How Long Does Ring Doorbell Battery Last?

We investigate the causes of low Ring Doorbell battery life and the steps you may take to extend the battery’s life.

Ring says that its battery would last 6-12 months with ‘Normal Use.’

However, they never stated which actions would fall under the category of ‘Normal Use.’

When consumers started using them, they discovered that the battery life ranged from 3-4 months to 3 weeks or less.

This discrepancy was to be expected, as battery life is mostly determined by factors such as the number of events that occur in front of your door, weather conditions, and so on.

The average battery life for Ring’s doorbell is about one year, depending on how frequently you use your doorbell. Cold weather, excessive use of Live View, and poor Wi-Fi can all deplete your battery.

What Depletes the Battery in Your Ring Doorbell?

Common Reasons Explanation        
The Local Weather Lithium polymer batteries are less effective at keeping a charge at temperatures below 40°F. Because Ring devices employ lithium polymer batteries, it may be essential to charge your Ring product more frequently when the temperature falls below 40°F.
Activity The more events your Ring devices collect, the more your battery gets depleted. Using Live View often might potentially cause your battery to deplete faster.


If your device records an unusually high number of occurrences each day, you may need to recharge it sooner.

Weak Wi-Fi Because of a poor Wi-Fi signal, your Ring doorbell will automatically raise its transmission strength, increasing the Wi-Fi broad-based. As a result, the doorbell battery will be depleted faster.

How Long Does Ring Doorbell Battery Last

How to Fix Rapid Battery Drain?

The Local Weather

Battery performance will return to normal once the weather warms up and remains above freezing.

Winter brings cold, rain, sleet, snow, and occasionally severely cold temperatures to many regions of the world. As a result, the cold may impair the performance of Ring doorbells or security cameras

Battery life and the cold

The following are key temperatures to watch out for in regard to your batteries.

  • 36°F (3°C): The battery may not hold a charge as effectively, resulting in you having to charge the unit more frequently.
  • 32°F (0°C): The battery may not charge at all. Even hardwired configurations may not charge the battery.
  • -5°F (-20.5°C): The battery may stop working completely until temperatures warm up.

What to do when it gets cold

  • Bring your device inside: When it becomes chilly and your device’s battery dies, bring it inside and charge the battery with a USB cord. This will allow your device to warm up while charging the battery.
  • Check that your battery is fully charged: When charging your battery, make sure it reaches 100% before remounting your device. While the battery will still be less effective than when temperatures are higher, ensuring that the battery is at 100% will allow your device to operate for as long as feasible.
  • Monitor your charge and the temperature: As long as the temperature hovers around the points listed above, you may have issues with the battery charge. Therefore it’s important to constantly monitor your battery life when it gets cold to make sure your device is always working.


Check your Ring App’s Power Settings to determine if any extra capabilities, such as Snapshot Capture or Advanced Motion Detection, are draining your power.

You may also check your Motion Settings in the Ring App to ensure that they aren’t set in a way that would cause battery depletion due to frequent activation.

Weak Wi-Fi

If nothing of the above methods improves the battery life of your smartphone, Wi-Fi connectivity troubles may be to blame.

You may increase connection by doing the following:

  • Rebooting your router
  • Removing any physical barriers between your router and your Ring device
  • Moving your router and Ring device closer together
  • Replacing your router

Hardwire your Ring device

Connecting your Ring Doorbell to a low voltage transformer and internal doorbell chime is one way to prevent battery difficulties. This reduces the need to charge your Ring device’s battery.

(Source: Ring support)

Frequently Asked Question:

Why is my Ring battery draining so fast?

The two most typical causes of this problem are a weak Wi-Fi connection and excessive activity settings, which put a strain on the battery.

How to check Ring battery life?

To view your battery charge % in the Ring app, follow these steps:

  1. On the Dashboard screen, tap the three lines in the upper left corner.
  2. Tap Devices.
  3. Tap the doorbell or camera that you wish to examine.
  4. Select Device Health.
  5. Examine the percentage displayed under Battery Level.

How long does it take to charge a Ring battery?

A Ring doorbell battery takes about 2 hours to fully charge. It also comes with a USB cable so you can plug it into any computer or device that uses USB power.  However, because of its low charging voltage, it takes longer to completely charge when connected to a PC (usually 12 hours).

How long does Ring 3 and 2 battery take to charge?

Typically 2 to 5 hours

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