How to Pair a New Fire Stick Remote without the Old One

Losing the original remote to your Fire Stick can pose quite the challenge when it comes to setting up a new one. Fortunately, technology offers a solution through the use of your smartphone. By leveraging the capabilities of the official Fire TV app, you can transform your mobile device into a firestick remote control. This workaround not only bridges the gap created by the missing original remote but also facilitates the seamless pairing of a new remote to your Fire Stick.

When it comes to replacing a misplaced or damaged Fire Stick remote, there are multiple options to consider. After selecting a compatible remote, specific steps need to be followed to establish a connection between the new remote and your Fire Stick device. This article will explore straightforward methods that enable you to synchronize your new Firestick remote and regain control of your home entertainment experience.

Pairing Alternative Remotes with Firestick

Those seeking a cost-effective solution can opt for non-brand remotes as they can be synced with a Firestick. These remotes come with a lower price tag and are suitable for general navigation and gaming. However, they lack certain functionalities:

  • No advanced features: More sophisticated capabilities, such as Alexa voice commands, remain exclusive to Amazon’s own remotes.
  • Economic choice: These remotes present a viable alternative for users who require a basic controller without additional perks.

Investing in an Amazon remote may be preferable for users desiring fully integrated features.

Steps to Sync a New Firestick Remote When the Original is Unavailable

Preparing Your Replacement Remote

Before syncing your new remote, one must ensure it is ready for pairing.

  • Begin by unboxing the remote and confirming all components are included.
  • Examine the remote for any visible damage.
  • If everything appears in order, insert the batteries to power on the remote.

With these actions completed, the remote is now prepared for the next stage of setup.

Setting Up the Firestick Mobile Application

For the next phase, one should prepare their Firestick TV’s settings page for access. The Firestick mobile app will be instrumental here.

  1. To establish the app on your smartphone, navigate to your respective app store, search for the Amazon Fire TV app (IOS, Android) and install it.
  2. Grant the necessary permissions upon opening the app.
  3. This app will stand in for a physical remote control during the pairing process, so confirming it is the official version crafted by Amazon is critical.

Linking the Mobile App with Your Firestick TV

With the Fire TV app installed, the subsequent steps involve establishing a connection to your Firestick device.

  • To do this, enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your handset, then launch the Fire TV app.
  • In the app’s interface, locate and tap “Set Up New Device,” then choose your Firestick from the list.

This action initiates the pairing process.

  • Follow on-screen prompts (4-digit code) to complete the connection, transforming your phone into a makeshift Firestick remote.

Finalizing Remote Pairing through the Mobile App

Once your smartphone functions as a remote, synchronizing a new remote with your Fire TV becomes straightforward.

  1. Start by accessing the settings from the Firestick’s home screen.
  2. Within settings, one should navigate to “Controllers & Bluetooth Devices,” then select “Amazon FireTV Remotes,” followed by “Add New Remote.”
  3. Put the new remote in discovery mode, which usually involves holding the home button for ten seconds.
  4. The Firestick will then identify by starts blinking.

How to Pair a New Fire Stick Remote without the Old One

        5. Add the remote to its list of paired devices by selecting from your firestick mobile app.

Your new remote is now linked to your Firestick TV and prepared for operation.

Commonly Asked Questions

Setting Up a New Fire Stick Remote

To use a new Fire Stick remote when the original is unavailable, one should download the Amazon Fire TV application on a smartphone. Activate the app and the Bluetooth feature on the phone to initiate pairing. Next, navigate to settings in the app and choose the option to set up a new device. After locating ‘Fire TV’ in the device list, select it. On the Fire Stick’s home interface, go to ‘Settings,’ then ‘Controllers and Bluetooth Devices.’ Find the new remote in the search and press ‘Add’ to establish the connection.

