Best Programmable Light Switch 2023 Updated

These are the best programmable light switch list, based on higher customer reviews and most searched items so far in this year 2020, but if you want to check at other timer light switches that are not programmable but rather common because of fast, reliable and economical usability.

Product Price
Honeywell Home RPLS740B1008 Econoswitch view availability on Amazon
Leviton LTB60-1LZ Decora view availability on Amazon
Leviton VPT24-1PZ Decora view availability on Amazon
Enerlites Programmable Timer Switch view availability on Amazon
Lutron programmable switch view availability on Amazon
Intermatic st01 Programmable Timer Switch view availability on Amazon
GE SunSmart in-Wall Programmable Digital Timer view availability on Amazon
Honeywell RPLS530A 3 way programmable light view availability on Amazon

Here are the List of Best Programmable Light Switch

Honeywell Home RPLS740B1008 Econoswitch 7-Day Programmable Light Switch Timer

Honeywell Home RPLS740B1008 Econoswitch

The Programmable Switch for Lights and Motors for the Honeywell 7-Day Solar Time Table lets you save money by making sure your lights only turn on when you need them. This device deals for illumination that is incandescent, halogen and fluorescent, making it suitable for use indoors or outdoors. It also deals for fans for ceilings, fans for bathrooms, pond pumps, and pumps for baths.

  • The Honeywell Home ECONOSwitch 7-Day Solar Programmable Light Switch brings comfort and customization to your home.
  • Scheduled programming allows the Econoswitch to automatically turn the home lighting and appliances on and off, helping you save time and resources.
  • Schedule your motor-operated appliances such as ceiling fans, bathroom fans, pond pumps, and pool pumps in addition to all your home lighting (one switch per home installation). 1800W, ¾ HP on 120v.
  • Simply schedule up to 7 weekly on-and-off schedules that can be repeated daily or weekly. The 3-button interface simplifies programming.
  • Compatible with LED, CFL, incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lighting for outdoor or indoor operation.
  • Featuring a sleek design that is simple to use with a three-button interface for easy operation and programming.
  • Manually control your lighting or let the ECONOswitch run automatically on a programmed schedule.

view availability on Amazon

Leviton LTB60-1LZ Decora

Leviton LTB60 1LZ Decora

Advanced features, excellent precision and modern aesthetics are provided by the Leviton Decora Timer Turn. In residences, businesses, classrooms, libraries and other minor commercial uses, it offers easy timed tracking of lighting and motor loads. The automation of heat lamps, hot tubs, attic and exhaust fans is perfect for automating.

  • 4 Presets 10-20-30-60 minutes.
  • Quick pressing and holding timer override feature.
  • For decoration, heat lamps, hot tubs, attic and exhaust fans.
  • Installation instructions included and 3-way only works with Vizia + Remote – VP0SR (sold separately).
  • 120 VAC, 60 Hertz, 1800 Watts Incandescent, 600 Watts CFL, 5A LED, 20A resistive/inductive, 1HP.
  • Single pole 3 way or more locations, neutral required.


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Smart Home: Smart Light Switches Google Home

Smart Home: Smart Light Switch Alexa

Leviton VPT24-1PZ Decora

Leviton VPT24 1PZ Decora 1

If you want your lights to turn on and off at dawn and dusk, you’ll love the, which has an astronomical clock that automatically adjusts to local sunrise and sunset times. It allows you to create settings for weekdays, weekends, or any combination of the two.

  • Automate interior/exterior lights and more.
  • STD mode provides up to 3 ON/OFF events for any day or combination of days, M-Sun.
  • M-F, or Sat-Sun at desired fixed times or self-adjusting Sunup and Sundown times. Daylight Savings Time and random modes are also available.
  • Program up to 49 on/off event settings per day.
  • Reduce energy consumption and extend bulb life.
  • 24-Hour Programmable Timer for 1800-Watt Incandescent/Halogen, 15A Resistive/Inductive, 1HP.

view availability on Amazon

Enerlites Programmable Timer Switch for Lights (HET01)

Enerlites HET01 7 Days Digital In Wall Programmable Timer Switch1

One of the best tools for programming your in-home lighting is the Enerlites programmable timer switch. The smart switch has a Prog button that for each day of the week sets 18 specific on / off parameters, including the RND (random) function to prevent unwanted intruders. It’s user friendly and easy to use. It is great for regulating the lighting inside, outdoors, and seasonally.

