This Is the Best Smart Wi-Fi Air Purifier on the Market, and It’s Back In Stock at Amazon

Wi-Fi-enabled smart devices are great, and I adore them just as much as everyone else. A large part of my profession entails putting all of the cool new smart home gadgets to the test. As a result, I probably appreciate and love these tools even more than the average person. Awesome devices like robot vacuum cleaners and smart locks provide an incredible amount of convenience.

On top of that, there are new types of smart devices that hit the market all the time. Some of the hottest deals on Amazon right now involve smart gadgets, like the sale that slashes best-selling Alexa smart plugs to just $4.87 each. You can also get the insanely popular MyQ smart garage door opener for under $25 right now, which is totally nuts.

At this point, it seems like pretty much everything in my house is connected, and I love it. Despite all that, I can honestly say I never thought I would have a need for a smart air purifier. Then I was sent a TruSens Smart Wi-Fi Air Purifier to test, and it changed my mind almost immediately.

This Is the Best Smart Wi Fi Air Purifier on the Market and Its Back In Stock at Amazon

If you believe that all air purifiers are the same, you should reconsider. Apart from the unit’s quality and the efficacy of the filters, contemporary air purifiers have a slew of useful functions. The TruSens Smart Wi-Fi Ai is the king of them all, featuring about every function you can think of.

When it comes to filtration, this fantastic model has DuPont HEPA filtration all the way around. It also has a built-in UV-C light sanitizer. This device does really filter and sterilise the air. It filters airborne viruses, allergies, and certain VOC emissions, according to the manufacturer. Furthermore, bacteria on the HEPA filter are killed by the UV-C light within the device.

Then, you get to the smart features that give this model its extra flare. You can control it with your smartphone or with voice commands thanks to Alexa support. You’ll also get air quality index (AQI) monitoring and more. Plus, this model ships with what TruSens calls a SensorPod. You can set it up anywhere you want in a room to take air quality readings in that spot. The sensor then transmits readings back to the main unit.

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The TruSens Smart Wi-Fi Air Purifier is awesome and it comes in two different sizes, a medium one that handles rooms up to 375 sq. ft. and a large model that can purify the air in huge spaces up to 750 sq. ft. And if you want all of the great performance without the added cost of smart features, there are versions of each size without the smarts, plus there’s also a small model for rooms up to 250 sq. ft. that’s only $179.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • TruSens Smart Wi-Fi Air Purifiers employ an uniquely developed filter system that also uses UV-C light to collect and destroy pollutants. The air purifier’s 360-degree DuPont TRUE HEPA filtration absorbs viruses, allergies, some VOC emissions, and more.
  • A carbon pre-filter also aids in the elimination of smells. UV light destroys germs and bacteria trapped in the filter.
  • Control your air purifier from anywhere using a mobile app or even your voice, thanks to support for Amazon Alexa
  • You can also use the app to create a schedule, track your air quality index (AQI)
  • Get replacement reminders for the filters and UV-C lamp
  • Smart sensors provide accurate readings of indoor air quality
  • You can also use remote sensors in different areas of your living space
  • Proprietary TruSens technology splits clean air into two different streams to deliver purified air up to 24% more efficiently throughout a room
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