How to Jailbreak Samsung Smart TV – Unlock Apps

The highest streaming quality is available with Samsung Smart models, providing you with a first-rate experience. Because of the unbeatable brightness and colors on your Samsung Smart TV, you can never get enough of what you are watching. All of your favorite channels from a variety of genres, including movies, sports, news, and more, are available on the Samsung Smart Hub. However, you must jailbreak your Samsung Smart TV in order to add more apps.

What Does Jail Breaking Mean?

To install software other than what the device’s maker has made accessible for the device, jailbreaking is the practice of exploiting the weaknesses of a locked-down electronic device.

By “jailbreaking” an iOS device, a user can acquire unlimited access to the system’s kernel and make full use of the device’s capabilities. The term “jailbreak” refers to the process of removing artificial barriers that some users may feel to be holding them back, hence the name.

By “unlocking” (also known as “jailbreaking” or “rooting“) a Smart TV’s OS, users get the freedom to install any software they desire, delete unused pre-installs, upgrade to newer firmware versions, and modify the device in any way they see fit.

What Is The Purpose Of TV Jailbreaking?

How to Jailbreak Samsung Smart TV - Unlock Apps

A smart TV can be “jailbroken” by modifying its settings to make room for additional apps.

To “jailbreak” a smart TV means to alter its software, allowing you to add new functions and programs, as well as personalize its settings to your taste. A jailbroken Amazon Firestick or Apple TV, for instance, would unlock access to additional apps and media services not available through the official channels.

  • You can get full access to the features of your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Also, you can get more apps and features on your Samsung TV.
  • You can get a web browser on your Samsung TV.

Can You Jailbreak a Samsung Smart TV

Jailbreaking your Samsung TV will allow you to access more apps and functions. Since Tizen OS is Samsung’s own operating system, jailbreaking your Samsung TV requires its own set of tools and procedures.

  • ARM processor and firmware <=1018.0.
  • Samsung Development Kit (SDK),
  • GIT (open-sourced version control system),
  • Software tools to complete the development task, and
  • Xbox Media Center.

With this, you can jailbreak any model of Samsung TVs like Series 5, 6, 7, and more.

Understanding the Risks and Consequences of Jailbreaking A Samsung Smart TV

Voiding the Warranty

Yes, jailbreaking a Samsung Smart TV will void the warranty. This means that if you experience any issues or problems with the TV after jailbreaking it, Samsung will not provide any warranty coverage or support. Additionally, jailbreaking the TV can compromise its security and stability, which can lead to performance issues or even damage to the TV. It is generally recommended to use the apps and features provided by Samsung through their official app store and not void the warranty.

Compromising the Security and Stability of the TV

Jailbreaking a Samsung Smart TV can compromise the security and stability of the TV. When you jailbreak a device, you are essentially bypassing the built-in security measures and limitations put in place by the manufacturer. This can leave the device more vulnerable to malware, hacking, and other security risks.

Additionally, jailbreaking can cause instability issues on the TV, such as crashing, freezing, or other performance problems. These issues may be difficult or impossible to fix without reverting the TV back to its original firmware, which can be time-consuming and may result in the loss of personal data.

It is always recommended to use the apps and features provided by Samsung through their official app store and not jailbreak the TV in order to maintain the security and stability of the TV.

Potential Exposure to Unsafe Apps and Software

When you jailbreak a device, you are essentially bypassing the built-in security measures and limitations put in place by the manufacturer. This means that you can download and install apps and software from unofficial sources, which may not have been vetted or verified for safety or security.

These apps and software may contain malware, viruses, or other malicious code that can harm your TV or steal your personal information. Additionally, these apps and software may not have been designed to work with the TV’s hardware and software, which can cause performance issues or even damage to the TV.

So jailbreaking a Samsung Smart TV increases the risk of downloading apps and software that may not be safe to use and can harm your TV or steal your personal information.

