Programmable Dimmer Switch

There are numerous dimmer switches on the market, but not all of them are dimmer and programmable, therefore the best ones are listed below for customers to select from.

Programmable Dimmer Switch

Here Are the List of Best Programmable Dimmer Switch

Leviton DDMX1-BLZ Decora Digital 450W LED/CF

Price: $45.78

Leviton DDMX1 BLZ Decora Digital 450W LED CF


  • Combination dimmer, 24 hour programmable timer & countdown timer with Bluetooth technology to wirelessly control lights using a smartphone or tablet.
  • App provides local control within a 30 foot range without the need of a hub, gateway or internet connection.
  • Compatible with 1000W Incandescent, 450W LED/CFL, 1000VA Magnetic Low Voltage, and 1000VA Mark 10 Powerline.
  • Single pole or 3-way/multi-location control when used with the DD00R-DL Decora Digital dimmer remote (sold separately).
  • Neutral wire required for installation
  • Create a ‘lived in’ look by scheduling your lights to turn on/off at set or random times of the day.

TESSAN Wi-Fi 3 Way Smart Dimmer Switch

Price: $32.99

TESSAN Wi Fi 3 Way Smart Dimmer Switch


  • The smart dimmer switch can be as 3-way or single-pole switch; Just simply replace one of your regular 3-way wall switch or single-pole switch.
  • TESSAN 3-Way light dimmer switch is a good choice for smart home.
  • Neutral wire is required.
  • Support dimmable triac LEDs and dimmable CFLs max 250W, incandescent bulbs max 430W; Not support 4 way circuit.
  • Remote Control and Dimmable Range: Used this 3 way Wi-Fi dimmable switch to integrate Wi-Fi function to your living room lights; with notification settings, never worry about whether the lights turned off or not when you are outside.
  • You can set the desired brightness from 0-100% to enjoy the appropriate ambience on different occasions when using the smart dimmer 3way.
  • Support 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi only, dual-band (2.4G and 5G) Wi-Fi need to set a separate 2.4G channel
  • With the Wi-Fi light timer switch, you can use the scheduling feature on this to automatically turn the lights dim, on, off following prepared schedule, like sunrise or sunset, periodic cycling as an interval timer; Saving energy and electricity bill when the lights are not needed or you are left on urgently
  • Work with Alexa and Google Home; No matter what you are busy on, taking care of your baby, cooking, or just coming home, you can simply give a voice command to control the 3-Way smart switch for LED lights; enjoy the great convenience of hands-free life style.

Geeni TAP+DIM Smart Light Switch

Price: $22.99

Geeni TAPDIM Smart Light Switch


  • The Geeni TAP+DIM Smart Light Switch makes it easy to replace traditional light switches and dimmers. Adjust desired brightness via the smooth touch dimming area. Use in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, or wherever desired.
  • This TAP+DIM Smart Dimmer Light Switch works with your home Wi-Fi—no hub required! Simply download the Geeni app, install your switch and connect. It also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
  • The Geeni TAP+DIM Light Switch is only compatible with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks. For safe installation, cut off power beforehand.
  • These light switches work in a single-pole setup only and require a neutral wire to power the smart dimmer.
  • Using your home Wi-Fi, use ‘Schedules’ to set your smart dimmer switch to automatically turn on and off or dim while you’re home or away. You can set your device to turn on and off depending on your location.

DEWENWILS Plug in Dimmer Switch for Dimmable LED/CFL Lights

Price: $13.99

DEWENWILS Plug in Dimmer Switch for Dimmable LED CFL Lights


  • Inline light dimmer switch works with up to 100 watt dimmable LED / CFL bulbs or 300 watt Incandescent and Halogen bulbs; 110 – 120Vac Input Voltage.
  • 6. 6 ft. extension cord allows you to place the lamp dimmer in an easy to reach area.
  • Smooth slider switch slides up to brighten, down to dim gradually through a full range of step less dimming; snap into the off position to turn power off completely to avoid the slider moving back ; the anti-slip pads on the bottom prevent it from sliding during the dimming process.
  • Adjust your dimming range for LEDs and CFLs with the SET switch.
  • Set your most comfortable brightness range; prevent the lamp from flickering at low voltage effectively.
  • Adjust bedside lamps, table lamps, night lights, decorative lighting to desired level to your preferred brightness; easy to control mood lighting for bedroom, nursery room and holidays.

Kkcool Smart Dimmer Switch

Price: $23.98

Kkcool Smart Dimmer Switch


  • Dimmer switch compatible with Alexa and Google Home, all Alexa devices (Alexa Echo,Echo dot,Echo spot), voice command to turn On/Off your lights and appliances.
  • Dimmer switch work with INC bulb up 400W or LED Bulb up 150W. Adjust The brightness from 1-10 by manual button or Smart Life app, and the LCD display will shows the brightness level to make it easier to set the light.
  • Use “Smart Life” APP turn your smart switch on or off, and you can also set schedules or scenes from anywhere with your smartphone using the “Smart Life” app. Remotely turn your holiday lights on while you’re at the office or away from home. 2.4G Wi-Fi ONLY, Not Support 5G.
  • With this dimmer smart switch you can share your connection device to your family up to 10.
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