Including smart plugs and thermostats, Here Are 8 Smart Home Devices That Make Great Presents.

Now that Thanksgiving and Black Friday are in the rearview mirror, it’s safe to say that the Christmas season has arrived, and we’ve rounded up all the best and most economical smart home presents for everyone on your list, including your Grandma and Grandpa. There is something for everyone, regardless of age, taste, disposable income, or technological expertise.

Almost every household can benefit from installing some sort of smart home technology. The usefulness of technological conveniences is not dependent on one’s familiarity with or enthusiasm for such things.

Currently, a smart plug, the cheapest way to enter the world of smart homes, can be purchased for under $10, and its ease of use in conjunction with a smartphone app makes it accessible to virtually anyone who owns a smartphone.

Here is the list of 8 Smart Home Devices That Make Great Presents.

Product Best For Price
Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium Thermostat lovers? This is the perfect present View at Amazon
The Smart Plug by Kasa New smart-home owners would love to receive View at Amazon
Connect Wi-Fi Bridge with Smart Lock by August The ideal present for your friend who frequently forgets important dates View at Amazon
Lutron Caseta Smart Switch Best for the tinkerer View at Amazon
GE Cync Outdoor Floodlights Best for the holiday decorator View at Amazon
Gove Smart LED Strip Lights Best for the party host View at Amazon
Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor To new parents, the best gift View at Amazon
Echo Dot Kids Best for kids View at Amazon

So here Are 8 Smart Home Devices That Make Great Presents.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium

Thermostat enthusiast? This is the perfect present

  • Price:$249
  • Tech specs:Built-in air quality monitor | 4.09″ x 2.9″ x 4.09″ | Bonus Ecobee SmartSensor included | Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, & Google Home

Here Are 8 Smart Home Devices That Make Great Presents.

I don’t know how it was in your home, but when I was a youngster, the only time we turned on the one window air conditioner we had was for special occasions like holidays, birthdays, or when someone was sick. Although my formative years were spent in a less-developed country, I now have a deeper appreciation for the comforts of home.

Care, or what some people in my life term “control,” is the currency of appreciation. The HVAC system and my wallet both thank me for being cautious with the temperature in my home. A smart thermostat is a solution.

Explanation of their adoration

The Ecobee smart thermostat has a temperature sensor that can be installed in a different room, as well as an air quality monitor and a smoke alarm. It is Energy Star certified and promises annual savings of up to 26% in HVAC costs with a combination of temperature optimization and occupancy sensing. It can even remind you to replace your air filters.

This is the perfect present for your parents if they are usually keeping the house excessively warm and telling you to “grab a blanket” when you moan about the chill.


  • Assists HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Home.
  • Alarms for smoke and poor air quality are built in.


  • Extravagantly sized and bulky-looking screen.
  • We did not have the finest app experience.
  • You’ll need a paid membership to access certain content.

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The Smart Plug by Kasa

New smart-home owners would love to receive

  • Price:$23
  • Tech specs: 4-pack | 1.57″ x 1.5″ x 2.62″ | 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection | Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Home

Here Are 8 Smart Home Devices That Make Great Presents.

This is a great present for someone who doesn’t already have a lot of smart gadgets but would still like to start automating some of their daily routines. Kit includes four Kasa Smart Plugs that may be controlled remotely using the Kasa app on an iOS or Android device.

Justification of their adoration

Your sister can finally leave the house without worrying if she remembered to unplug the curling iron because she can use one of these timers to have it turn on automatically at the predetermined time every day, say, 7 a.m.

Automation with other compatible devices is also supported by these smart plugs. For further sophistication, you could install a motion sensor outside Nana’s door, triggering the coffeemaker to switch on only when the sensor detects Nana’s departure from her bedroom.

These plugs are compatible with Alexa and Google Home Assistant for voice control, so the receiver of your gift can just ask Alexa to switch on or off the plug if they also own a Google Nest or Amazon Echo device.


