Loxone smart home review

You want a home automation complete system in your newly build home, which one should you choose.

It rarely depends on your budget, features, access to each and every thing relevant to home automation in future expansion at your location and most importantly customer service which could impact a lot for the customers.

Here only the wired option will be discussed because wireless option seems unreliable, however so many products with wireless technology available in the market but that would only be feasible in already built home and Loxone may not be the right choice in wireless products.

In respect to wired technology there are so many top brands available Fibaro, Control4, KNX and Loxone.

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Here we only discussed Loxone smart home review with comparison against other system.

Looking purely at initial investment, Loxone may be the more interesting choice. However, that also implies limitations in terms of other choices:

Real Facts

  • It’s a centralized system, control from one central system.
  • Relatively new but rapidly growing system
  • Closed system/no universal standard
  • Can talk to KNX systems (to a certain extent)
  • SVV-cable, which is harder to use for other types of solutions
  • The system uses a star topology as well
  • Can be cost-effective if the built-in features are sufficient


  • Cheaper than KNX and Fibaro
  • Choosing loxone would limit products availability because it does only support loxone as compare to other products such as control4 or KNX support multiple devices and open source software.
  • If Loxone ever stops its business or chooses updated standards, older hardware may become obsolete and/or difficult to maintain.
  • If the central unit fails, all else fails as well: no lights, no music, no shades, no nothing, as compare to KNX which is a decentralized system and works regardless of central unit fails.

Customer Feedback

  • You cannot install yourself at home unless you have a very good experience unlike other systems which require little knowledge before installing.
  • No customer feedback at all from loxone in case of system queries or required live help. Sometimes their representative on phone don’t know their system and failed to answer.

Last Verdict

We can’t make the choice for you, but if you intend to live in your new home for longer than a few years and you can do the initial investment, then Fibaro, Control4 and KNX seems like the way forward. In other cases, you should seriously consider Loxone.

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