Vertical Line on TV Screen Samsung – Solutions

You’ve seen vertical lines on your Samsung TV and are now trying to figure out a solution. With LCD TVs, vertical lines are a common issue. When their TV develops vertical lines, the majority of people resort to throwing it away, but you can often resolve the problem yourself.

You can be seeing very clear lines or something more subdued, like a pale grey. The vertical lines are typically brought on by a hardware problem. Fortunately, I’ve found a few tried-and-true solutions for Samsung TV vertical lines.

Prior to trying each of these repairs, don’t discard your television. We’ll start with the simplest repairs and work our way up to more complex ones.

What Causes Vertical Lines on TV Screen Samsung?

Vertical lines on a Samsung LED TV are often caused by either a poor connection or a processing issue. Using the below troubleshooting procedures, you can probably resolve the issue yourself if it is a faulty connection.

A specialist will need to examine and fix your television if the issue is a processing one, in which case you might have a defective processing board, scalar PCB, T-Con, or Cof-IC.

Ghosting could also be brought on by faulty or incompatible connections. However, it’s also likely that you have antennae problems or, like with vertical lines that a faulty TV component needs to be repaired.

However, a thorough topic on causes other than the ones mentioned above could also be related to this issue. Before replacing or starting the repair process, I would advise you to read the topic and determine the precise cause, as well as the likelihood that it can be fixed if you apply all the solutions listed below and the issue persists.

How do I fix Vertical Line on TV Screen Samsung?

The first thing you should do if you notice vertical lines or ghosting on your Samsung TV is to take note of what you’re seeing. You can identify the issue by looking at the type of abnormality you are seeing. These probable problems are listed along with their most likely associated fixes:

  • Wavy or moving lines: Lines that are wavy or shifting can be an indication that your connection is unstable.
  • Straight or fixed lines: Lines that are stationary or straight may be an indication that there is a problem with the television’s internal operation.
  • The photos are stacked on top of one another: Ghosting, or when several images stack on top of one another, like in a double exposure image, could indicate a weak connection or malfunctioning internal components.
  • Vertical lines: Vertical lines are typically a sign of a poor connection, and reseating your wires may be able to solve the issue.

Power Cycle the TV

restart samsung 1

After unplugging your Samsung TV from the outlet, wait 60 seconds before plugging it back in.

The most important thing is to wait the FULL 60 seconds. Before plugging it back in, be a little patient and wait until it has been at least a minute.

Locate and hold your Samsung TV’s power button for 30 seconds while it’s unplugged. Verify that you are pressing the TV’s power button and not the remote control.

This will enable the TV to soft reset itself and assist drain any remaining power in the device. This is not the same as just turning the remote on and off!

A simple approach to update a TV’s operating system is to power cycle it.

It is simple to update a TV’s operating system to remove any software issues that may be the cause of the vertical lines by power cycling the device.

Disconnect and Reconnect All Your Cables

Vertical Line on TV Screen Samsung - Solutions

A bad or corroded connection is one of the most typical reasons lines appear on your TV screen. Extreme temperature swings or locations with high humidity levels can also lead to corrosion. Try unplugging every cable from your TV and then reconnecting it.

Tapping on the Back of the TV

If the lines still appear on your TV after everything has been attached, try tapping on the TV’s back. You probably have a problem with the internal connection if you identify a point where you tap and the lines disappear. The tapping will make the issue go away for a while, but it will probably come back.

You have two choices in this situation:

  1. You might try removing your TV’s back and reseating the internal connections. However, keep in mind that if your TV is still covered by warranty, doing this will probably invalidate it and Samsung won’t assist you in fixing the issue.
  2. The alternative is to ask Samsung for a fix. On the Samsung website, you must enter information about your TV.

Clean With Compressed Air after Removing the Back Panel

NOTE: The Samsung TV’s back panel must be removed for the following solutions. I suggest contacting Samsung for guidance if you’re not confident performing hardware repairs yourself (see below for contact info). A new TV’s warranty will be voided if the back panel is removed, thus I also do not advise doing so.

The pins on the T-CON ribbon cables do not fully contact the connectors, which is one of the main causes of vertical lines on a Samsung TV. The pins could have been obstructed by tiny dust and particles that found their way into the crevices.

Clean all of the exposed electronics after removing the back panel. For confined spaces, you can use compressed air.

A lot of dust and dirt are typically present within old TVs, which can lead to a variety of problems. To remove the dust, use a brush with delicate bristles.

Make sure to clean the capacitors of all dust as well!

A Picture Test

If the problem is persistent, a picture test can be helpful. This test can examine your internal connections and components and identify the type of issue you’re having, enabling you to decide whether to check your connections, update your firmware, or schedule a service appointment.

Press the Menu button on the remote control after turning on your Samsung TV.

Select Picture Test under Support > Self Diagnosis.

Your Samsung TV Needs a Firmware Update

Vertical Line on TV Screen Samsung - Solutions

Your TV’s screen may have lines if your firmware is out of date, among other problems. Update your television, then recheck the image.

Talk With Samsung Support

If you are still unable to remove the vertical lines from your Samsung TV, you should get in touch with Samsung to find out if your TV is still covered by warranty and where you can have it fixed. This is because the issue is probably due to a faulty internal component that has to be replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions:        

What causes a vertical line on a Samsung TV screen?

A vertical line on a Samsung TV screen can be caused by several factors, such as a malfunctioning cable, a damaged screen, or hardware failure.

How can I fix a vertical line on my Samsung TV screen?

To fix a vertical line on a Samsung TV screen, try resetting the TV, checking and tightening cable connections, and updating the software. If these steps don’t resolve the issue, you may need to have the TV serviced.

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