What Causes Horizontal Lines on TV Screen? Complete Guide

It’s never pleasant to see unexpected horizontal lines emerge on your TV screen because TVs may be pricey investments. Despite appearing somewhat frightful, this problem isn’t insurmountable; you can resolve these horizontal lines, vertical lines, think black lines on your TV screen at home using a few straightforward techniques. But here we only discussed in detail what the main reasons behind these issues are.

What Causes Horizontal Lines on TV Screen?

What Causes Horizontal Lines on TV Screen

Dust Accumulation

It’s harmful if dust gathers within your TV. Even though TVs are designed to withstand a certain level of dirt accumulation, cleaning is still necessary. TV ports may become clogged with dirt and debris and stop working correctly.

In the long term, this keeps your TV from overheating and malfunctioning. This is because your TV can light up thanks to the backlighting components. These vital strips may come off as a result of overheating, resulting in horizontal lines that interfere with your sight.


Ageing is the most evident factor. Unfortunately, every piece of technology has an expiration date. While some TVs last longer than others, it’s only occasionally predictable when your TV might start to malfunction.

Some people can only extend the life of their TV the maximum number of years via their cleaning and maintenance prowess and occasionally, just plain luck.

Wiring & Cables

Always make sure your TV ports are snug with cables and circuitry. If they are frayed or loose, the connection between your device and its power outlet is unstable. Its displays always have issues due to bad connectivity. Your TV’s video quality progressively declining is one of the first indications of faulty wiring.

Incorrect video settings

If you select the ideal picture quality settings for your TV, it might operate more effectively. When your TV doesn’t support 4K, choosing that setting can be one of the incorrect selections. Consult your TV’s handbook to select the proper settings, as the TV may draw horizontal lines to match your choices if the image size is too large or too tiny.

Physical Damage

You might see the dreaded horizontal lines if your TV screen has evident damage, such scratches or a shattered screen. Heat can also result in physical harm; it’s not just the TV screen that can be broken.

Your TV screen will malfunction if it is situated next to a heat source, such as a fireplace, heater, or radiator. This is so because electronics can shut down owing to internal component damage because they are sensitive to heat.

Faulty files

It’s possible that you’re using corrupted software or programs. This directly results in a display flaw caused by the corrupted file, such as the appearance of horizontal lines. For instance, if your TV suddenly starts and stops, displays screen glitches, and unintentionally turns off applications, you need to locate the faulty file right away.

Frequently Asked Questions:               

How can I fix horizontal lines on my TV screen?

The solution is based on what is causing the horizontal lines. Checking the cable connections, rebooting the TV, or reverting it to factory settings are all possible solutions to the issue. If the issue continues, expert repair may be necessary.

Is it possible to remove horizontal lines on a TV screen?

Yes, it is possible to remove horizontal lines on a TV screen by repairing the underlying cause of the problem.

What should I do if the horizontal lines on my TV screen won’t go away?

It is advised to seek professional repair services if the horizontal lines on your TV screen continue because they could be a hardware issue that needs specialist skills to resolve.

Can software updates fix horizontal lines on a TV screen?

Horizontal lines on a TV screen may sometimes be eliminated by software updates. The root of the issue will determine how to proceed, though.

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