DSC Alarm Troubleshooting and Possible Solutions

In 140 countries, Digital Security Controls (DSC) produces and distributes revolutionary home security systems. Their security systems for homes and businesses include cutting-edge control panels, IP monitoring solutions, wireless panels, and a variety of sensors and detectors.

DSC alarms, like other alarm security systems, are prone to malfunction. Their alarm systems, on the other hand, are among the easiest to program, diagnose, and troubleshoot. Power outages, communication problems, and faulty components are just a few of the problems you could encounter. Our post below will walk you through how to set up your system and fix issues so that your house is safe.


Here is the List of DSC Alarm Troubleshooting

How Can I Turn Off The Beeping Of My DSC Alarm?

There might be a number of reasons why your DSC alarm continues to beep strangely. One or more issue codes have been identified by the alarm, which is the most likely cause. Other causes include a dead battery, a faulty phone line, a low battery, and communication problems.

Disarming the alarm and then diagnosing the problem is the best approach to stop the beeping. You may turn off the buzzer by entering the disarm code and pressing the #.

You might also try turning off the door chime. The door chime function on the keypad emits a sound whenever someone opens or closes a door or window. Which doors and windows have the chine function may be programmed. To turn off the chime functionality, press and hold the Chime button on the keypad with the function keys. Press ‘*4’ for keypads lacking a Chime button.

Press the * button and then number 2 to see the fault codes on the keypad. The meanings of the DSC alarm system fault codes are shown below.

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Yellow Trouble Light on the Alarm System

A trouble light might indicate one of eight issues. You can find out what’s wrong by pressing *2 on your keypad. After pushing this key on the keypad, your zone lights should illuminate, signaling any issue spots. The difficulty sound will be silenced if you press #. Then consider what your yellow triangle may be telling you.

Dsc Trouble Code and Possible Solutions

Codes Possible meaning Possible Solution
1 Low battery If you recently had a power outage, wait 24 hours after power comes back for the battery to recharge.
If beeping persists after 24 hours, replace the battery. 
2 Loss of AC power Make sure the transformer is plugged securely into the outlet.
If it’s not working, check the circuit breaker and reset any tripped breakers.
If the problem persists, replace the transformer. 
3 Telephone line issues Plug the home phone into the telephone jack and check for a dial tone. Check for disconnections between the panel and the phone box.
If you changed your cable telephone recently, update your system. Contact your security company to check for further damaged connections.
If there is no dial tone, the phone service is down, and you need to contact your phone service provider. 
4 Communication failure with the central station The panel isn’t reaching the monitoring station, which is how the system reports emergencies to the authorities. If fixing the phone line doesn’t work, contact the alarm company to check the system. 
5 Zone fault Error codes 5,6, or 7 indicate an issue with the system sensors.
Press the number on the screen on the keypad to show the specific zone with the issue.
Check for loose connections on the wireless sensor.
If the problem continues, contact the alarm company. 
6 Zone tamper Check the cover of the affected zone or sensor and ensure it fits securely. 
7 Low zone battery Replace the batteries of the affected wireless sensors. 
8 Loss of time and date If the system has lost AC and battery power, reprogram the time and date when it regains power.
The panel model might also not be capable of daylight saving time.
Set the date and time. Press the [*][6][Master Code][1].Enter the time in 24-hour format.
Set the current date in MM/DD/YY format.
Press # to exit.
If the issue persists, reset the alarm system by arming and disarming the system. 
 DSC Alarm Troubleshooting

What Is The Procedure For Clearing Alarm Fault Code?

Type your master code twice, press the reset button once, then enter [*][72] to clear a fault code on your DSC system. Then, when the alarm goes off, figure out what issue code set it off and fix it to avoid a false alarm.

How to clear memory on DSC alarm?

Clearing the DSC alarm memory will delete all the programmed settings, and you will have to reprogram the system after. To delete the DSC alarm memory, arm and then disarm the system.