  • Inexpensive
  • We don’t need a third-party coordination center


  • HomeKit is not supported

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Connect Wi-Fi Bridge with Smart Lock by August

The ideal present for your friend who frequently forgets important dates

  • Price:$127
  • Tech specs: Silver Nickel | 2.6 x 1.63 x 4.8 inches | 4 AA Batteries | Compatible with Amazon Alexa, SmartThings, Philips Hue, & Google Home


The August Smart Lock and Connect Wi-Fi Bridge is the ultimate gift for your housemate who is continuously losing their keys.

It’s a great choice for replacing a standard door lock with a keyless one. You can maintain using your old lock (and secondary deadbolt) with this because it only replaces the thumb-turn on the inside of the door.

Justification of their adoration

They are welcome to maintain their current key, but it will not be necessary. The device can be set to unlock upon arrival and lock securely after the occupant leaves.

Using the August app (Android, IOS), you may customize a variety of settings, including how long the lock waits before locking and whom you exchange access codes with (such as a housekeeper or dog walker).


  • Detects whether a door is open or closed
  • Unlock your phone automatically based on your location using geofencing technology.
  • Be sure to update your keys regularly


  • There is no digital keypad.
  • No HomeKit support

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Lutron Caseta Smart Switch

Best for the tinkerer

  • Price: $100
  • Tech specs: 120 volts | Indoor use | UL listed | Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, & Ring

Here Are 8 Smart Home Devices That Make Great Presents.

There is usually someone in a family or group of friends who is the resident fixer and loves to show off their latest creations. Who you contact by text message when your water heater stops working?

Included in this package are the Caseta smart dimmer switch, Pico remote kit, and Lutron Smart Bridge for internet connectivity. With this dimmer and remote, users may preserve their current light bulbs and fixtures while adding smart functionality via the wall switch.

Since the dimmer may be installed in place of a standard light switch without touching the neutral wire, it can be used virtually everywhere.

Why they’ll love it

With the hub that comes with the smart switch, you can quickly connect it to Alexa, Google Home, HomeKit, SmartThings, or a Ring security system. This is an excellent smart home starter package, as the hub can control up to seventy-five individual Lutron switches.

In addition, it won’t cause any problems for your wireless network. The smart switches can be installed anywhere in a home, and the hub can be connected to the internet through an Ethernet cable. In contrast to standalone wifi-connected smart switches, this is a huge improvement.


  • A constant and quick Ethernet connection.
  • There is no need for a neutral wire.


  • Lacking wall plate.

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GE Cync Outdoor Floodlights

Best for the holiday decorator

  • Price: $44 (2-pack)
  • Tech specs: Color changing | 10 watts | Outdoor use | 2.4GHz WiFi connection

Here Are 8 Smart Home Devices That Make Great Presents.

These GE Cync Outdoor Floodlights are perfect for your aunt and uncle who enjoy going all out with their holiday decorations. These smart outdoor lights can be used to replace conventional outdoor bulbs. After installing them with the included screws, you may configure them with the Cync app for remote control from your mobile device. For hands-free voice management, they are also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Reasons of their admiration

The smart bulbs allow for a plethora of vibrant color options, perfect for setting the tone at a gathering. They look great with seasonal decor, and you won’t have to go out of your way to buy a new set of colored bulbs for each holiday. Just set the desired color on the calendar, such as orange or purple for Halloween or red or green for Christmas.

The holiday spirit can be set with the millions of vibrant hues available, and they can also be used to enhance existing decorations. There’s no need to go out and buy special orange or purple light bulbs for Halloween, or red or green ones for Christmas, when you can simply set up this system and program the lights to turn on at the appointed time and in the desired hue.

These dimmable 1300 lumen bulbs, with a white color temperature range of 2000K to 7000K, are ideal for outdoor use throughout the year. Include a smart outdoor plug in the gift if the recipient is a big enthusiast of seasonal décor.


