How to Stop Google Home and Alexa from Recording User’s Voice Data

Popular gadgets like Alexa and Google Homes are known to keep records of what you say to them. After the emergence of numerous cases of hacks, users are more cautious than ever while using these devices. According to a theory that has come forward in the past few days is that these smart home devices might be recording and reviewing the voice data of the users without consent.
As per Alexa’s owner Amazon, the voice of the users was recorded mainly to enhance the “understanding of human speech.” They also said that smart devices like Alexa only record the speech when they listen to wake words.
According to Google, they have long suspended “the human review of audio recordings”. If you are still cautious then don’t hesitate in taking additional measures.
Users can, however, delete the voice data anytime they want. Here is a handy guide on how to prevent devices like Alexa and Google from keeping track.

How to Stop Google Home and Alexa from Recording User’s Voice Data


To manage your voice data and to stop the Amazon officials from analyzing your voice, follow these easy steps:

  1. go to Settings,
  2. find Alex Privacy icon
  3. Click on Manage Alexa Data.
  4. Under this icon, you will find Use Voice recording service to improve Amazon service to develop new features, toggle this setting off

This will however not stop Amazon from accessing other data of the user.

Google Home:

Access your audio and voice recording activity control in the google account setting. This will, however, stop the voice searching until you re-enable it. Follow these steps to disable the voice recording

    • Visit the Google home app
    • You will find “profile icon” in the bottom right of the app, tap it
    • Click on My Activity
    • Tap edit the Web Activity
    • Now scroll to the bottom and then click show all activity control.
    • Click on Voice and Audio Activity, turn it off
    • Once it is been done, Google will ask you whether you are sure about doing so, If you are sure, then click on pause otherwise cancel

You can also delete the recording history from google home and Alexa. Here is how:


At the beginning of this year the owner of Alexa, Amazon announced about two new features of Alexa that will help you in deleting your voice data history. All you have to do is to say “Alexa, delete my voice history” or “Alexa, delete what I just said”.
For manually deleting the history, visit the setting page, and go to Alexa Privacy. Go to review voice history and click delete all recordings for all history.

Google Home:

For Google, the easiest way to delete the voice history is to just say: “Hey Google, delete my voice history”
If you prefer manual deletion then follow these steps:

    • Visit
    • Click on Web and App activity
    • Go to Manage Activity
    • Click the stacked dots at the top right corner
    • Tap Delete Activity by and select from the options.
    • Finally, click on delete for conformation


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