Home automation custom projects built using Arduino Embedded System.

Aquarium Light 1

Aquarium Light V1

My first attempt at an LED Aquarium Light V1 started as an excuse to buy some of those LED light strips off of eBay.  I gutted the old 18″ fluorescent fixtures and soldered together row after row of 18″ RGB LED strips.  They mounted to a thin aluminum plate I screwed into the old light …

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LED Sneakers

Super Brite LED Sneakers 1.0

Create your own Super Bright LED sneakers that blink with multiple patterns. 1.0 FEATURES: – 1 color LEDs – 6 patterns – reed sensors + magnets that give you control to step through patterns – detachable velcro design – small, wearable microcontroller + power   [mom_video id=’HwDTeOsYF88′] Step 1: Parts & Tools    Parts: Super …

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Bike Dashboard

Bike Dashboard

In this Instructable I’ll show you how to make a electronic bike dashboard for a bicycle. We’ll be using an Arduino and a few off-the-shelf parts to create a system with light control and an LED speedometer. [mom_video id=’OObVnhIt74g’] Step 1: Materials   Arduino Micro (RadioShack #: 276-258) 12V 10W halogen bulb (RadioShack #: 272-011) …

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Star Cluster 1

3-dimensional Star Cluster: Acrylic + LED Light Sculpture

This instructable will guide you through the process of making your very own Star Cluster from LEDs and acrylic. I made this piece for my electronics final project at college and had access to a machine shop. This instructable assumes that you have access to similar tools.   This project was very much inspired by …

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High Heel Massage

High Heel Massage

My project is to make a High Heel Massage(shoe) that senses when your foot is tired and then eases the pain. I will have a force sensor measure how much pressure is on your foot for 3 minutes. If the pressure is at a certain measure for 3 minutes, then a vibrator will go off …

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IPhone Controlled

Home Automation (or Robot Butler Called Geoffrey) – IPhone Controlled, Arduino Based

Being able to control everything from your pocket has long been a dream shared by many. Previously we’ve had universal remotes Robot Butler that can both control our TVs and radios, then we had wireless wall sockets. Both great things, but how likely is it that you’re going to be carrying around those remotes with you …

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