Roomba I7 Troubleshooting

These are the certain issues owner could face and how to Roomba i7 troubleshooting against those issues are in detail. However these problems aren’t permanent and can be fix easily by following simple recommended procedure.

So Here are Roomba I7 Troubleshooting

Roomba I7 Troubleshooting 12

Roomba i7+ Clean Base docking stations malfunction

Roomba i7+ Clean Base docking stations could malfunction and potentially present a danger if the Roomba i7+ robot vacuum absorbs liquids and deposits them into the Clean Base unit.

According to company statement, their vacuums are only designed for cleaning up dirt and debris from dry floors and carpets and should never be used to pick up any liquids.”

Battery is not charging

When the Roomba i7 battery does not charge, rebooting the system can be helpful.

  • Keep the CLEAN button for 20 seconds to do this, until the light ring around the CLEAN logo continues to turn around.
  • It would then take up to 2 minutes for the system to turn on again.
  • The reset is complete until the light goes off.

If the issue remain the same after rebooting then you might need to replace a battery. And how to replace a battery guideline.

The Roomba Side Brush is Not Spinning Due to Jam

If the side brush is not spinning, there could be a jam inside the mechanism. To fix this problem, remove the side brush and manually clean around the brush. And how to clean side brush manually. Pease see this guidelines.

The Roomba Side Brush is Broken

If the side brush is broken, remove the broken brush and replace it with a new brush.

Defective Cleaning Head System

Can you hear the vacuum sucking air into the Roomba? If it isn’t making a sucking sound, the vacuum is broken. Consider buying a replacement cleaning head system.

Clogged Filter

Remove filter from the device. If there are large amounts of dirt and debris, the filter may be clogged. Consider replacing or cleaning the filter

Error 9: The Bumper is Stuck and Not Moving Freely

Try tapping several times on the bumper. This could dislodge any debris underneath which may have been stuck. Then, to restart the device, press CLEAN.

Error 16: The Bumper is Either Dislodged or the Device is tilted

If the iRobot Roomba i7 is unable to start cleaning due to a possible tilt, move the Roomba to a FLAT surface then press CLEAN to restart. Do not move the Roomba while pressing the CLEAN button. If the “Error 16” still occurs, reboot the Roomba.

To do this:

  • Hold the CLEAN button for 20 seconds until the light ring around the clean logo starts spinning around.
  • The device will then take up to 2 minutes to reboot.
  • When the light turns off.
  • The reboot is complete.

If the Roomba is still not cleaning and displaying “Error 16 then you might need to tighten the bumper.

Error Code 1

An error code 1 happens when the base station and the battery are unable to communicate. Prior to putting the Roomba on the home base, you can fail to detach the yellow pull-tab. This may also arise when there is no proper installation of the charger. Only eject it, and reconnect it.

Error Codes 6 and 7

It will not charge if you find that the Roomba battery is too hot or too cold. If the battery generates too much heat, if it’s too hot or too cold, Roomba can talk about Code 6 and Code 7. Unplug Roomba from the home base and allow it to rest for half an hour at room temperature before attempting to reconnect it again.

Codes 2, 3, 5, 8 and 9

Either a communication problem with the home base and the battery or a problem with the battery itself is recorded in five of the error codes. By cleaning the touch on the home base on the i-Robot Roomba, you can correct this mistake. Massage it with wet fabric or alcohol-mixed cloth after unplugging the home base.

Roomba ErrorPossible ProblemsPossible Fixes
Roomba Error 1BatteryClean Battery Contacts & Reset
Roomba Error 2BrushesClean Brushes
Roomba Error 3StallingReset & Recharge
Roomba Error 5ChargingRemove Yellow Pull-Tab
Roomba Error 6SensorsClean Sensors & Reset Roomba
Roomba Error 9BumpersClean & Reset
Roomba Error 10WheelsClean Wheels
Roomba Error 17Geographical DifficultyRemove problem areas, Increase Lighting, Clean

Hard Reboot

Charging errors can occur due to corrupted memory in Roomba’s processors. You can solve the bugs by rebooting the device. For this, press the CLEAN button down for 10 seconds. Release it when all the indicator lights will float. The device will then restart. It will not save schedules and other settings, so you have to reorder them.

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