Honeywell Thermostat Heat Not Working On Auto – Resolved

You’ve come to the right place if your Honeywell Thermostat Heat Not Working On Auto. While there are many factors that could affect the auto features, there are also plenty of countermeasures.

I’ll go through several troubleshooting techniques in this post that can allow you to resolve this issue with a Honeywell thermostat.

Remember, though, that the majority of thermostat heat not working on auto issues may require having an HVAC professional inspect the complete system, and you might even need to replace the thermostat.

But do not worry. The following troubleshooting advice can assist you in resolving your thermostat’s issues.

Wiring issues may prevent your thermostat’s auto settings from working. Fix software bugs and glitches to adjust auto settings. On the other hand the battery in your thermostat could be dying, the sensor might not be working, or the feature might not be turned on.

Why Honeywell Thermostat Heat Not Working On Auto?

As we’ve already said, it’s better for your troubleshooting to start with a list of possible causes.

Users rarely have problems with their Honeywell thermostat’s auto mode, but when they do, it’s usually because the blower isn’t working.

Make sure you check to see if your blower is even working, because if it isn’t, the automatic heating will stop because it will get too hot.

For now, let’s rule out the blower as a possible cause and look at the most common problems that are easy to fix at home:

  1. Low Battery
  2. Software Problem
  3. Config Problem
  4. Problem with Wiring
  5. Problem with the Furnace
  6. Possible Issue with Sensor
  7. Hardware Blower Issue

1.  Low Battery

Honeywell Thermostat Heat Not Working On Auto
Low Battery Indicator

If your thermostat’s battery is low, it might not be able to run on auto, so you will need to charge it.

2.  Software Problem

Software Problem 1

Your thermostat’s auto settings could be messed up by old firmware or data or files that are damaged. Most of the time, these problems can be fixed by putting your thermostat back to factory settings or reinstalling and remounting it.

3.  Configure Problem

It is possible that you think the auto mode is turned on, but it is actually turned off.

4.  Problem with Wiring

Wiring Issue

Wiring issues, particularly with the thermostats, are a typical cause of malfunctioning autos.

If the device’s electrical cables were exposed to the elements, they could be seriously damaged. We’ll go into greater depth about the problem later.

5. Problem with the Furnace

Honeywell Thermostat Heat Not Working On Auto
Furnace issue

To give one example, the auto setting won’t activate if the configuration doesn’t match to the heating capacity of your furnace. Verify that the thermostat’s inputs are complete and undisturbed.

6.  Possible with the Sensor

Honeywell Thermostat Heat Not Working On Auto

If the sensor is broken, it won’t be able to use auto configuration.

Since sensors are permanent fixtures in a device, any malfunctions are typically classified as hardware problems. To help you keep it in mind, we’ve decided to bring it up on its own.

Now that you have a rough concept of what could be going on, let’s examine the solutions that are likely to have the problem fixed quickly.

7.  Hardware Blower Issue

The heating system may shut off automatically if it gets too hot, even if the fan hasn’t started blowing yet.

When you’ve described the main issue, we can move on to the top remedies suggested by people who have encountered the same difficulty you have. however find out the best possible solution against this particular issue

Here is How to Fix Honeywell Thermostat Heat Not Working On Auto

With the prime suspects identified, the first line of defense is to reset the thermostat. If you haven’t already tried restarting, please do so before implementing any of our other suggestions.

If restarting hasn’t fixed the auto function, then try these other options:

Following these procedures will allow you to manually reset your thermostat.

  1. 1. Turn on your thermostat but turn off the auto setting.
  2. The thermostat should be turned off by moving the toggle to the “off” position.
  3. Turn off your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system by turning off the circuit breakers that supply power to it.
  4. Hold for 30 seconds after which you should flip the breaker on.
  5. Turn the thermostat on after completing these procedures to test the auto mode.

Solution 1: Turn on the heat

If the heat on your thermostat isn’t turning on automatically, you probably aren’t using the “heat” setting.

On the thermostat’s menu, where you configure the auto settings, you’ll find the “heat” option. Don’t forget that when you use the auto settings, your thermostat will immediately begin operating in accordance with the current settings you’ve selected.

It may seem like the thermostat’s auto function isn’t operating if you haven’t activated it by selecting “heat” from the menu.

Solution 2: Check the wiring

The thermostat’s wiring is the next area to inspect.

While working with such delicate wiring can be a daunting task for the uninitiated, the procedure we’ll be using here will be kept as straightforward as possible.

Basically, all you have to do is check for broken or damaged cables.

You’ve reached the end of the road here. A technician should check out any more wiring issues. If you don’t, you risk hurting yourself and causing even more damage to the cables.

If you open a thermostat compartment, make sure you secure the screws back to their original positions before proceeding. The internal parts of the thermostat could be damaged if you do anything else.

