Your New Samsung Smart TV Will Soon Act As a Microphone for Google Assistant

The business announced that Google Assistant is now available on newer Samsung smart TVs in the US. Samsung 2020 smart TV models, including the 2020 8 K and 4 K QLED models, the 2020 Crystal UHD TVs, 2020 Frame and Serif sets, and 2020 Sero and Terrace models, will be available with the AI helper. According to Google, the update will first be available in the US and will roll out to more countries soon.

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The Assistant will be triggered by clicking the remote control microphone on the TV, and users will be able to switch channels, open applications, and change the TV volume with voice commands. Voice command settings were also available for the TVs that could be operated manually with the mic, but you’ll have to tell it that you want to use Google Assistant rather than the regular Bixby assistant from Samsung.

And other smart home gadgets you have connected to Google Assistant may also be managed. After downloading the OTA update, users can go to Settings > General > Voice > Voice Assistant to activate the Assistant on their Samsung TV.

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There were hints that Samsung was considering more uses for Google Assistant, with reports over the summer that the companies were negotiating to feature Assistant more prominently on Samsung devices.Follow on for more…GOOGLE BLOG POST

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