  • Initiate the Amazon Fire TV app: Download and open on your phone.
  • Enable Bluetooth: Turn on phone’s Bluetooth to find devices.
  • Set up new device: Select from the app’s settings menu.
  • Select Fire TV: Find in the list of available devices.
  • Navigate home interface: Go to Settings, then Controllers and Bluetooth Devices.
  • Add new remote: Press ‘Add’ for the new remote to connect.

Other Methods:

Using your TV remote to control the Firestick and pair the new remote is a simple process.

How to Pair a New Fire Stick Remote without the Old One

If you’ve lost or misplaced your old Fire Stick remote, don’t worry! You can still pair a new Fire Stick remote without the old one. Some TVs have a cool feature that allows you to use their own remotes as universal remotes for other devices like a Fire Stick. Let’s dive into how you can use your TV remote to control the Fire Stick and pair the new remote.

1.     Consult your TV’s user manual or settings menu

The first step in this process is to consult your TV’s user manual or settings menu. Every TV model is different, so it’s important to find specific instructions for your particular TV. Look for information on how to set up the universal remote feature, which will allow you to control external devices such as the Fire Stick using your TV remote.

2.     Enable the universal remote feature

Once you’ve found the instructions in your TV’s user manual or settings menu, follow them carefully to enable the universal remote feature. This will typically involve navigating through menus and selecting options using your TV remote. Make sure to pay attention and follow each step accurately.

3.     Pairing process

After enabling the universal remote feature on your TV, it’s time to start pairing the new Fire Stick remote. Here are some general steps that may be applicable:

  1. Turn on both your TV and Fire Stick.
  2. Press and hold down any button on the new Fire Stick remote for about 10 seconds until a pairing prompt appears on-screen.
  3. Follow any additional instructions that may appear on-screen during this process.
  4. Once successfully paired, test out the functionality of the new Fire Stick remote by navigating through menus and controlling playback.

Note: The exact pairing process may vary depending on your specific TV model and its compatibility with external devices like a Fire Stick.

Benefits of using a universal remote

Using your TV’s remote as a universal remote for the Fire Stick comes with several benefits:

  • Convenience: You can control both your TV and the Fire Stick using a single remote, eliminating the need to juggle multiple remotes.
  • Cost-effective: If you’ve lost or broken your original Fire Stick remote, using your TV’s remote can save you from having to purchase a new one.
  • Simplified setup: Pairing the new Fire Stick remote becomes easier without needing the old one.

Limitations of using a universal remote

While using your TV’s remote as a universal remote is convenient, it’s important to be aware of its limitations:

  • Limited functionality: The TV’s remote may not have all the buttons and features that are available on the original Fire Stick remote.

Officially supported Fire Stick controllers and remotes

List of officially supported controllers

It’s important to know which controllers are officially supported. Here is a list of some of the controllers that are compatible with the Fire Stick:

  1. Alexa Voice Remote: This is the standard remote that comes with most Fire Sticks. It has a built-in microphone for voice commands and features navigation buttons, playback controls, and a home button.
  2. Game Controllers: If you’re into gaming on your Fire Stick, you’ll be pleased to know that certain game controllers are also supported. These include the Amazon Fire TV Game Controller and other Bluetooth gamepads.
  3. Third-Party Remotes: In addition to Amazon’s own remotes, there are third-party remotes available in the market that are compatible with the Fire Stick. These remotes often offer additional features like backlit buttons or QWERTY keyboards for easier navigation.

Compatibility with different Fire Stick models

It’s important to note that not all controllers and remotes are compatible with every model of the Fire Stick. The compatibility may vary depending on factors such as hardware specifications and software updates. Here’s a breakdown of compatibility based on different models:

  1. Fire TV Stick (2nd generation) and older models: These older models generally support all officially recommended controllers and remotes mentioned above.
  2. Fire TV Stick 4K:
  • The Alexa Voice Remote (included with this model) is fully compatible.
  • Third-party Bluetooth remotes designed for this model should work seamlessly as well.
  • Game Controllers like the Amazon Fire TV Game Controller or other Bluetooth gamepads can be used for gaming purposes.

