How to Connect Amazon Echo Speakers and the Echo Sub to a Fire TV for Home Theatre.

The Amazon Echo series includes some of the greatest smart speakers available, but they aren’t confined to functioning alone. You can not only couple two of them in a stereo pair, add an Echo Sub, or build up multi-room configurations, but you can also power a home cinema experience.

Amazon, like Apple with the Apple TV and HomePod speakers, offers a system that lets you wirelessly connect a Fire TV device to an Echo, a pair of Echos, or even an Echo Sub if you have one.

Even the cheapest Fire TV Stick with a handful of Echo Dots may provide a better audio experience than your TV speakers alone. Here’s how to get started.

How to Connect Amazon Echo Speakers to a Fire TV

How to Connect Amazon Echo Speakers and the Echo Sub to a Fire TV for Home Theatre

There are a few prerequisites that must be met initially. To begin, make sure your devices are running the most recent software. You must also confirm that they are both connected to the same wireless network.

Once you’re satisfied, take out your phone and launch the Alexa app by following these instructions.

fire tv home cinema setup
  1. Open Devices.
  2. Select + in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Select Combine Speakers.
  4. Select Home Theater.
  5. Select your Fire TV device.
  6. Select up to two Echo devices to use as speakers, along with an Echo Sub if you have one.
  7. Select left and right speakers Name the group and assign it to a room. The speaker group should be in the same room as your Fire TV.
  8. Follow the directions on your TV to finish the process.
  9. When prompted if you don’t already have a stereo pair created.

Once finished, you may go right into the Fire TV’s settings to fine-tune the audio. If you want to play games on your Fire TV, there is a special gaming mode that you should enable since it will transmit the audio back to your TV speakers for lower latency. You will also be able to see a demo clip to ensure that everything is operating properly.

How to Connect Amazon Echo Speakers and the Echo Sub to a Fire TV for Home Theatre

If your audio is out of sync with the video, you may correct it in the same options menu.

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This is a really easy method and one of the most cost-effective ways to give your TV audio a boost. With Prime Day approaching, you’ll be able to get a Fire TV Stick and two Echo Dots for the same price as a single Apple HomePod.

And the best part is that the method is the same regardless of whatever Echo speakers you use. If you want to go all out, picking up an Echo Sub and a pair of Echo Studios will provide something truly unique.

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