Home automation custom projects built using Arduino Embedded System.

Singin in the Rain 2

Pressure Activated Light-Up Umbrella

Once upon a time, 2 girls greatly enjoyed walking in the rain with Light-Up umbrella.
They decided the enjoyment of this experience could be maximized by building their own pressure-activated web of LEDs


Pumpktris – the Tetris Pumpkin

Who wants grinning faces and candles when you can have an interactive Tetris pumpkin this Halloween? Play your favorite block-stacking game on an 8×16 grid carved


L.O.G. Sous Vide

As others have done, my design L.O.G. Sous Vide uses a simple crock pot as the heating element. It has to be simple as the temperature is controlled by controlling the AC going to it.

Energy Saving Light

Energy-Saving Light

In the spirit of Earth Day, I have created a revolutionary new energy-saving light solution that is only ever on when your eyes are open.

Sleep N Tweet

Sleep N’ Tweet

Now I am lucky enough to work at the greatest company in the world as a University of Waterloo, co-op student. It might not even be a company you’ve heard of yet.

Burn the Bootloader

Capacitive Touch Arduino Lamp

It is late at night, and your cellphone rings. You can’t see where it is, you blindly grope around your nightstand, trying in vain to find that illusive switch that will illuminate your side of the bed.

Materials and Tools

Pong Playing Flexible Screen on a Shirt

It’s been in the works for about a year and has taken quite a few man-hours to create. The screen is 14 by 15 pixels, so, pretty low resolution but it can still do some fun things. It is a physically flexible screen in all directions, although it cannot be folded without damage.

Design the Star and Placing the Fibers 5

Sky on the Wall (Mood Lighting-IR Remote)

I wanted to take that idea and want to create some Sky on the Wall mood lighting with some skies component such as stars, and cloud, for the bonus there will be some effect for rain and thunder.

Keyfob Deadbolt 2

Keyfob Deadbolt

The keyfob deadbolt to my apartment never worked quite right because it is a copy of a copy of a copy. I am fairly certain that the keyfob deadbolt is original to the building

Filtration System 7

Aqua Garduino Mini @hydroFishAqua82

Arduino Powered MicroAqua Garduino Mini System with Pi Camera and Twitter Feed
We are creating an automated Aqua Garduino Mini system with mobile updates via Twitter.

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