Dish Integrates Google Nest Hello Into Hopper

Announcement is said to be first in a series of Google Nest integrations into Hopper and Wally receivers set to roll out in coming months.

Dish Network is building home automation wherewithal into its Hopper 3 DVR, much in the same way Comcast integrated it to its X1 platform several years ago.

Dish today announced that its Hopper and Wally receivers now support the Google Nest Hello video doorbell, delivering onscreen notifications when the doorbell rings.

Yes indeed, Dish subscribers must never endure the horror of missing the pizza guy again.

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Dish said that the video doorbell is just the first of a series of Google Nest announcements that will unfurl over the coming months. The satellite TV company—soon to be wireless company?—has already established a sales page for the full line of Google Nest products and services.

Dish Integrates Google Nest Hello Into Hopper

“Google Nest on Hopper is about giving our customers added choice and control over their home environment—with the subtle on-screen alerts delivered by the Nest Hello, customers are better equipped to hit pause and take action right away,” said Rob Sadler, Dish director of product management, in a statement. “This is just the beginning of a powerful relationship with Google Nest and their vast portfolio of products.”

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