  • Countless hues
  • Dimmable with no hub required


  • Extensive floodlight bulb

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Govee Smart LED Strip Lights

Best for the party host

  • Price:$19 
  • Tech specs:Color changing | 16.4ft | Indoor use | 2.4GHz wifi connection | 150 LED | Music sync

Govee Smart LED Strip Light

To illustrate, picture the most impressive host you know. These Govee Smart LED strip lights would make a fantastic present fo

r your brother, sister, cousin, or friend that is always throwing parties.

Reasons of their admiration

Using the Govee Home smartphone app, you may adjust the brightness of the 150 individual LED beads that make up this strip light. Five clips support the self-adhesive back for a secure and foolproof fit.

With this software, you can completely personalize your experience with over 16 million different colors and choose from more than 64 different scene effects. Also, the device can sync up with the music, making for the perfect party host.

Your little brother’s parties would benefit greatly from the addition of these light strips, to which you are always promised an invitation but never receive. If he suddenly decides you’re not cool anymore, it’s okay; you still adore him.


  • Easy installation
  • Versatile installation
  • Music synchronization


  • Not waterproof

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Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor

To the new parents, best wishes.

  • Price:$250
  • Tech specs:HD Video | 2-way audio | 256-bit AES encryption | Humidity and temperature alerts | Sleep and breath tracking | Nightlight & White noise

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor Wall Mount

Do you have friends who, when you visit, constantly check the baby monitor in the middle of dinner? They deserve a present that will make their lives easier as new parents because it is difficult.

The Wi-Fi HD video camera of the Nanit Pro Smart baby monitor and wall-mount monitors not only the baby’s motion and sound but also monitors sleep and plays white noise. Also, a dimmable nightlight is included in. You can sync it up with your other smart home gadgets because it’s compatible with iOS, Android, and the Amazon Echo Show.

Reasons of their admiration

The Nanit is a revolutionary smart baby monitor that can notify your phone immediately whenever your baby wakes up or makes any noise. You may rely on it to keep an eye on your newborn while you get some rest.

Furthermore, the camera in the monitor can detect the baby’s breathing thanks to a specially developed cloth that doesn’t require any sensors. This movement can be converted by the device into information about how many times per minute you breathe. It’s standard operating procedure for new parents to lose sleep over worrying about their newborn’s respiration, making this function all the more impressive.


  • Consists with a nightlight and white noise generator
  • Consists of a breathing band
  • Constantly keep an eye on from the palm of your hand pro


  • Pricey
  • Paid membership is required for access to certain content.

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Echo Dot Kids

Best for kids

  • Price$30
  • Tech specs: Tap gestures | Temperature sensor | Eero built-in | Parental controls | 1-yr Amazon Kids+ | 3.9″ x 3.9″ x 1.7″

All New Echo Dot 5th Gen 2022

You may already understand the value of a smart voice assistant when you have children and an Amazon Echo device in your home.

My kids love to ask Alexa and Siri all sorts of things and tell them jokes, but their favorite is to ask them to activate “party mode,” which causes the lights in the living room to change colors and plays the Trolls soundtrack. That’s why Amazon designed the new Echo Dot Kids with safety features like parental controls.

Reasons of their admiration

The 5th-generation Echo Dot Kids is an appealing speaker that would look well in a kid’s bedroom or playroom thanks to its Owl or Dragon design. Kids will enjoy the Alexa features regardless of how they look.

Each Echo Dot Kit purchase includes a year of Amazon+Kids, which provides access to Audible books, games, and Alexa skills designed with children in mind. The voice assistant can also assist with schoolwork.

The Echo Dot Kids is great for families because of the safety features it offers. Alexa can intelligently exclude explicit music and provide responses suitable for children. In case of an emergency, parents can lock in their contact information and set daily time limitations from the Parent Dashboard.


  • A yearlong membership to Amazon’s Kids’ Prime
  • Discipline policies for parents
  • Smart home devices are now within the reach of children, allowing them to do things like turn on the lights and set their own alarms


  • The sound quality has greatly improved, however, it is still inferior to that of competing models.

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