Schlage Lock Blinks Red Won’t Open – Reasons – Solutions

Although Schlage locks are excellent security products for both residential and business usage, they occasionally experience a problem that causes Schlage lock blinks red won’t open. Finding a remedy begins with determining what is causing this.

Two Types of blinking Red light occur in the event of problem, we have to first understand what those two different Red light are:

1-   Red Blinking light followed by green light:

This type of red blinking light followed by green light and then the door open indicate that the battery required replacement soon.

So definitely this topic is not about this red blinking light we are here to address the issue of blinking light and the door won’t open. Go to next blinking red light.

2-   Steady Blinking Red Light

If there is a constant blinking red light and door failed to open means there is a problem with the battery, keypad are not working, wrong user code or error programming.

Now you clearly understand what might be the issues of Schlage lock blinking red and won’t open, don’t go anywhere, let’s dig into more detail of how to fix these issues and get back your Schlage lock operational.

Here Is the Possible Fixes of Schlage Lock Blinks Red Won’t Open (Steady Blinking Red Light)

Schlage Battery Seems To Be Dead

Your Schlage keypad lock is glowing red rapidly even though you have not touched the keypad, which indicates that a crucial battery needs to be replaced right away.

To replace the batteries of a Schlage deadbolt lock, you have to:

  1. Remove the screws of the cover then release the battery tray
  2. Remove the AA batteries and the 9V battery
  3. Detach the connector from the old 9-volt battery
  4. Put in the new batteries and reassemble the lock

For a lever lock, you only need to:

  1. Remove the cover of the lock and the battery cover
  2. Replace the old AA batteries with new ones
  3. Put back the battery cover and the cover of the lock

Incorrect User Code

After entering your user code, if you see a blinking red light on the Schlage lock, you probably input the erroneous user code. Until the light goes green, try again to enter your code.

If you are unable to create a new user code, you can also see a red signal. This can mean that you’ve already used up all of the user codes that are possible. Remove one current user code and then add a new one to troubleshoot.

Another possibility is that the initial code you typed did not correspond to the second code. If so, make an effort to correctly enter the code. Another possibility is that you typed a user code that is either already in use or includes digits that are similar to those in your program code. Distinct user code, please.

Schlage lock red light blinking can also happen when deleting existing user codes, in addition to when entering new user codes. When the first and second codes you entered are different, this can occur. Be sure to use the same codes each time.

Error in Programming

A red blinking LED indicates a programming mistake. The programming code you enter is identical to your user code, which is one of the causes of programming errors. You can remove the user code or substitute another programming code.

Additionally, you might have failed to program the lock because the initial code you supplied did not exactly match the second code. Enter the first and second codes, making sure they are identical, to solve this.

Keypad not working

The keypad is no longer functional at this point, therefore you must use a key to open the door. Usually, this is where we place the blame on the customer. You might have taken notice of the warning signals!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Schlage lock blinks red after battery change?

Most of the time incorrect installation of batteries are the main cause of this reason, however you can consider other reasons as well by read this full guide.

What happens if Schlage battery dies?

You can jump start the battery in an emergency if you need to unlock the door and the battery is dead.

To do an emergency jump start, follow to these guidelines.

  • Connect a fresh, high-quality 9-volt alkaline battery to the connections underneath the touchscreen, then wait for the prolonged beep. As you unlock the door, keep the battery attached to the contact points.
  • Enter your user code, then turn the thumb turn in the direction of the hinges.
  • Substitute a fresh 9V battery for the dead one.


  • Connect the connections of a fresh, high-quality 9-volt alkaline battery to the bolt throw.
  • Wait for one red light, three green lights, and three beeps.
  • Display an authentic Identification.
  • Turn the bolt away from the edge of the door.
  • Put fresh batteries in.

How Do I Lock The Deadbolt On The Interior Side Of The Door?

To lock and open the door from the inside, just turn the thumbturn.

Why is my Schlage lock blinking red before green?

This is an indication of battery replacement required.

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