How to Jailbreak Samsung Smart TV?

Perform a Firmware Verification

Because the process of jailbreaking your Samsung TV can be complicated, you’ll want to make sure you have a few things in order before you begin.

  • ARM Processor: Samsung Smart TVs use different types of processors, and in order to jailbreak the TV, it must have an ARM processor. ARM processors are known for their low power consumption and are commonly used in mobile devices and embedded systems. To ensure that your TV is compatible with the jailbreaking process, you will need to verify that it is powered by an ARM processor.
  • Firmware version: The firmware is the software that controls the TV’s basic functions and features. In order to jailbreak your Samsung Smart TV, the firmware version must be less than 1018.0. This means that if your TV’s firmware version is higher than this, you will not be able to jailbreak it. You can check the firmware version of your TV by going to the settings menu.
  • SDK from Samsung: A software development kit (SDK) is a set of tools and resources that developers can use to create software for a specific platform. In this case, the SDK is from Samsung and it is necessary for the jailbreak process to work correctly. The SDK will allow you to access the TV’s internal functions and features, which are needed for jailbreaking.
  • GIT: GIT is a version control system that allows developers to track changes made to their code. It is used to keep a record of all the changes made to the TV’s firmware during the jailbreak process. This helps to ensure that the process is completed correctly and any issues can be easily identified and resolved.
  • Toolchain: A toolchain is a collection of software tools that are used together to complete a specific development task. For jailbreaking a Samsung Smart TV, the toolchain is necessary for compiling the jailbreak code and installing it on the TV.
  • XBMC: XBMC is a media player software that was originally developed for the Xbox video game console. It can be used to play and stream a wide variety of media formats on a jailbroken Samsung Smart TV.

Steps of Jailbreak Samsung Smart TV

  1. Using the Samsung TV remote, go to the TV’s Settings menu.
  2. Next, enter the required PIN code in the setup area after selecting the setup options from the main menu.
  3. On the following screen, select the language you want and then the country you are now located in.
  4. You should now see the Auto Tuning option in your menu. Select Digital under Channel type to continue with Auto Tuning.
  5. Then, when you’re done fine-tuning, go to the Next menu and choose the NO option.
  6. Select the Aerial option under “Internet Service Location
  7. The next step is to enter the Pass Code.
  8. To begin the update, go to the Help menu, then select the Update Now option. Possible delays in access while the upgrade completes.
  9. To confirm, select the Yes button.

Now that you’ve made your adjustments, power on your Samsung TV.

You are no longer limited in your use of the Samsung television.

Here is the brief Overview of the above Jailbreak Smart TV steps:

Enter the Pin

Turn on your Smart TV and navigate to the “Settings” menu on the accompanying remote control before selecting “Setup Options.” You’ll be asked for a personal identification number (PIN) shortly. In most cases, a default PIN can be found with a quick internet search. The code “0000” should be tried first.

The Time Has Come for the Required Procedures

The TV will then prompt you to choose your preferred language. After entering a valid PIN, the appropriate language could load by default. When this happens, you’ll be asked what country you now call home.

With the introductions out of the way, you can get down to work.

Please Read the First Instruction

Select “Channel Type,” then “Digital,” at the “Auto Tuning” prompt that appears next.

You may relax as your TV adjusts itself during the Auto Tuning procedure. When Auto Tuning is done, go to the “Next” button. To cancel the Auto-Tune process and move on to the next phase, just click “No” when offered to run it again.

Type in Your Password Here

We need to know where you get your “Internet Service” from now on. You’re going to look for and pick the one you want. To continue, click “Aerial Option” and then “Next.” At that point, you’ll be prompted to enter a passcode before we proceed to the next and final stage.

Make Sure Your TV Is Up To Date

The final action is to select “Update Now,” and then wait. When the TV asks if it can turn off when an update is complete, say yes. Your brand-new Samsung Smart TV will automatically reboot and apply the latest software upgrades whenever you do.

