Ecobee Thermostat Not Responding to Touch – Thermostat Issue Fixed

You’re unable to fix the problem with the Ecobee touch screen. Stop worrying because we are going to provide you the best working solutions for your Ecobee thermostat not responding to touch screen in this guide.

The most common reason for an unresponsive Ecobee touch screen is a blown fuse. Open the fuse box to see whether this is the issue. Replace the fuse with a fresh one if it has burned out. Other reasons cannot be ignore if the problem still there, Make sure your thermostat battery is fresh and charged and check to see if the heater and breaker switches are flipped. Next, check to see if any hardware is damaged and that all connections are connected. Last but not least, check the furnace and air filter.

Let’s find out more about the various causes of the problem first, and only then can we move on to finding a solution.

Why is the Ecobee Thermostat Not Responding to Touch?

It’s a good idea to first check to see if your thermostat is on, if the thermostat is simply not turning it on then you have to see other than this guide. or if your thermostat screen frozen then proceed the causes and solutions in this topic. 

Your thermostat can sometimes partially shut down following a power outage, leaving its touch-sensitive display inactive.

Here are a few scenarios in which the touch screen on your Ecobee thermostat could go inactive.

Ecobee Thermostat Blowing Fuse

Your furnace’s probable blown fuse could make it impossible for the thermostat and some of its capabilities to function.

A Wiring Fault

If the fuse is not the issue, a wiring mistake can be to blame. Verify the quality of each wire leading to the Ecobee to ensure correct connection.

Drain Problems

If the area where your air conditioner drains is clogged with dirt, it might have an effect on your thermostat as well.

Ecobee Not Correctly Inserted Onto Backplate

When the Ecobee display is not correctly installed in the backplate, for instance, things can occasionally go a little wacky. Thermostat wires frequently cause this by getting in the way.

Power Issues

Your Ecobee thermostat’s screen could become inactive for an unforeseen amount of time due to a power issue.

The Heater/Breaker Switch

Your thermostat may not function due to a flipped breaker or heater switch, in which case the display will be inactive.

Security Protocol                                                                      

A tripped float switch or high-limit temperature sensor will start the security protocol, which will turn off both the furnace and the thermostat.

The most common causes of a faulty thermostat display have been listed above, so let’s move on to the solutions.

Battery Failure

If your Ecobee touch screen is unresponsive or displays a low battery error message, you might need to replace the eccobee sensor battery.

A Software Error

If the touch screen on your Ecobee is still unresponsive, there may be a software flaw to blame. If your Ecobee has an update available, this can occur.

A Broken Display

Your display may not be functioning if your Ecobee’s touch screen is unresponsive. This may occur if your Ecobee is dropped or is struck by something.

How To Fix Ecobee Thermostat Not Responding To Touch?

Reset the Thermostat

How to fix it:

Resetting your Ecobee thermostat is the first and simplest step in the troubleshooting procedure.

This discharge cycle, sometimes referred to as a hard reset, will exhaust all residual electricity and allow your thermostat to cool.

To reset your Ecobee thermostat, follow these steps:

Take your thermostat off the wall and then turn the circuit breaker off.

  • Unplug the C wire, which should be red, as soon as the power has been restored.
  • Wait five minutes after unplugging your thermostat before using it again.
  • Connect the C wire to the corresponding slot once your thermostat begins to feel cold to the touch.
  • After the power cycle is over, use the power button to turn on your thermostat and check out the touch screen.

Reset the Circuit Breaker

How to fix it:

There is a more effective technique to reset your thermostat if a power cycle does not solve the problem.

You will reset your circuit breaker for this reason, which has a good possibility of fixing the touch screen.

For instructions on how to reset your circuit breaker, see below:

  • Open the circuit breaker box by going there.
  • Locate the switch that turns on the electricity in the room where your thermostat is.
  • Slowly turn the switch in 5 second intervals until it is in the “off” position.
  • After turning it off, wait another 15 seconds before flipping it back to the “on” position.
  • Your thermostat will restart after the circuit breaker is reset, at which point the touch screen should work properly.

Additionally, in order to entirely rule out power issues, we advise switching the thermostat’s wall outlet.

Reconnect the Wires

How to fix it:

Maybe the wiring in your thermostat is the problem. More particularly, the red “C” wire, which is responsible for supplying electricity to your thermostat.

Make sure that none of the wirings have harmed any hardware before we continue with the instructions.

To reconnect the wires on your thermostat, follow these instructions:

  • Off the wall, remove the thermostat.
  • The “C” wire is one of the three wires that should be present.
  • Reset the circuit breaker, then remove the “C” wire from the thermostat’s power slot.
  • Remove the other 2 wires from their corresponding slots afterward, and then wait for three minutes.
  • Plug the remaining wires after rolling the C wire again.

You can use the wiring diagram that comes with Ecobee to inspect the wire connections. You can always phone a specialist if you’re unclear about how to proceed. Additionally, you can view several how-to videos on YouTube.

Unresponsiveness is not the only problem with improper wiring, though. On the touch screen of the Ecobee, you could also notice the Contact Us message. This indicates that you substituted the W2 wire for the W1 wire.

The issue of extenders is another. If one is something you’re using and it’s not working, try taking it out and see if it fixes the issue. To ensure the device continues to function, however, if you must use the extender, make sure the wiring is as follows:

Untitled 1 25 1
Ecobee Wiring
  • The RC terminal should receive the R wire.
  • The C terminal should receive the G wire.
  • The W1 terminal is where the W wire is attached.
  • The PEK terminal should receive the Y wire.

