Samsung Smart TV Black Line on Screen – Fixing Guide

The thick black line on the Samsung TV screen is primarily caused by problems with the TV’s mainboard, integrated circuits, bottom buffer board, processing board, screen, and TV panel’s connection. Your TV screens may display the thick black line in a variety of ways, including vertical or horizontal lines, single or multiple lines, etc.

Therefore, we did extensive study for this post and identified all the key causes of these problems. In addition, we provided detailed step-by-step instructions for fixing each issue.

You will surely learn how to resolve the issues with your Samsung Smart TV Black Line on Screen by reading this post.

Why Is There A Thin Black Line On My TV Screen?

  • TV’s Main Board Failure
  • Faulty Integrated Circuit
  • Screen Malfunction
  • Defective Bottom Buffer Board
  • Poor Connection between the TV Panel and Processing Board

Fix Samsung Smart TV Black Line on Screen

TV’s Main Board Failure

Samsung Smart TV Black Line on Screen

One of the main causes of the black line on the left side of the Samsung TV is the failing mainboard. The TV receives its electricity from the mainboard.

Thus, a single vertical line on the TV screen could appear if there is a problem with the power board. The following are the key causes:

  1. Electrolytic capacitors on the power supply board failed.
  2. The board’s internal joints are dry.
  3. Unsecure connection
  4. the faulty mainboard in question
  5. voltage swings, electrical jolts, or spikes
  6. Dust and particles build as the board moves.
  7. The board’s swollen, distorted, or burned areas

How to Fix TV’s Main Board Failure

The key to solving this problem is to fix the broken power board. But first, take off the TV’s backset and inspect the primary panel to determine if it’s the real problem. Other methods of repair include:

  • The electrolytic capacitors on the power supply board of your TV should be replaced.
  • Check for dry joints and tighten any slack joints.
  • Swap out the damaged main board.
  • Make sure the circuit board is fixed and that there are no voltage fluctuations in your home’s energy.
  • Clean the board properly of all dust, filth, and debris.
  • Replace the charred board after looking for any bent or scorched areas.

Poor Bottom Buffer Board

Samsung Smart TV Black Line on Screen

Ribbon cables go across the bottom of the thin board of your TV. And the bottom panel is where the wires are attached.

Due to a malfunctioning bottom panel or buffer board, you may currently notice a thick black horizontal line on the Samsung TV screen. Its root causes are:

  • Ribbon cables that have been misplaced
  • Corroded or damaged ribbon cables
  • Damage to the bottom buffer board

How to Fix Poor Bottom Buffer Board

  • Reposition or properly install the ribbon cables.
  • Replace the ribbon cables that are rusted or damaged.
  • To replace the outdated buffer board, get a new one.
  • Take assistance from a professional if disassembling the buffer board makes you uneasy.

Faulty Integrated Circuit

Faulty Integrated Circuit 1

IC is a tiny silicon or semi-conductor chip, yet it is one of the most crucial components of the television. Its failure has the following things to answer for:

  • IC exposed to excessive voltage and current levels as a result of electrical stress
  • Faulty power supplies
  • Wrong positioning of IC
  • TV internal overheating Manufacturing faults

How to Fix Faulty Integrated Circuit

  • Replace the defective board to address the electrical overstress issue. Check the power supply board or circuit board.
  • Replace any ICs that are physically faulty or have manufacturing flaws.
  • Ensure the ICs are positioned correctly on the TV’s mainboard.
  • Make sure there are no electrical surges or high voltages that could cause your TV to overheat.

Screen Malfunction

This problem with the thin black lines on your TV screen is the result of screen damage. Its primary contributing factors are:

  • A poor signal is reaching the screen.
  • Faulty connections between the cable box and the TV as well as between the electrical outlet and the cable box
  • Screen input that is incorrect
  • The TV screen is impacted by power spikes.
  • Components of a damaged screen
  • Faulty main circuit board or power supply board
  • Broken or chipped screen

How to Fix Screen Malfunction

  • Ensure a tight and sufficient connection between the electrical outlet and the cable box, as well as between the cable box and the TV, to ensure your Samsung TV screen is receiving the right signal.
  • Verify that the appropriate input is being sent to your TV and that the screen’s settings are appropriate.
  • Check your home’s voltage stability and the power surge problem.
  • Replace or fix the faulty circuit board.
  • Change the cracked or shattered screen.

Poor Connection

By going to the TV screen, the flat ribbon wires link the processing board and panel. You will therefore notice the vertical line on the TV screen if there is a connectivity problem. Leading contributors to this include:

  • Flat ribbon cables don’t function properly.
  • Ribbon connector that’s loose
  • the board’s electrodes have been damaged
  • Ribbon connection drivers that are corroded or damaged
  • The screen is not receiving enough power from Power board.
  • faulty LCD displays

How to Fix Poor Connection

To make sure the TV panel and processing board are connected properly, remove the TV’s back. Check the flat ribbons that connect these two after that. Other methods of repair include:

  • The flat-ribbon cables should be taken out and then put back in.
  • The ribbon connector, tighten it
  • Replace the board’s corroded ribbon connection drivers and damaged electrodes.
  • Ensure that the central processor unit is providing sufficient power to your Samsung TV screen.
  • Replace the damaged LCD panels after inspecting them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What causes a black line on a Samsung Smart TV screen?

Several things, including a bad cable connection, a cracked screen, or a hardware problem, can be the root of this problem.

How can I fix a black line on my Samsung Smart TV screen?

You can attempt to update the firmware, reset the TV, and check and tighten the cable connections. It might be required to get the TV serviced if these methods don’t address the problem.

Is it covered by warranty?

Depending on the model and the date of purchase, the warranty coverage for a black line on a Samsung Smart TV screen may change. It’s recommended to refer to the TV’s warranty information or get in touch with Samsung support.

Can a black line on the screen be repaired?

A black line on a Samsung Smart TV screen may occasionally be able to be fixed. In some circumstances, though, the harm can be too great, necessitating the purchase of a new TV.

Is it a common issue with Samsung Smart TVs?

Black lines on Samsung Smart TV screens are not a common issue, but they can occur due to various reasons.

Can a black line on the screen affect the performance of the TV?

It is true that a black line on a Samsung Smart TV screen might impair the TV’s functionality and the watching experience.

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