How to Use Google Assistant for Controlling Your Smart Home Devices

Google has opened its Assistant platform to smart home device manufacturers, with smart home devices getting cheaper by the day

This facilitates quick connectivity of their goods.

You can control smart home devices such as smart bulbs, TVs, thermostats, and more with your phone, smart displays, and other assistant-powered devices thanks to Google Assistant integration.

Follow the steps below to learn know how you can easily connect and control your smart home devices using Google Assistant.

Why link Google Assistant to your Smart Home Devices?

For controlling their different features, most smart home devices also come with their own dedicated app. However, you will then be able to control all of them with your voice until you have connected your smart home devices with Google Assistant.

Google Assistant is available on all Android devices and it can even be accessed on the iPhone using the Google app.

You can also use the Google Home app, in addition to voice access, to manage smart home devices connected to Google Assistant. To manage a variety of smart devices at once, you can set up schedules or schedule them to turn on and off at select times.

You’ll also be able to control multiple smart home devices from different companies at once using a single action or voice command.

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Link Smart Home Devices with Google Assistant

You must first set up the device using its own app and also create an account with it before you connect any smart home product with Google Assistant. This is necessary because the integration would work by connecting the same account to Google Assistant.

  1. Download the Google Home app for Android or iOS before tackling the steps below.
  2. Open the Google Home app on your Android or iPhone.
  3. Tap the + symbol in the top-left corner followed by the Set up device option.
  4. If you are linking a new smart home product that’s not from Google or a smart display/speaker, select the Works with Google option.
  5. From the list of home control providers that show up, select the company name whose product you want to link with Google Assistant. Then proceed to login to that service and grant it authorization to access your Google account.
  6. You will now have to assign all the smart home devices linked to that service to a room.
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Go back to the main page of the Google Home app and you will see the smart device you just linked under the room it was assigned to.

Share Smart Home Device Controls using Google Assistant with your friends and family

To do so:

  1. Open the Google Home app, tap the + symbol in the top-left corner.
  2. Select the Invite home member option followed by the Invite person option.
  3. Proceed to enter the Gmail address of your friend or family that you want to invite.
  4. You will be given an overview of all the controls and features that you will be sharing with your friend or family member.
  5. Tap the Invite button to send the invite.
google assistant invite smart home 1

Use Google Assistant to control Smart Home devices

Once you have linked your smart home devices to Google Assistant, you can then control them using your voice or the Google Home app.

You may simply say “Hey Google, turn on the [bulb name]” to switch it on, assuming you have linked a smart bulb with Google Assistant. To turn it off, you can use a similar voice command. You might say “Hey Google, change the [bulb name] color to blue and decrease its brightness to 50 percent” if your smart bulb supports adjusting its color or brightness.

If you have several smart bulbs allocated to one room, you can simply say “Hey Google, turn off all the lights in [room name]” to turn them all off at once. You may use a relevant voice command to monitor it, based on the functionality of the smart home product you are using.

For example, for a thermostat, you can ask Google Assistant to increase or decrease the temperature. If you are new to using Google Assistant.

Alternatively, you can use the Google Home app to control the device. You also have the option of changing the name of the device, assigning it to a different room, and more.

After linking all of your smart home devices, you can set up a Google Assistant routine that will trigger multiple actions at once: enable Wi-Fi, put your phone from silent mode, turn off all the lights in your room, adjust the thermostat, tell you about the weather, and much more.

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