Samsung Will Facilitate You in Converting an Old Galaxy Phone into a Smart Home Sensor

Samsung also released a beta programme to help with the repurposing of many older Galaxy phones. Certain phones can be updated to make them into smart home sensors with a variety of useful features.

When it gets quiet, it can hear the sound of a crying infant and switching on a light. Although the service is limited to products released in 2018 or later, it is a good, affordable offering that could help people get a bit more use out of their old smartphones.

Announced at CES earlier this year, the company is launching the program in the US, UK, and Korea starting today. By downloading a software update through the SmartThings app, users can access two basic functions. 

The first is an audio sensor that senses sounds such as a crying infant, a barking or meowing cat, or a knock at the door. When it finds one of these, it gives you a warning with a sound recording to your phone.


The other function is a light level sensor that can turn on a connected light automatically when brightness levels in a room fall below a certain threshold.

Samsung claims that the upgrade involves battery enhancement that will enable the phone to stay powered and act as a sensor for longer periods of time, but the company does not clarify how long it will last between charges.

Galaxy S, Note, and Z-series phones launched from 2018 onward are eligible, provided they’re running Android 9 or later. Samsung says more devices will be supported in the future

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