Solution 3: Program the Thermostat

If your Honeywell thermostat can be programmed, you should set it to the temperature at which you want it to operate.

You need to have your thermostat set to “heating” at that time of day for the auto feature to work properly.

Instructions for setting a Honeywell thermostat properly are as follows:

  1. Go to your thermostat’ settings.
  2. Access the auto menu and go to the day configuration.
  3. Set a specific interval of the day and choose “heating

Solutions 4: Check the Auto Settings and Updates

As we briefly said at the beginning, if the auto setting on your thermostat is a little off or doesn’t cover the size of your furnace, it’s likely that the auto mode won’t be turned on.

In this case, you should make sure that the parameters you set for the auto performance meet the rest of your configuration’s needs.

In other words, you should make sure that the settings are correct before trying to turn the thermostat back on auto.

If you’ve made any changes, you should put them back to their original settings and try the auto settings again.

Also, look for the right settings for your thermostat model and put them together to rule out the possibility of a bad setup.

Solutions 5: Reset Your Honeywell Thermostat

If nothing worked, the auto feature may have stopped working, so you may need to reset your thermostat for it to work.

Keep in mind that other heating/cooling daily routines will be erased once you start the reset, so make sure to remember any features you would have to reapply later.

Follow these steps to set back your thermostat:

  1. Turn the thermostat OFF.
  2. Look for the HVAC breaker in the thermostat’s panel.
  3. Flip the breaker, wait 30 seconds, and then flip it back.
  4. Turn the thermostat on.

Now, open the auto menu and turn on the feature again. Make a test to see if the heating will work now.

Solution 6: Replace the Sensor

If your thermostat’s sensor is broken, it won’t be able to measure the temperature outside as well.

This will make it hard for the auto mode to work, and in some cases, it won’t even let your thermostat run in auto, which is the case in your case.

Since there isn’t much you can do to fix sensors, you will have to replace them.

Before you buy anything, we suggest having a technician take a look because there could be another broken piece of hardware.

There’s no way to know for sure if it’s the sensor or not, but since the auto settings haven’t worked with any of the other fixes, the sensors are the most likely culprit.

Solution 7: Inspect Limit Control

If the problem hasn’t been fixed yet, there is a pretty quick way to figure out which part is stopping the automatic heating.

Now you can watch each part of the sequence work, and if something doesn’t start, you’ll know what to change.

Warning: Follow the steps very carefully and don’t touch any wires or you could get shocked.

Also, don’t touch the round dial or turn it.

In order to determine which component is malfunctioning, try the following:

  1. Open the front door of the furnace to see how it works.
  2. Find the fan limit switch, which is usually in the bottom left corner and looks like a white button in the shape of a cylinder.
  3. Turn up the heat as high as you can!
  4. The stove should begin to heat.
  5. The dial for the limit control should start to turn.
  6. The fan should turn on.

If the AUTO function is the only one that doesn’t work, it’s likely that the blower won’t start, which means that the temperature sensor is broken.

If you can see that when you look directly at the controls, the thermostat needs to be fixed.

Solution 8: Honeywell Thermostat no Heat Option

To fix this, you should clean the dirty filter and the pilot igniter, change the batteries in the thermostat, check the installation, make sure the sensors are working right, make sure no circuit breakers are tripped, and then reset the thermostat. For further detail please follow this guide for troubleshooting.

Other Solutions: 

Call An HVAC Expert.

You might need to have a professional check out the whole thermostat. This is why we think you should call a professional in HVAC.

He will have to look at both your thermostat and your furnace. If you don’t know what you’re doing, we don’t think you should do this yourself. If your thermostat doesn’t heat when it’s set to auto, it could be because something is wrong with the blower.  

You Might Need A Replacement.

There’s also a chance that your thermostat is broken. If that is the case, you might want to get a new one. Before you make this choice, you will need to check it out properly.

Talk to the Support Team.

Last but not least, you can talk to the support team. Make sure you say everything about the problem you’re having.

Someone on the support team should take care of this problem in a professional way and help you solve it as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is my heat not turning on when set to auto?

If your heating system won’t turn on, you should check the thermostat first. It’s possible that the battery in the thermostat went bad, which turned it off. If your thermostat is hardwired, it may have lost its settings because of a power surge, brownout, or short power outage.

Why is my central heat not working on auto?

Most of the time, your home’s central heating won’t work because the flame sensor or air filter is dirty. Use a pad of steel wool to clean the flame sensor and change the air filter every one to two months. This will help keep problems from happening again.

How do I set my Honeywell thermostat to auto heat?

When you are in Auto Change Over mode, to the left of the room temperature, the display will say either “auto heat” or “auto cool.” If the display says “auto heat” or “auto cool” and you want to change the heat or cool setting, all you have to do is press the + or button.

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