Newly Launched Google Nest Hub Max

Google is having another stab at the smart home with a brand new smart display packing some notable differences.

It’s physically bigger than before and now features a camera, but does it have enough to compete with the likes of Amazon’s Echo Show

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Nothing much changed from Google hub except the size of Max is bigger, 10 inch display compared with 7in on its predecessor.

Other change is the HD display which is missing in google hub so the Max overall viewing experience is improved and allows users to see what’s going on from a greater variety of positions in the room.

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New Feature

All smart features that has have to be in the device for lighting control, climate control and so on are in place, nothing new at all except these below.

Hand gesture detection feature which allows users to push their hand in front of the camera to pause videos, and do the same action again to resume it.

Faces are easily set up within the Home app, providing each individual in the household with their personalized information, including calendar notices, saving users from even needing to use their voice.

integration with Nest means you can use it as a security camera to check everything is fine at home while away on a smartphone but it require Subscription fee. Service ranges from £4 to £24 per month, depending on how much video history is desired.

Embedded more privacy

Privacy is obviously a big concern of late, and increasingly so with the introduction of a camera, therefore a physical button which switches off the camera and mic is available on the back of the Nest Hub Max.

The current set-up means one person can switch it all off, but the next person who enters the room may have the minor inconvenience of stepping into a room using their voice to speak to the Google Assistant, only to discover it is off.

Overall Verdict

The Google Nest Hub Max is a good progression from its predecessor, making full use of the possibilities of a camera, while keeping voice central to the experience.

At £219, it’s reasonably priced, though some buyers may be disappointed that additional security features come at a monthly cost.

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