From the panel

  • Enter the Master code, and the system will immediately disarm
  • In case you enter an incorrect code, press # and try again.

From the key chain remote

  • Locate the disarm button with an unlocked lock.
  • Press and hold the disarm button on the programmed key chain remote while within the range of the alarm system.

From Alarm.com

If your DSC system is on Alarm.com, log into your account, and under the security tab, select ‘disarm’. The system will disarm once it receives the command from Alarm.com.

Note that you can only reset specific sensors such as smoke detectors and glass break detectors after an alarm. To clear the detectors, press and hold the ‘Reset’ button for two seconds. If they fail to reset, they may still be detecting an alarm condition. Check the detectors and try resetting again.


How to Change a DSC Alarm’s Battery

Typically, the DSC alarm system is powered by AC. During a power loss, however, it has a backup battery. When the electricity is restored, the panel immediately recharges the battery. If two triangles flash on the keypad’s display panel, the battery is failing and has to be replaced. The DSC alarm system includes keypads, control panels, and sirens, all of which require periodic battery replacement. To change the alarm batteries, follow the procedures below.

Replace the keypad batteries.

  • Dismount the keypad from the bracket by pushing it up and out. Some models will require you to unscrew it from the mourning bracket.
  • Turn to the back of the keypad and open the battery compartment cover.
  • Remove the used batteries.
  • Insert the new four AA batteries using the diagram at the back of the keypad for correct polarity orientation.
  • Replace the cover and mount the keypad onto the wall mount.

Replace the siren batteries

  • Press the tab at the front to open the cover.
  • Remove the used batteries.
  • Wait 30 seconds and then insert the new batteries into the compartment.
  • Replace the front battery cover.
  • Press and hold the test-siren button for five seconds to test the siren. The siren will beep if the battery change is successful.

Replace the control panel batteries

  • Locate the control panel box. Avoid confusing the control panel box with the keypad that arms and disarms the security system.
  • Remove the screws on the side and bottom to open the control panel box.
  • Pull out the black wire connector from the negative(-) battery terminal with pliers.
  • Pull out the red wire connector from the positive(+) battery terminal.
  • Remove the old battery from the control panel box.
  • Insert the new battery inside the control panel box.
  • Attach the new battery’s red wire to the positive terminal and push the connector securely onto the terminal.
  • Attach the black wire to the negative terminal on the new battery and push the connector securely onto the terminal.
  • Check the alarm keypad for the trouble code. If the code is on display, the new battery needs AC power to recharge.
  • Confirm the alarm system is working correctly and then close the control panel box cover.

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On the alarm, what does the yellow triangle mean?

A yellow triangle light on the DSC alarm indicates that there is a problem that has to be resolved. A trouble light can indicate a variety of issues that are generally denoted by an error code.

The zone lights will turn on and a fault code relating to the specific issue will appear on the display screen if you press [*][2] on the keypad. To figure out what the difficulty code indicates and how to resolve it, consult the table above. The triangle light goes off after you clear the fault code.

DSC alarm is not arming

The DSC alarm system is secured once it is armed. If your system is not arming, it usually means there is a power outage. During a power loss, the DSC alarm system contains a backup battery to keep it armed. Your security and smoke detection will be jeopardized if the equipment are not armed. To get your alarm system properly armed, follow the troubleshooting methods below.

Dead or low battery

If the system refuses to operate, the battery may be low or entirely dead. Check the batteries in the control panel, keypad, and sensors, and replace them if required, to guarantee that your alarm system enters into arming mode appropriately.

Tripped circuit breaker

Check for tripped breakers if your home has electricity but the alarm system is not activated. Power surges and outages can sometimes trip the circuit breaker, preventing the system from getting power. The batteries do not recharge while the system is not receiving electricity. Check the circuit breaker and manually turn it off and on to see whether it’s tripped.

Malfunctioning transformer.