        3. Fire TV Cube:

  • The Alexa Voice Remote (included with this device) is fully compatible.
  • Third-party Bluetooth remotes designed for this model should work seamlessly as well.
  • Game Controllers like the Amazon Fire TV Game Controller or other Bluetooth gamepads can be used for gaming purposes.

Pairing a new remote without the old one

If you have a new Fire Stick remote and want to pair it with your Fire Stick without using the old remote, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Make sure your Fire Stick is powered on and connected to your television.
  2. On the new remote, press and hold the Home button for at least 10 seconds. This will put the remote into pairing mode.

Alternatives to the Fire TV smartphone app for controlling the Fire Stick

If you don’t have the old remote and want to pair a new Fire Stick remote, there are alternative options available. These alternatives include third-party apps that can be used on various platforms as remote alternatives for controlling your Fire Stick. Let’s explore some of these options:

Third-Party Apps for Controlling Fire Stick

  1. Fire TV App: The official Fire TV app developed by Amazon is a great alternative to control your Fire Stick without the need for the old remote. It allows you to navigate through menus, search for content, and control playback using your smartphone or tablet. Simply download the app from your device’s app store, connect it to your Fire Stick, and you’re good to go.
  2. CetusPlay: CetusPlay is another popular app that can be used as a remote control for your Fire Stick. It offers a user-friendly interface with features like touchpad navigation, keyboard input, voice search, and even screen mirroring capabilities. CetusPlay is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  3. Remote for Fire TV: This app provides an intuitive interface and easy-to-use controls for managing your Fire Stick. It offers all the essential features such as navigation buttons, voice search, and media playback controls. Remote for Fire TV is available for both Android and iOS devices.
  4. Anymote Universal Remote: Anymote Universal Remote is a versatile app that not only works with TVs but also supports controlling streaming devices like the Amazon Fire Stick. With this app, you can easily set up virtual remotes customized specifically for different devices in your home entertainment setup.

Compatibility and Features

  • These third-party apps are compatible with both older and newer versions of the Amazon Fire Stick.
  • They offer similar functionalities to the official Fire TV smartphone app.
  • Some apps may provide additional features like screen mirroring, customizable remotes, and voice control.
  • Ensure that your Fire Stick and smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network for seamless communication between the devices.

Benefits of Using Third-Party Apps

  • No need to rely on the old remote or purchase a new one if it’s lost or not functioning properly.
  • Convenient control options right from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Additional features and customization options not available on the official app.

Troubleshooting tips for connecting a replacement firestick remote without the old fire tv remote.

If you’ve recently purchased a new remote for your Fire Stick and are wondering how to pair it without the old one, don’t worry! I’ve got some troubleshooting tips that can help you get your replacement remote up and running in no time.

Check if Your New Firestick Remote Has Fresh Batteries and is Properly Paired with the Fire Stick

The first thing you’ll want to do is ensure that your new remote has fresh batteries. Sometimes, a weak or dead battery can prevent the remote from pairing with the Fire Stick. So, grab yourself some brand new batteries and pop them into your replacement remote.

Next, make sure that your new remote is properly paired with the Fire Stick device. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Hold down the Home button on your new remote for at least 10 seconds.
  2. Release the Home button when you see a message on your TV screen indicating that the remote is pairing.

If everything goes well, you should see a confirmation message on your TV screen stating that the pairing was successful. However, if you’re still having trouble connecting your replacement remote, don’t fret! There are more troubleshooting steps to try.

Restart Your Fire Stick Device and Try Pairing Again

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple restart of your Fire Stick device to resolve any connection issues. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to Settings on your Fire Stick home screen.
  2. Select My Fire TV or Device.
  3. Choose Restart from the options provided.
  4. Once your device restarts, try pairing your replacement remote again using the steps mentioned earlier.

