NordVPN Not Working With Paramount+? Troubleshooting Steps to Get Streaming Again

Understanding the Issue

NordVPN Not Working With Paramount+? Troubleshooting Steps to Get Streaming Again
A computer screen shows a frustrated user trying to access Paramount+ through NordVPN, only to encounter an error message. The user’s expression conveys frustration and confusion

When users experience NordVPN not functioning with Paramount+, they encounter difficulty accessing content due to geo-restrictions. Paramount+ has measures in place to detect and block VPN traffic, which can lead to service accessibility issues. The core reasons for such disruptions might be related to:

  • Outdated VPN software
  • IP blocks from Paramount+
  • Incompatible VPN protocols

Common Problems

Users may find these specific challenges:

  1. Connection Drops: The VPN connection may frequently drop, disrupting the streaming experience.
  2. Geo-Blocking Messages: Paramount+ might display messages indicating the user is in a restricted region despite using a VPN.
  3. Slow Speeds: Using a VPN can decrease connection speeds, which affects streaming quality.

Potential Indications

The following signs usually indicate that there is an issue with the VPN service:

  • Persistent error messages from Paramount+
  • Inability to access content that is available in other regions
  • A sudden change in streaming performance when connected to VPN

Steps for Resolution

To resolve the issue, users can:

  • Ensure their VPN client is up-to-date.
  • Switch servers within the VPN to find one that is not blocked.
  • Contact customer support for assistance.

For the most reliable options, users should consider choosing a VPN provider with a track record of overcoming such issues, as some providers specialize in bypassing content geo-restrictions effectively.

Troubleshooting Steps

A laptop displaying an error message while trying to access Paramount+ through NordVPN. An open NordVPN app with a disconnected status. A frustrated user looking at the screen

The troubleshooting steps outlined below offer structured solutions to resolve issues when NordVPN is not functioning as expected with Paramount+. These methods are practical and can be attempted in succession to identify and solve the problem.

Check NordVPN Subscription and Servers

Ensure that your NordVPN subscription is active and that you have selected a server that typically works with Paramount+. Servers that are overloaded or blacklisted by Paramount+ may result in connection issues.

Restart and Update Paramount+ App

Occasionally, simply restarting the Paramount+ app can resolve temporary glitches. Check for any available updates for the app, as the latest version may contain fixes for compatibility issues with VPN services.

Check Device Compatibility

Not all devices support VPN services in the same way. Verify that your device is compatible with both NordVPN and Paramount+, and that it meets the minimum requirements for app functionality.

Examine Internet Connection

A stable and fast internet connection is paramount for VPN services to work effectively. Test your internet speed and stability to ensure it’s not the underlying issue affecting the VPN performance with Paramount+.

Inspect DNS and Network Settings

Incorrect DNS or network settings on your device may interfere with the VPN’s functionality. Check your DNS settings and consider using NordVPN’s recommended settings for optimal performance.

Contact Support for Assistance

If the steps above don’t resolve the issue, reach out to NordVPN’s customer support. They can provide guidance specific to your situation and offer solutions to ensure compatibility with Paramount+.

Preventative Measures and Best Practices


When utilizing NordVPN to access Paramount+, users should adopt certain preventive measures and best practices to ensure a smooth streaming experience. Here are several recommended strategies:

  • Regularly Update Software: Users should ensure their NordVPN app and Paramount+ app are on the latest version to avoid compatibility issues.
  • Switch Protocols: If one is experiencing slow or no connection, switching the VPN protocol within the NordVPN app may resolve the issue.
Protocol Use Case
OpenVPN Stable and secure connection
NordLynx Balance of speed and security
IKEv2/IPsec Good for mobile devices
  • Server Selection: Users might benefit from manually choosing different servers to find one that works with Paramount+ as some servers may be blocked.

Use Dedicated IP: Sometimes, a dedicated IP address can prevent detection by streaming services like Paramount+.

  • Customer Support: NordVPN’s customer service is available to address connectivity problems.

By implementing these methods, users can reduce the likelihood of disruptions and maintain access to Paramount+ content while using NordVPN.


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