A step-down transformer is also included in the DSC alarm systems, which connect into an alternating current outlet. The transformer is most likely failing if there is AC power and the batteries are also operating but the system isn’t arming. First, double-check that the transformer is properly inserted into the power socket. Then, by removing and reinserting the other end with a single plug, double-check that it is securely put into the central alarm unit. Replace the transformer if the problem persists.

DSC alarm is not beeping when the door opens

DSC alarm system should beep every time you open or close a door or window with a sensor. However, on rare occasions, the door will not chime when you open the door. Follow the troubleshooting steps below to get your Chime function working again.

Toggle the Chime feature

Check to ensure the chime function is enabled. Turn it on by pressing and holding the Chime button on the keypad for 2 seconds. You can also press [*][4]. Finally, test the door and if it should beep three times if the chime is on. If it is off, the system will produce a long tone.

Check the sensors

Confirm the door sensor is activated. To test this, turn off your alarm system and check if the sensor was recently triggered. Ensure the sensor is programmed to switch off the main power supply automatically after some time. If it has, you should disconnect the sensor battery, reattach it, and set the current time and date.

Confirm power failure

Check for power to the system. During a power outage, the system usually works on the backup battery. But if the battery is completely dead, the alarm system won’t work. Check the circuit breaker and reset any tripped switches. Then check the batteries on the sensors and keypad and replace them if necessary.

Test the door contacts

Check the door to ensure the contacts are not loose or damaged. When the sensor contact is damaged or disconnected, the alarm system will not notify you in case of an intruder. If they are, set the system to bypass the zone where the door is and then reconnect the contacts or replace them. When replacing the contacts, make sure to use a replacement door sensor and magnet compatible with your current system, or the control panel will not recognize it.

DSC alarm is not communicating

When the DSC alarm system is triggered, it links directly to the phone line, allowing it to communicate with the monitoring department about a break-in, fire, or other safety threats.

Phone line repair work can usually create a communication failure by disrupting the link with the alarm system. A severed phone line, a change in phone service, a phone malfunction, or a change in phone service provider are the most likely causes. Here’s how to fix the communication problem:

  • Check that the phone line to the system’s control panel is securely connected. After that, double-check both ends by firmly removing and rejoining the connection. Then, test it to make sure it’s operating properly.
  • The system is not configured to transmit test signals if the monitoring station does not receive the test message. For an onsite service call, you must contact DSC support.
  • A frozen cellular unit might potentially be the cause of communication failure. This may be fixed by restarting your DSC alarm system. Then, to determine if the problem has been resolved, do a communications test. You’ll need to make a service call if the communications test fails.

DSC alarm battery is not charging

The alarm system battery delivers backup power to run the system during power loss. The DSC alarm system uses 12-Volt batteries that typically last between 3-5 years. When the battery has fully discharged, a trouble light code ‘7’ or ‘low batt’ will appear on display. Try replacing the battery, and if the problem persists and you have an older system, you should consider replacing the system.

How do I know if my DSC keypad is not working?

A dead keypad will not beep or have lights on it, indicating a problem with the power supply to the keypad. Try the troubleshooting steps below to get your alarm keypad working:

  • Reset your alarm system to factory default to clear out minor bugs that could be affecting your system. After the reset, reprogram the system.
  • Confirm the keypad is receiving power by removing the battery from the back of the battery cover. Wear ear defenders in case the alarm is triggered. The keypad will produce two beeps.
  • Make sure the batteries are correctly in position by checking the polarity.
  • Check the transformer plugged into a working AC outlet. Test the outlet by unplugging it and connecting another electrical device. If the device doesn’t power up, check the circuit breaker and reset any tripped breakers.
  • If the keypad problem continues, you should call a DSC technician to fix the issue.

DSC alarm panel is not responding/working

The principal controller of the alarm security system is the alarm control panel. It’s a computer that armed and disarms security systems, connects with all components, sounds the alarm, and alerts the security monitoring station when there’s a security breach. A malfunctioning control panel may display zone problems, making it impossible to set the alarm. Below are the most common alarm panel malfunctions and fixes.