Restarting your device can often clear out any temporary glitches or conflicts that may be preventing successful pairing.

Reset Your Fire Stick to Factory Settings if All Else Fails

If none of the previous troubleshooting steps work, you may need to reset your Fire Stick to its factory settings. Keep in mind that this will erase all of your personalized settings and downloaded apps, so proceed with caution. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to Settings on your Fire Stick home screen.
  2. Select My Fire TV or Device.
  3. Choose Reset to Factory Defaults.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm the reset.

Once the reset is complete, set up your Fire Stick as if it were brand new and try pairing your replacement remote again.

Remember, troubleshooting steps may vary slightly depending on the model of your Fire Stick device, so refer to the official Amazon support page for specific instructions tailored to your device.


Congratulations! You’ve reached the end of our comprehensive guide on how to pair a new Fire Stick remote without the old one. We’ve covered everything from the prerequisites for pairing to troubleshooting tips, so you should now have all the information you need to successfully connect your replacement remote.

Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, it’s time to take action. Grab your new Fire Stick remote and follow the step-by-step guide we provided earlier. Don’t worry if you encounter any issues along the way – we’ve got troubleshooting tips to help you out. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be discouraged if it takes a couple of tries to get it right.

So go ahead, take control of your Fire Stick experience and enjoy seamless navigation and entertainment. If you found this guide helpful, share it with your friends who might also be struggling with their remotes. And as always, stay tuned for more helpful tech tips and tricks from our blog. Happy streaming!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Syncing a Replacement Fire Stick Remote Without the Original

If you’ve lost your original Amazon Fire Stick remote, follow these steps:

  • Go to the main screen of your Fire Stick and select ‘Settings.’
  • Navigate to ‘Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.’
  • Choose ‘Amazon Fire TV Remotes,’ then ‘Add New Remote.’
  • Hold down the ‘Home’ button on the new remote for 10 seconds to enter pairing mode.
  • The Fire Stick should recognize the remote. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

Connecting a Fire Stick Remote Without WiFi Access

To sync a Fire Stick remote directly to the TV without WiFi:

  • Insert batteries into the new remote.
  • Turn on the TV and Fire Stick. The remote should automatically connect.
  • If auto-connection fails, hold the ‘Home’ button for 10 seconds for manual pairing.

Pairing a Secondary Fire Stick Remote

For pairing an additional remote:

  • Select ‘Settings’ then ‘Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.’
  • Choose ‘Amazon Fire TV Remotes,’ press ‘Add New Remote.’
  • Press and hold the ‘Home’ button on the second remote for pairing.
  • Once detected, select the new remote from the on-screen list.

Troubleshooting Fire Stick Remote Pairing Issues

If the Fire Stick remote won’t pair:

  • Ensure the remote’s batteries are fresh.
  • Keep the remote close to your Fire Stick during pairing.
  • Restart the Fire Stick by unplugging it for a few moments, then plugging it back in.
  • Try pairing the remote again following the standard synchronization steps.

Resetting the Fire Stick Remote

To reset your Fire Stick remote to resolve connectivity problems:

  • Unplug the Fire Stick and wait 60 seconds.
  • Reconnect the Fire Stick and wait for the home screen to appear.
  • Hold the ‘Left’ and ‘Menu’ buttons simultaneously for 12 seconds.
  • Release the buttons, wait 5 seconds, then remove and reinsert the batteries.
  • Press the ‘Home’ button to attempt re-pairing.

Setting Up a Fire Stick with a New Remote When the Original is Lost or Broken

In case the original remote is lost or broken, setting up a new one involves:

  • Inserting batteries into the new remote.
  • Using the TV’s controls, navigate to the Fire Stick’s ‘Settings’ menu.
  • Select ‘Controllers & Bluetooth Devices’ then ‘Amazon Fire TV Remotes,’ and ‘Add New Remote.’
  • Hold the ‘Home’ button on the new remote to enter pairing mode; proceed with on-screen instructions.

