Home automation custom projects built using Arduino Embedded System.

Aquarium Light 1

Aquarium Light V1

My first attempt at an LED Aquarium Light V1 started as an excuse to buy some of those LED light strips off of eBay.  I gutted the old 18″ fluorescent fixtures and soldered together row after row of 18″ RGB LED strips

LED Sneakers

Super Brite LED Sneakers 1.0

Create your own Super Bright LED sneakers that blink with multiple patterns. Super Bright LEDs (35 or more per sneaker, depending on shoe size)

Bike Dashboard

Bike Dashboard

In this Instructable I’ll show you how to make a electronic bike dashboard for a bicycle. We’ll be using an Arduino and a few off-the-shelf parts to create a system with light control and an LED speedometer.

High Heel Massage

High Heel Massage

My project is to make a High Heel Massage(shoe) that senses when your foot is tired and then eases the pain. I will have a force sensor measure how much pressure is on your foot for 3 minutes.

Paper Man

Paper Man: a Machine Created by Arduino and NFC.

Paper Man is a machine comprised of Arduino, NFC Shield, thermal printer and a papercraft shell—Iron Man. Thanks to the NFC Shield, you can directly sent messages from your mobile to the paper man

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