for current. The ac adapter is operational if the voltmeter registers a current. If this is the case, the ac adapter should be replaced.

The Battery Is Not Properly Attached.

It’s possible that the battery isn’t correctly connected. With a flat-head screwdriver, remove the bottom battery panel and double-check that the cables are securely connected.

The Power Button Is Broken.

It’s possible that the power button is damaged or that there’s an impediment under the surface of the panel. It’s possible that the button will need to be replaced.

Braava 380t Troubleshooting

The device won’t move normally

Your iRobot moves in an irregular pattern; going in circles, not turning

Wheel Motor Fault

One-wheel motor may be burned out if the gadget isn’t spinning or traveling in circles.

The wheels had become stuck.

During regular use, the wheel axles may become clogged with hair or other material. If this is the case, use tweezers or other instruments to remove the material. Remove the wheels to fully clean the wheel-axles assembly if you are still unable to remove the debris.

Attaching the Mop Head Incorrectly

Make sure the mopping cloth is securely fastened to the cleaning pad and is not tangled. To verify the appropriate connection, disconnect and reconnect the cleaning pad to the iRobot.

Navigation Cube

A defective navigation cube or a signal interruption might cause irregular travel. Make sure there are no obstacles in the navigation cube’s line of sight. If there are no obstacles, the guidance cube may need to be replaced.

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The device won’t move at all

Your iRobot Braava 380t turns on but will not move

Worn Wheel Tread

If your iRobot Braava 380t does not move at all, a possible reason is that the wheel tread has worn off. The wheel tread may need to be replaced.

Wheel Suspension

If from the side view, you cannot see the wheels of the iRobot, the suspension spring may have failed. If so your iRobot will have trouble moving.

A Shattered Wheel

It’s possible that your mopping machine’s wheels are broken if it won’t move. It is a straightforward technique to replace the wheels.

Faulty Wheel Motor Assembly

The immobility of your device might also be due to a faulty wheel motor. This part can be found online and replaced fairly simply.

Braava Is Backing Up

The floor transition sensor is activated

Remove and reapply the cleaning cloth. When reapplying, follow these instructions:

  • Ensure the cloth does not overlap with the middle channel of the removable cleaning pad
  • Ensure the cloth is not bunching up, which can prevent the removable pad from reattaching completely to the robot.

If the flooring is uneven or has wide grout lines, place Braava on smoother flooring to see if the problem persists.

Braava 380t error codes

Your Braava 380t makes short chirping melodies to let you know of a problem. The tune lets you know what problem you have.

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IRobot Braava 380t Manaul

For more information about other problems apart from the above issues then here is a manual under the Troubleshooting Table you can find how to fix most of the 380 problems.

otherwise, contact: Support Center

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