How to Program a Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

Do you want to know how to program your LiftMaster overhead door opener? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct spot.


To get the job done, all you need is your remote control in hand. Other helpful tools include:

  • Step ladder

To program your LiftMaster garage door opener keypad, follow these six easy steps:

1. Open the Panel on the Garage Door Opener Unit

How to Program a Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener unit is a box that is positioned on the garage’s roof. To get entrance to the unit, you will need a stable ladder.

·         Find the location of the panel on the unit. Some Liftmaster garage door openers have a side panel, while others have one at the back.

·         Pull the panel open to gain access to the motor unit inside. When opened, the panel is attached to the unit and swings down.

2. Locate the ‘LEARN’ Button on the Motor Unit

How to Program a Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

The ‘LEARN’ button is essential for configuring your garage opener. A light bulb and a control panel are located inside the motor unit.

  • Locate a little round or square button labeled ‘LEARN’ on the control panel. Depending on the model of your garage opener, the button may be yellow, orange-red, purple, or green. The antenna wire of the device matches the color of the button, therefore if the wire is yellow, the button will be yellow.
  • Keep an eye out for the little LED next to the button. The LED illuminates the same color as the button.

3. Turn on the Program Button on Your Remote Control

How to Program a Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

Each style of Liftmaster MAX remote control has a program button located in a different place.

  • If yours is an 890MAX and 895MAX, insert a paper pin in a hole on the side of the controller. Push the pin inside to turn on the LED on the front of the controller.
  • For 893MAX, pull out the visor clip and use it to press the program slot at the back of the remote until the LED lights up.
  • If you have a keyless remote control, press the * and # buttons at the same time until the keypad light lights up steadily.

4. Pick a Button to Program

Pick a button to program

  • Refer to your garage door opener manual to find out the number of times you should press the button you wish to program on the remote. The number of times the button should be pressed will correspond with the color of the ‘LEARN’ button on your garage door opener unit.
  • On the manual, you will see that for a yellow ‘LEARN’ button, you only need to press and release the button on the remote control once.
  • For a purple ‘LEARN’ button, press and release the button on the remote you wish to program twice.
  • For an orange-red ‘LEARN’ button, press and release the button you wish to program three times and four times for a purple ‘LEARN’ button.

 5. Program Your Selected Button

Program your selected button

  • Press and release either of the other two buttons on the remote after pressing the button you want to preset the required amount of times.
  • Now, push and release the ‘LEARN’ button on the garage door opener device. This activates the LED adjacent to the button.
  • Press and hold the button you want to configure on the remote control for less than 30 seconds, or until the opener clicks twice and the light bulb in the unit flashes.

6. Test the Remote Control

Hold down the programmed button. The garage door will open if the programming is successful. Repeat these procedures to program the additional buttons.

To Reprogram a garage door, there is a slight change in the steps, find out here.

How to Use a Control Panel to Program a Garage Door Opener?

Is there a separate control panel for your garage door opener? Some openers have a control panel that allows you to preset your remote control without climbing up to the opening unit. Multi-functional control panels, motion-detecting control panels, smart control panels with an LCD screen, and doorbell-type control panels are all popular.

1. Set up Your Control Panel

  • Multi-functional and motion-detecting control panels generally feature a labeled ‘LEARN’ button. Press this button twice. The adjacent LED will light up.
  • For the smart control panel with an LCD screen press MENU, press the down arrow to navigate to PROGRAM then press the side arrow to select. Press the down arrow to navigate to REMOTE then press the side arrow to select.
  • For a doorbell control panel, press and hold down the side button then press the front button until the light stays on steadily.

2. Program a Specific Button on Your Remote Control

  • Press and hold the remote control button you want to program.
  • Two clicks should indicate that the opener has been preset. Alternatively, after successfully configuring the remote control, the garage door opener lights will flash.

3. Test the Remote Control

On the remote control, press the programmed button. The garage door will open if you have correctly programmed the remote.

How to Set Up a Liftmaster Garage Door Opener for Your Vehicle?

If you want to operate your garage door from your automobile, consult your owner’s manual to locate your car’s transmitter buttons. These are usually found on the console or the visor.

After you’ve thoroughly tested your LiftMaster remote, consult your owner’s handbook to determine if your vehicle requires all previously programmed buttons to be reset or cleared before reprogramming them.

Next, follow these steps to program a LiftMaster overhead door opener to your car properly:

  1. Open your garage door. If necessary, reset or clear the button in your vehicle.
  2. Locate the “learn” button on your LiftMaster door opener. This button typically looks like a purple, yellow or reddish-orange square.
  3. Press and release the learn button quickly and firmly. 
  4. Do not hold the learn button down on your LiftMaster garage door remote, as doing so will erase all of the machine’s programming.
  5. Press and hold the remote control button for a brief moment. Quickly press the built-in button in your car within 30 seconds of pressing the learn button. You may need to recruit help for this step.
  6. You will hear a click once the machine has accepted the code.

It may take a few attempts to program your automobile to your garage door opener, especially if you’re working alone. If everything goes well, your garage door should close when you hit the button in your car.

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