If you aren’t given the option to turn off the TV, then something went wrong.

Is it legal to jailbreak?

While technically not illegal, the regulations surrounding jailbreaking vary widely from country to country and can be unclear or even contradictory. If you purchase an app from the app store and then jailbreak or root your phone to install it, you are not breaking the law.

To prevent the infringement of intellectual property rights, the United States passed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Section 1201 makes it illegal to remove digital locks on protected items such as software. The exemption list is reviewed and expanded by Congress every few years.

As of 2010, jailbreaking may be possible on smartwatches and tablets. The list of exempted devices is regularly updated to include newer devices. But norms around the world don’t always align. The legal landscape around jailbreaking is confusing because of the lack of prior judicial precedents in many jurisdictions.

Although Apple does not approve of jailbreaking, the company has never threatened jailbreakers. Apple has acknowledged the contributions of jailbreakers in finding security holes.

If your phone breaks after jailbreaking it, you have no recourse because the warranty has been voided. Threats to your security will be discussed in greater detail below.

Alternatives to Jailbreaking A Samsung Smart TV

Using A Streaming Device or Media Player to Access Content

A streaming device or media player can connect to the TV via HDMI and provide access to a wide variety of streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more. Some popular streaming devices include:

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick: This streaming device allows you to access a wide variety of streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and more.
  • Chromecast: Chromecast is a streaming device developed by Google. It allows you to stream content from your phone, tablet, or computer to your TV.
  • Roku: Roku is another popular streaming device that allows you to access a wide variety of streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more.
  • Apple TV: Apple TV is a streaming device that allows you to access a wide variety of streaming services, including Apple TV+, Netflix, Hulu, and more.

Using A VPN To Access Blocked Content

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is another alternative to jailbreaking a Samsung Smart TV to access blocked content. A VPN allows you to connect to a server in a different location, which can make it appear as though you are in that location. This can allow you to access content that is restricted in your location.

To use a VPN on a Samsung Smart TV, you can either set up the VPN on your router and connect the TV to the router, or use a VPN-enabled streaming device such as Amazon Fire TV Stick or Nvidia Shield TV, and connect the streaming device to the TV.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to jailbreak Samsung Smart TV Series 6 and 7?

As I mentioned earlier you can jail any model of Samsung including the 6 and 7 series using the above method of jailbreak, under the section (How to Jailbreak Samsung Smart TV).

Is jailbreaking a Samsung Smart TV legal?

Jailbreaking a Samsung Smart TV is not illegal, but it does void the warranty and can compromise the security and stability of the TV. Additionally, using a jailbroken TV to access copyrighted content is illegal in many countries.

Can I jailbreak any Samsung Smart TV model?

The process of jailbreaking a Samsung Smart TV can vary depending on the model and firmware version. It is recommended to check the firmware version and the processor of your TV before attempting to jailbreak it.

How to get into Samsung TV hacks secret menu?

Different Samsung TV models have different service menu codes. Here are several possible codes you can test until you find one that functions.

  1. With the TV on, hit the following combination: Mute + 1 + 1 + 9 + Enter (this is the button directly in the middle of the left/right/down/up arrows; it may also be labeled OK or Select).
  2. Turn off the TV in, then press: Summary + Customizations + Volume + Power
  3. Then, turn the TV off and enter: Mute + 1 + 1 + 9 + Power
  4. Turn off the TV and enter these codes: Mute + 1 + 8 + 2 + Power
  5. Shut off the TV and follow these steps: Sleep + P.STD + Mute + Power
  6. To restart the TV, hit P.STD + Menu + Sleep + Power after turning it off.
  7. Turn off the TV and enter the following code: Display/Info + P.STD + Mute + Power
  8. Turn off the TV, and then press: Display/Info + Menu + Mute + Power

If you have time, let us know in the comments which TV code actually worked.

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