What Is Samsung Magician Software?

Samsung Magician Software is a utility suite for supported Samsung SSD devices on Windows 7 and up. With this software. users can quickly optimize SSD performance using its intuitive interface design. You can monitor drive health and customize your SSD easily using this official tool.

This software is available for free on Samsung’s website here. Note that the software only supports Samsung SSD devices. An internet connection is not required to use the software, however, you can receive new updates while connected to the internet. Simply download and install the software and start with the guided wizard.

What Is Samsung Magician Software

How to Make Full Use of Samsung Magician Software

There are many features on the Samsung SSD tool that can be used to manage your drive. Apart from SSD diagnosis and optimization, Magician also supports data wiping and restoring the drive to factory settings. The main functions of the software are as follows:

1. Drive Management

You can manage drive usage to maximize performance by various means, the software can configure various settings automatically without any user input required.

– Performance Benchmark

Perform random read/write checks on your SSD to compare drive performance with previous tests.

– Diagnostic Scan

Scan your drive to identify and fix any potential problems.

– Over-Provisioning

Automatic partition resizing ensures that your SSD has enough space to perform routine maintenance such as TRIM and garbage collection.

– Performance Optimization

With RAPID Mode, your SSD will be able to perform more efficiently by removing processing bottlenecks

2. Data Management

While incapable of backing up data, you can use this utility to wipe sensitive data from your drive, revert a drive to factory settings, or encrypt important data to protect it from attacks, etc.

– Secure Erase

Delete sensitive data from your drive without affecting the SSD’s functionality. This feature can be done from a Bootable USB to fully wipe the drive clean.

– PSID Revert

Using the PSID password printed on the drive label, you can fully reset the drive back to factory settings. This fully wipes the drive and should only be used if all other recovery options cannot help.

– Encrypted Drive

You can enable drive encryption to protect sensitive data on your device. Magician tool will help you with the steps in setting up the encryption. This feature requires BitLocker Drive Encryption and may not be available for all versions of Windows

3. Drive Information

– Drive Health & TBW Check

Get an instant diagnosis of your drive to identify problems affecting performance. You can view Total Bytes Written to assess the drive’s health.

– SSD Authenticity

Verify the drive’s authenticity to ensure that you are getting the performance and reliability of a genuine Samsung SSD.

– S.M.A.R.T. Check

Check S.M.A.R.T. to inspect your SSD and detect possible drive failure before it happens.

Can Samsung Magician Software Back up Files or Migrate OS?

While Samsung Magician Software is excellent at performing various diagnosis and optimization tasks including data wipe, it’s incapable of backing up files on your SSD or OS migration. For users looking for an easy to use tool for data backup and SSD cloning software, we recommend EaseUS Todo Backup for your everyday use. This affordable tool allows both beginners and advanced users to quickly perform data backups with a few clicks.

Pick A More Comprehensive Samsung Magician Software Alternative


easeus todo backup1 1


EaseUS Todo Backup is a data backup suite for Windows operating systems. Users can easily manage their important data to ensure that all files are backed up as needed. This software supports many useful features such as:

Automatic backup

You can set a schedule for EaseUS Todo Backup to automatically perform a backup of the selected files. Old backups can also be deleted automatically to save storage space.

System backup

Create a backup of the Windows operating system along with user settings. With the bootable backup, you can quickly restore the system to its previous state when it crashes.

Apart from its powerful features, users of EaseUS Products will also have access to 24/7 technical support. EaseUS specialists will assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about data backups or other operations. Remote assistance is also available for any problems you may encounter when performing data backups.


Samsung Magician Software is a utility suite for users of Samsung SSD devices. With this tool, you can optimize your drive’s performance easily using its powerful features. It can also scan the drive for any potential issues and fix them before the drive becomes unusable. If you want to wipe selected files or all data on the drive, you can also perform the operation with this software. However, for users that are looking for a data backup tool, different software is needed.

We recommend that you use EaseUS Todo Backup, a simple and affordable backup software suitable for all levels of computer users. This Windows software allows you to easily set up automatic backup schedules to ensure that all your important files are safely backed up at all times.

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