Turn on your thermostat after you’re finished and check to see whether the screen is still frozen. Follow the next step if the screen is still not detecting your touches.

Incorrectly Inserting The Ecobee Into The Backplate

How to fix it:

Make sure the pins are fully placed into the backplate and give your cables a firm push back. You’re fine to go if everything appears to be in order and you still hear that pleasant click.

For the Ecobee to operate properly, this connection between the backplate and the device is necessary. Insecure systems may experience issues like a touch screen that is unresponsive.

The PEK terminal should receive the Y wire.

A Tripped Heater

Ecobee Thermostat Not Responding To Touch
Caliberatiing Heating and Cool Disabled

Your furnace is not operating if you see the word “Calibrating Heating and Cooling Off” on the Ecobee touch screen. This may occur if you unintentionally press the incorrect button or the furnace trips due to overheating.

A power outage may possibly be the root of the problem. The heater will be immediately turned off by the Ecobee in this scenario to save it from a power spike when the power is restored. You’ll need to restart the heater once the power is back on.

Software Bug

How to fix it:

To check for updates, open the “Settings” menu, choose “About,” and then choose “Version.” If an update is required, this ought to display the Ecobee’s current firmware.

Install any updates that are available, then restart your Ecobee. Most of the issues you’re having with your device should be resolved by doing this. But before installing updates, make sure to read the release notes as they may lead to problems.

Try doing a factory reset if no updates are available. Make a backup of your data first, as doing so will wipe all of your settings.

Click on Menu, select Settings, and then choose Reset to perform a factory reset. You now have a choice among three possibilities:

  • Delete Your Registration
  • Reset Preferences and the Schedule

Reset I advise selecting reset all to return to the factory settings. You will, however, need to reset your preferences and registrations as a result.

Damaged Display

How to fix it:

The display must be changed in order to resolve this. You can purchase a replacement from Ecobee or another vendor. But you’ll probably need to take your Ecobee to a technician unless you feel confident fixing it yourself.

If your device is still covered by warranty, you might be eligible for a replacement from Ecobee, but you’ll need to get in touch with customer service to make sure you comply with the requirements.

Cleaning the Air Filter

How to fix it:

The air filter can be at fault if the thermostat still doesn’t function after this extensive series of ecobee troubleshooting.

Remember that your air filter needs to be cleaned after a few weeks of use otherwise the performance of your thermostat may be compromised.

How to clean your air filter is as follows:

  1. Unscrew the two screws to remove the air filter.
  2. Make sure it is free of any dust and dirt before removing it from the drain pipe.
  3. To remove larger trash items, use a napkin that has been mildly moistened.
  4. Reinstall the air filter in the slot, then tighten the screw.
  5. Once finished, turn on your thermostat again to see if it will function. It might be a good idea to get in touch with Ecobee directly for assistance if it still isn’t working.

If all that has to be replaced is the display, it won’t cost much to fix if the thermostat is functioning otherwise. You might get lucky and not need to make any replacements.

Keep the Drain Line Functional

How to fix it:

If the drain pipe next to your air conditioners is clogged with debris, your thermostat may also go inactive on occasion.

If you’re not familiar with how to clean your drain line, it needs to be done once every two months to renew the air that your air conditioners circulate around the house.

The following measures will allow and clean off your drain line:

  1. Check the drain line of your air conditioner to see if it is draining or not.
  2. Go to the float switch, which should be someplace near the drain tube, if it isn’t draining.
  3. If the float switch is off, turn it back on.
  4. If the thermostat is still not functioning, ensure sure the drain line has enough room to drain.

Your thermostat and the screen should start working once the drain line is clear of all debris.

Replace Blown Fuse

Ecobee Thermostat Not Responding To Touch
Ecobee Screen

How to fix it:

The breaker box for your furnace, which needs to be situated in your home, contains fuses.

Visit the furnace’s breaker box and check each fuse there. It is quite conceivable that one or more fuses blew if your thermostat isn’t working.

A blow fuse can be identified from other fuses by its fractured surface and lack of illumination.

Important: Only replace fuses in the room where your furnace breaker is when the circuit breaker for that room is switched.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my ecobee unresponsive?

When Alexa reports that an Ecobee device is not responding, this usually signifies that Wi-Fi has been lost by the Ecobee. When a SmartSensor or Room Sensor malfunctions, it typically implies the sensor and the associated thermostat have lost contact.

Why does my ecobee thermostat freeze?

A freeze protection feature integrated into the Ecobee thermostat will turn on the furnace or boiler heat automatically if:

  • The internal temperature sensor of the thermostat falls below 41F/5C.
  • A flame icon on the thermostat indicates that it is in the heat mode.

When this function activates:

  • When the temperature increases above 41F/5C, the Ecobee will make the thermostat the sole sensor that is active. After that, it will ignore all other room sensor readings.
  • This function is pre-activated and cannot be turned off.


How do you unfreeze ecobee?

Reboot Ecobee

  1. The thermostat should be removed from the wall mount.
  2. After turning the thermostat off for a moment, mount it once more to the wall.
  3. Give the thermostat time to finish booting up.
  4. After a minute, put the ecobee back on the wall and wait for it to re-establish a connection to the internet.
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