Can I use TV Remote to Control The Fire Stick and Pair the New Remote?

Yes, You can do this just as easily with your Fire Stick controller.

To begin, restart the Fire Stick while holding down the HOME button.

Then, using the Firestick’s TV remote, navigate to ‘Settings‘ and then to ‘Controllers and Bluetooth Devices’ to delete the old remote from the device list.

You can also unpair the remote using the Fire Stick App.

How to pair a new Fire Stick Remote without the old one is dependent on your willingness to experiment.

I Lost my Firestick Remote Can I use Another One?

Yes, you can use another one. You can purchase a new Firestick-compatible remote.

Official and third-party models are both available. You can also add or change the remote using the Firestick app. for more information click here.

Why is my Firestick Remote not Pairing?

There are many factors that could affect the pairing issue such as batteries problem, signal obstruction, and many other problems. Learn more in detail. 

Can you use a different Firestick Remote on another Firestick?

You can pair a Firestick remote with another Firestick, but only one remote and one Stick may be paired at once.

How to Reset the Firestick without Remote?

Simply enable HDMI-CEC on your TV to reset your Firestick without a remote or WiFi. Grab the TV remote, then choose Menu. Locate HDMI-CEC and turn it on.

You may now use your Firestick with the TV remote! By selecting Settings > Device > Reset to Factory Defaults > Reset, you may finally reset your Firestick.

How long does it take to pair a new Fire Stick remote?

Pairing a new Fire Stick remote typically takes just a few minutes. The process involves following simple steps on your TV screen or using the Amazon Fire TV app on your smartphone. Once paired successfully, you’ll be ready to control your Fire Stick effortlessly.

Can I use any universal remote with my Fire Stick?

Yes, you can use certain third-party devices or universal remotes with your Fire Stick. However, compatibility may vary depending on the brand and model of the remote. It’s recommended to check the manufacturer’s instructions or do some research online before purchasing a universal remote for your Fire Stick.

Do I need Wi-Fi to pair a new Fire Stick remote?

While having an active Wi-Fi connection is generally required for using most features of the Amazon Fire Stick, pairing a new remote can be done without Wi-Fi. The initial pairing process relies on Bluetooth technology rather than Wi-Fi connectivity.

What should I do if my replacement remote still doesn’t work after following all the steps?

If your replacement remote still doesn’t work after following all the steps correctly, try resetting both the device and the remote by removing their power sources for a few seconds. Then, repeat the pairing process from the beginning. If the issue persists, it’s advisable to contact Amazon customer support for further assistance.

Can I pair multiple remotes with a single Fire Stick?

Yes, you can pair multiple remotes with a single Fire Stick device. This can be useful if you have multiple users or want to use different remotes in different rooms. Simply follow the pairing process for each remote individually, and they will all work seamlessly with your Fire Stick.

Can I pair a new Fire Stick remote without having the old Fire Stick remote?

Absolutely! You can easily pair a new Fire Stick remote even if you don’t have access to the old one. Just follow our step-by-step guide above and enjoy using your new remote in no time.

What if my Fire Stick doesn’t respond after pairing?

If your Fire Stick doesn’t respond after pairing with the new remote, try restarting both devices by unplugging them from power for about 30 seconds and then plugging them back in. If the issue persists, refer to Amazon’s support documentation or contact their customer service for further assistance.

Is it possible to pair multiple remotes with a Fire Stick?

Yes, you can pair multiple remotes with a single Fire Stick device. Simply follow the same pairing process for each new remote you want to connect.

Can I use a Fire TV app as a replacement for the physical remote?

Yes, Amazon offers a Fire TV app that allows you to control your Fire Stick using your smartphone or tablet. You can download the app from your device’s app store and follow the instructions to set it up as a remote replacement.

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