How To Program Hunter Sprinkler System

Living landscapes require water to exist and flourish, and depending just on natural rainfall isn’t the best source of water provision. An underground sprinkler system could be the best irrigation for your needs, with the ease of spraying water directly where it is needed and the option to automate your watering schedule.

Learn how to program your Hunter X-Core Sprinkler System

STEP 1- Set Present Time

Set Present Time

First, you will want to ensure that the current time is correct. If the current time is not accurate, it means that all of your other settings will be incorrect as well. Turn the dial on your system to “Current Time/Day”.

Step-2 Set Start Time

set start time

Select “Start Times” on the dial. This is the time when your sprinklers will activate. When deciding when to turn on your sprinklers, keep in mind your local watering schedule. Switch between your first (morning) and second (evening) start times by pressing the right and left arrow buttons.

Step-3 Set Run Time

run time

Reset the dial to “Run Times.” This feature allows you to specify how long the sprinklers should run before switching off automatically. Keep in mind your local watering schedule to ensure that your sprinklers are only turned on when necessary. You may specify different run times for each of your sprinkler’s “stations” (lawns, beds, etc.).

In the spring and fall, you’ll want 10-13 minutes of run time, and in the summer, you’ll want anything from 12 to 17 minutes. If you’re using a drip system, twice the time, or half the time if you’re using a spray system, for flower beds. Keep an eye on your lawn and garden to see if these timings need to be adjusted.

Step-4 Set Schedule of Water days

How To Program Hunter Sprinkler System

Set the dial to “Water Days.” Set which days to have your sprinklers run (a drop icon) and which days to not water using the arrows to switch between days (a drop with dashed out circle through it) your address may be authorized to water on specific days depending on your city and the time of year. When configuring your watering schedule, be sure to check your local water schedule.

Step-5 Check System Coverage

check test coverage

Turn the dial to “Manual One Station” once you’ve established all of your run timings. This will allow you to test your coverage by running each station for a set length of time, such as a few minutes. Check each station once a month to ensure everything is in working order.

Step-6 Done

Set the dial to “Run” once you’ve finished selecting your run times and days and reviewed each station to verify everything is working properly. Your sprinkler system is now configured and will turn on and off automatically based on your preferences.

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