  • Digital blue backlight monitor for the darkest places to quickly read and programmed timer switch. Schedule indoor and outdoor lighting, fans, sprinklers and engines to automatically turn on and off at the pre-set hour.
  • This light switch timer has 18 unique ON/OFF settings per day, 7-day programming. One button to set vacation (Random) ON/OFF, daylight saving time for energy saving and security.
  • The HET01 through the Prog button comes with 18 on and 18 off time settings to automatically turn your house light on and off. 18 settings for each day, 7 days of the week, 126 settings in a week.
  • Save energy and money when use for ceiling fans, lights, motors, and sprinklers. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or with 1 year warranty
  • Resistive 15A/1800W, Voltage 120VAC, 60Hz, Tungsten 1200W, Fan motor: 1/2HP.
  • Neutral Wire Required.
  • Single Pole

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Lutron programmable switch (Maestro Motion Sensor)

Lutron Maestro Motion Sensor Switch 1

Maestro occupancy/vacancy sensors automatically turn lights on when you enter a space and off when you leave, making them a convenient way to save energy and add simple automation to your home.

  • Automatically turns the lights on when you enter the room and off when you leave.
  • Features XCT sensing technology which detects fine motion, such as typing at a desk or reading, ensuring lights do not turn off inadvertently.
  • Senses daylight so lights do not turn on when there is enough natural light in the room.
  • Programmable time-out of lights – 1, 5, 15 or 30 minutes.
  • Up to 250-Watt incandescent, halogen, electronic low voltage 200-Watt magnetic low voltage 150-Watt CFL/LED 2 Amp ballasts.
  • Great for small rooms like kitchens, laundry rooms and closets.
  • Installs in as little as 15 minutes; no neutral required.
  • Single-pole only.

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Smart Home: Apple Homekit Light Switches

Intermatic ST01 7 Day Programmable 1

Heavy-duty loads can be managed by the Intermatic Self Adjustment (around $37), so it can be used for equipment, small commercial signage, and even lighting units. It operates in both single-pole and 3-way applications, enabling multiple devices with one unit to be operated.

Intermatic ST01 Programmable Timer Switch

  • Intermatic ST01 7 Day Programmable In Wall Digital Timer Switch for lights and appliances, astronomic, self-adjusting, heavy duty.
  • Astronomic clock feature determines dawn and dusk times.
  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time (DST) adjustment.
  • Random mode varies ON/OFF schedule to provide a “lived-in” appearance.
  • Single or 3-way switch compatible installation.
  • Incandescent/fluorescent/CFL/LED compatible.
  • Isolated switch allows timer to be used with any load type, including AC and DC loads.
  • No neutral wire connection enables easy retrofitting and quicker installation.

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GE SunSmart in-Wall Programmable Digital Timer

GE SunSmart in Wall Digital Timer1

The timer will automatically turn lights or appliances on and off that might otherwise be left on for extended periods – saving both energy and money! It not only works with traditional incandescent lights, but also with newer energy efficient technologies like CFL and LED lights. With built-in SunSmart technology, this timer is great for automating outdoor and indoor lights for greater security or simply to welcome you home at the end of the day.

  • Set your lights to your desired ON/OFF times to help keep your home secure. By automating your lights, this timer gives your home a lived-in appearance even when you are away.
  • Compatible with LED, CFL and incandescent bulbs, the timer supports a wide range of lighting.
  • With SunSmart technology, the in-wall timer auto-adjusts to the sunrise and sunset times in your region for easy programming.
  • Timer features a backup battery to maintain settings in the event of a power outage, the easy-to-read LCD display makes programming simple and door also functions as a convenient ON/OFF override push-button.
  • The timer’s versatility is not limited to lights. It can also be used for exhaust fans, ceiling fans, outdoor lighting, heaters and more. The timer is rated 120VAC/15A resistive.
  • single-pole or 3-way.

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Honeywell RPLS530A 3 way programmable light timer switch

Honeywell RPLS530A 7 Day Programmable Timer Switch1

It will help save you money by wiring your lights into a timer switch such as the Honeywell, while bringing a degree of comfort and protection to your home. The versatility of this Honeywell 7-day programmable timer switch is that it can use seven different programs a week. This machine deals for (40-watt minimum) incandescent and halogen lighting.

  • For use with incandescent and halogen lights up to 500 watts. Requires 40-watt minimum.
  • 7-day programming (up to 7 on and 7 off times per week).
  • Hidden programming buttons.
  • Sleek design mounts flush with wall plate.
  • Universal wiring (two-wire connection).
  • Single pole (two-wire) or multi-switch (three-way) installation.
  • Manual override enables load to be turned on/off without affecting programming.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Programming protected during power outages.
  • Can also be used like a conventional on/off switch.

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