Genie Model 7055 Troubleshooting

Here are a few of the genie model 7055 problems and troubleshooting against them, including how to reset and owners manual for the users.

Genie model 7055 red light blinking

  1. If both round and long LED’s are blinking, unplug the opener motor for five seconds, and replug. If the lights go back to normal, it was just a program error. If they both continue to blink, it’s probably not user-serviceable.
  2. If the round LED is blinking and the long LED is off, it is usually the door sensors that are obstructed or knocked out of line.
  3. If the Long LED is blinking and the round LED is off, it is usually a bad roller or hinge that won’t let the door move freely, something stuck in a track or a bent track.

The garage door reverses after hitting the floor

Your garage door openers limit setting most likely needs to be modified. This mechanism determines how far the door will open or close before stopping. If the limit setting is placed beyond the point at which the garage door fully shuts, the opener may incorrectly believe the door has met an object and reverse. For information on how to adjust the limit settings for your Genie model, consult your user’s manual.

The Door to the Garage Openes and Closes by Itself

A short circuit in your garage door opener system is usually the cause of this. The short is almost always in one of your transmitters or controllers (the keypad, wall button, or remote control). Remove the batteries from each transmitter one at a time and try to control the door with one of the other devices to see which one is causing the problem. Once you’ve located the source of the problem, remove the batteries and get it changed or fixed by a professional.

Genie Model 7055

The Remote Control Won’t Work

If your Genie garage door remote isn’t working at all, ensure that it’s correctly programmed and has fresh batteries.

The batteries in your Genie garage door remote may be losing charge if it isn’t operating reliably or just at a short-range. Alternatively, the gadget might have reached the end of its useful life.

There’s also the danger of electrical interference. LED light bulbs are one of the most common sources of electrical interference. It’s possible that an LED bulb you just put on or near your garage door opener is the source of the problem. What is the solution? Genie has created its own LED light bulb with the goal of reducing or eliminating this type of interference.

Genie Model 7055 Reset

How to Reset a Genie Garage Door Opener

Reprogramming the Opener

The resetting of your genie garage door opener is as the crow flies. To reset your genie garage door openers, you will have to reprogram the opener first and then reset the wireless keypad.

Pressing the square button

First of all, you have to press and hold the square button which is called the Program Set. Press this button for 3 seconds. When you will be holding it for three to 3 seconds the circular LED light will lit up. This rectangle-shaped LED light will deliver circular purple.

All the models of genie door openers have different buttons. Some models have LED light in a single line however some come in a form of a bunch.

Selecting the Learn code button

The learn code buttons are present on the older models. You can reset the opener by holding it.

Push the remote button

There are two buttons on your remote. Press the button once. You can push the button of your choice. But remember the button you pushed for the first time. this button will let you open or close the garage door.

Pressing the buttons

Now, you have to push the button to open the garage door. When you have pushed the button, the LED light will turn blue. So, your opener is now reset and synced. at this moment, you have your new remote settings.

2nd Method:

Resetting Wireless Keypad

General troubleshooting tips for what to check when your Genie garage door opener is not working are below: 

Problem Description:What to check:
Opener does NOT operate when the wall console is pressedTurn Sure-Lock™ OFF (also called vacation lock) Check the power source where the powerhead is plugged in Plug a lamp into the same outlet, if the lamp works the power source is ok, if the lamp does not work, check the fuse or breaker. If the power is OK- Check the wired connections at the powerhead terminals check the wires wrapped to the back of the wall console terminalsCheck for reversed, broken, or cut wires. Staples can cut insulation and short out the wires. Replace the wiring if needed with Garage door opener wiring. For the series II wall console, you can remove the wires from the back of the wall console and touch them together to see if the garage door moves. If it does proceed with repairing or replacing the wall console. Replace the Genie wall console if needed with the correct one for your garage door opener model. 
Opener runs, but the garage door does not move (chain or belt models)Make sure the carriage is engaged with the chain or belt. (Was the emergency release cord pulled? If so, re-engage the carriage) Check to make sure the chain/belt assembly is not broken or off its pulley. Check to make sure the pulley is not broken. Replace broken chain, beltssprockets, or pulleys.
Opener runs, but the garage door does not move (screw drive models)Make sure the carriage is engaged. If not, re-engage it. (Check to see if the emergency release cord was pulled recently)Check to see if the screw inside the rail is turning the screw inside the rail us turning and the carriage is engaged, but the door is not moving- replace the carriage. If the motor is running, but the screw is not turning- replace the coupler. In both the cases above- you may hear grinding noises
Garage door opener works from the wall control, but NOT from the remoteCheck all remotes (if all the remotes and wireless devices stopped working at the same time, this could indicate the circuit board needs replaced)Replace the remote battery if neccesaryReprogram the remote to the powerhead replace the Genie remote if needed
Remote has less than 25 feet operating rangeReplace the remote battery Eliminate possible competing signals in the surrounding area (radio etc.)Check for items that you recently changed or added in or near the garage that may interfere with removed energy efficient bulbs, they can interfere with the remote signal the lightbulb was the problem, a Genie LED lightbulb will resolve this issue 
Garage door starts down, then STOPS and goes back up OR Safe-T-Beam System malfunctionIf it is a NEW installation, check the position of the door make sure ONLY the safe-t-beams that came with this garage door opener are installed. Check if the limits are properly set. Adjust the limits as needed. Check if the Safe-T-Beams red LED light is flashing. It should be on and steady. (See safe-t-beam diagnostic light guide)Check garage door for binding. If an operational problem exists, and the garage door opener will not close, the opener can be forced to close. Press and hold the wall console button until the garage door is completely closed. Check for interference from adjacent photo eye sensors of any brand. 
Door starts down, then STOPS before it is closed. OR DOOR will only open Check Safe-T-Beam wire connection at the powerhead and at the STB’s. Check if limits are set properly. Adjust the limits as needed. Check Contact Reverse (test that is in the owner’s manuals)Check the garage door for bindingCheck the closing “Force” control
Door starts up but STOPS before it is completely openCheck if limits are properly set and adjust them as needed. Be sure the garage door, opener, and springs are in good repair, properly lubricated, adjusted, and balanced. Check the opening/closing “Force” controls
Door will only run closedTurn off the Sure-Lock aka “vacation mode” on the wall console Check if limits are properly set check the door balance, condition, and door spring check opening “Force” control or Force settings

Genie Model 7055 Manual

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