How To Restart HBO Max App On Samsung Tv

There is a couple of reason when you have to restart HBO max app.

  • Reason-1 when MAX APP stops working and shows an update error, but wouldn’t delete or update it.
  • Reason-2 when Max App freezes or buffering

Note: if two of the above reason wouldn’t fix your issue and still HBO Max not working on samsung then find it in detail.

These are two typical reasons for the max app to restart, Let me clear to you that simply restarting won’t solve these problems until the problem has been fixed.

So you better find out how to fix the above reasons before restarting the app.

First How to Restart HBO Max App On Samsung Tv

Restart HBO max app can be done via restarting Samsung TV

  • Unplug your Samsung TV.
  • Wait 20 seconds and plug your TV back in.
  • Reopen HBO Max and see if the issue is resolved.

But only restarting won’t resolve HBO Max app issues as stated above, so what to do?

Another way to do restarting HBO max app is via uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

In addition to that, how to restart an app on Samsung TV is a separate topic in detail.

How To Restart HBO Max App On Samsung Tv

Here is a quick guideline on how to fix these issues without wasting your time by restarting the app for every problem.

Reason-1 when MAX APP stops working and show update error, but wouldn’t delete or update it.

How to Fix it?

Delete some of your Samsung other apps. It wouldn’t let you update because the TV ran out of storage.

How to delete other apps from your Samsung TV?

  • Click on the Apps page from your home menu on the Samsung TV
  • Navigate to the settings gear icon in the upper right corner once you have the Apps page open.
  • From there you’ll see a list of every app you have downloaded onto the TV and can start to uninstalling most of them.
  • And then uninstall and reinstall the HBO Max app.

Hopefully, it will resolve the reason-1

Reason-2 When Max App freezes or buffering.

It could be happened due to many reason one by one you have to apply those steps until the issue has been fixed.

How to Fix it?

  1. Lookout for HBO Max App Updates. (How to update)
  2. Force Close the HBO Max App

On a Samsung device, just go into your Home screen and tap on the Recent Apps shortcut. This icon is located in the bottom-left corner of your Samsung phone’s screen (it looks like a hamburger icon with three lines). Tap on the icon and then swipe left or right to look for the HBO Max app. Once you locate the HBO Max app, swipe upwards to close it.

  • Reinstall HBO Max App.

By uninstalling and reinstalling the HBO Max app, it helps both to reduce the storage that it takes up on your device and clear the cache of the app, which may have gotten corrupted.

Whenever you uninstall an app after much usage, you will notice that there will be a significant decrease in the amount of storage that the app uses up. The data that is removed in the process is what’s called cached data. Cache data are temporary files that get stored on your device that help speed up the process of not having to load up the same parts of the app repeatedly [source].

One way to remove cached data with the HBO Max app is to delete and reinstall the HBO Max app.

Here’s how you can reinstall the HBO Max app depending on which you’re using:

  • Ensure You Have The Right Cables For HBO Max App.

If you’re using your Chromecast, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Android TV, or any alternative, then you will want to use the correct cables and hardware that is recommended for streaming the high-definition content.

Unlike Disney, where they’ve explicitly stated the recommended cables required for streaming, HBO Max instead only suggests using a ‘wired connection’ using an Ethernet cable for best performance instead of relying on your wireless connection to stream content over onto your devices.

We will also go with the same recommendations given by Disney, where it’s best to use high-speed HDMI cables and displays that have HDCP 2.2 for streaming content, particularly if you’re looking to stream in HDR or 4K Ultra HD. Additionally, you will also need to have an HDCP 2.2 compliant cable. The recommendations should be effective for HBO Max just as it is for Disney+.

HBO Max Service Code Error and How To Fix It?

High-speed HDMI cables

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