Dead battery

The backup battery must be recharged using AC power. If there is a protracted power outage, the security system will be disabled until the power is restored. Replace the dead battery with a charged battery to get your panel operating again. The battery will most likely cease recharging after four years and will need to be replaced.

Faulty sensors

When the sensors detect movement, they alert the panel, which sounds an alarm and sends a message to the monitoring station. The pins in the sensors might sometimes clog or loosen, preventing the alarm from being activated. The remedy is to locate the malfunctioning sensor and correctly install or replace it before testing it. To avoid this problem, you should maintain the sensors on a regular basis.

Loose wire connections

Loose connections can cause the alarm system to fail in several ways. The wires or cables connect the components to the main power supply, and if they are loose or damaged, the panel will not work correctly. Inspect all the connections in the system and ensure they are firm and secure. Wires can also become frayed or corroded and will require replacement. Check all the screws are tightly fitted and replace any missing screws.

Here is how to DSC Alarm Trouble Light Reset.

Pull down the panel that covers the keypad on your alarm system. After this, simply enter your 4-digit master code, wait 2 seconds, and then enter it again.

Hold down the reset button for 2 seconds.  This button is often situated on the keypad’s bottom right side. To disable the alarm, hold it down for at least 2 seconds. The lights on the alarm will change from red to green to indicate that the alarm has been reset.

Press “*72” if the alarm is still ringing.  Enter the code “*72” into the keypad. This resets the smoke sensors, causing the alarm to cease sounding if it is still ringing. Once you’ve input the code, hit the “Enter” button on your keypad.

How to find the Master code for my DSC alarm

The default master code for the DSC system is 1234. The master code allows the user to do a few things on the alarm system. After installing the system, you should change the default master code to a 4-digit number that only you know and prevent intrusion. If you have forgotten the master code, the only way to find it is in the installer menu and follow the steps below.

  • Enter [*][8][5555] on the keypad. This is the default installer code that allows you into programming mode.
  • Enter 007 if you have the latest DSC system model, your Master code will appear on the keypad screen.
  • Press the right arrow key to view all four digits.
  • Press [#] to go back to ready mode.

How to change the code on a DSC alarm

To change an access code to your DSC system:

  • Press [*][5][Master Code].
  • The ‘Armed’ light will come on, and the ‘Program’ light will start flashing.
  • Enter the 2-digit user code you want to change(the code can be from 01 to 32).
  • Press the arrow keys to scroll to the user you want to program and press [*].
  • Use the number keys to enter a new four-digit access code.
  • After programming is successful, you can press another 2-digit user code to program another access code.
  • Press [#] to exit programming.

How to set a date and time on a DSC alarm

Follow the steps below to program the date and time on your DSC alarm.

  • Press [*][6][Master Code].
  • Enter the number of the date and time function, that is, 1.
  • Set the time in the 24-hour format (HH:MM)
  • Enter the date in the (MM-DD-YY) format.
  • Press [#] to exit programming.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does my DSC Alarm no Power

  • The alarm system is powered by 12V AC hydro. There is an alarm panel transformer hooked into or linked into an AC socket someplace on your property. It might be at your fuse or circuit breaker panel.
  • If there is no power to the alarm circuit for any reason, the panel will operate on a backup battery for several hours. When its battery is depleted, the system goes dead. You must inspect your fuses or circuit breakers to determine whether a fuse has blown or a circuit has tripped. You can turn off and on each circuit breaker to see if power returns.   Check to see if there is power coming from the receptacle where the alarm transformer is plugged in.
  • If you can restore power to a completely depowered alarm system, the siren will ring for a second or two before stopping. The lights on your keypad should be illuminated, but the “problem” light will stay on until the panel battery is recharged. This may take a few hours.



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