Top 20 Smart Valve Controller-Home Automation

List of Best Top 20 Smart Valve Controller-Home Automation

1.      Xenon Smart Wi-Fi control Water Valve, Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant

  • When you forget to turn off water, you can turn off the water valve with your mobile phone and you don’t have to go back.
  • When you hear the sound of water in the middle of the night, you don’t have to go up at night to see it.
  • Our flaps use WiFi 2.4GHz solution, which is the latest wireless communication technology.
  • With wifi internet completely. It can act as a signal relay point and multiple devices.
  • You can create multiple paths in a honeycomb-like network.
  • You can connect WiFi through the free Jinvoo Smart app.No matter where you are.
  • You can use your smartphone to control the opening or closing of the water valve.
  • Voice control, can be connected with Alexa, you cannot get up, do not have to do it, just speak the command directly, it will execute immediately.
  • Turn off water valve and smartphone notification when detecting water leaks.
Xenon Smart WiFi control Water Valve Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant Application program iOS Android

Price: view availability on Amazon

2.      Netatmo Radiator Valve Controller

Top 20 Smart Valve Controller-Home Automation
  • Control the temperature of your flat with district heating.
  • Control your radiators with our Energy app or Legrand’s Home + Control App. Change the temperature room by room from your bed or from the other side of the world. Set the heating for when you return from holiday.
  • Schedule your heating for your return from a holiday.
  • Fine-tune your comfort temperature room-by-room.
  • Benefit from a schedule based on your daily routine. Heat only when and where you need it.
  • When the Smart Radiator Valve detects a window is open, it switches off the heating in the room to prevent energy waste.
  • The Smart Radiator Valve analyzes the room environment in real time and adjusts heating according to sunshine level and room use.

Price: view availability on Amazon

3.      tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit V3

Top 20 Smart Valve Controller-Home Automation

Smart Thermostats make living more comfortable. Now your heating system can adapt to your life whilst becoming more efficient than ever before. The unique features of the Smart Climate Assistant enable you to save up to 31% on your heating bill. Completely automatically.

  • Control your heating with the tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats from everywhere and anytime – via app, tablet and PC. tado° pays for itself within the first year.
  • The smart thermostat automatically cuts your energy bill up to 31% using your phone’s location, weather forecasts, Open Window Detection and integration of building characteristics.
  • More savings and comfort through multi-zone control and optimised algorithms – Smart heating control for individual rooms with additional Smart Thermostats and/or Smart Radiator Thermostats.
  • Smart Home Integration – Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant..: Control your heating with your voice or enable multiple Smart Home products and services to work in combination by creating scenes.
  • Works with majority of radiator valves.

Price: view availability on Amazon

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4.      Eve Thermo (Prev.-Gen.) – Smart Thermostatic Radiator Valve with LED temperature display

Top 20 Smart Valve Controller-Home Automation

With Eve Thermos, enjoy perfect comfort on your terms. Create autonomous heating schedules. Automate your room temperature control based on presence, rules, and scenes. Fine-tune your comfort level via your iPhone, Apple Watch, or the capacitive touch controls. And save energy without even Trying.

  • Create autonomous schedules to synchronize your heating with your routine.
  • Automate your room temperature control based on presence, rules, and scenes.
  • Fine-tune your comfort level via your iPhone, Apple Watch, or the integrated touch controls.
  • HomeKit-enabled: unparalleled ease of use and advanced security.
  • Bluetooth low energy technology: no bridge or gateway required.
  • Open Window Detection, Vacation Mode, Valve Protection and more.

Price: view availability on Amazon

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5.      evohome THR92H1002 Wireless Radiator Controller

Top 20 Smart Valve Controller-Home Automation
  • Smart, Wifi Connected Programming: Requires evohome Smart WiFI Thermostat controller for precise temperature control. Guided setup allows configuration with the controller. Binding confirmation and info are displayed on each radiator head screen.
  • Digital Display is Easy to Read: Backlit LCD screen displays the zone name, and local set point temperature. The local set point temperature can easily be overridden in half-degree increments by turning the dial at the top of the radiator controller.
  • Multiple Modes: Use custom programmable modes with the evohome thermostat, including eco, holiday and day-off modes to ensure 24/7 thermostat comfort.
  • Simple Installation: Each radiator head allows you to tackle a single zone installation. If TRV bodies are already in place there is no need to drain down the system. These will fit on most compact radiator valves.
  • Attractive Design: White, sleek and modern, these heads integrate with your decor and lifestyle. Made of sturdy polycarbonate.
  • Two-Year Battery Life: Each zoning unit is battery powered with a two-year battery life and a battery low sensor with a reminder visible on both the radiator controller screen and the evohome controller screen.

Price: view availability on Amazon

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6.      Drayton Wiser Smart Heating Radiator

Top 20 Smart Valve Controller-Home Automation

This radiator thermostat is only designed to work alongside an existing Wiser Smart Heating System with a Wiser Heat Hub. Replace your existing radiator TRV valves to give room-by-room heating control.

  • Simply screw off/on existing TRV radiator valves and replace with Wiser smart thermostats to expand your current system. Works with 90% of existing valves. An adaptor to fit the Danfoss RA valve is included in every box.
  • Add up to 32 smart radiator thermostats in up to 16 different rooms/zones. Begin with 1 radiator thermostat and add more over time. 1 Thermostat required per radiator for maximum comfort and energy saving.
  • Full heating control can be monitored and schedules updated via the Wiser App (IOS and Android).
  • Use voice commands to check the status and make changes to individual rooms or groups of rooms. Fully compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT.
  • Open window detection turns off heating if a window is open. Twist top allows manual override of the schedule via the radiator thermostat.
  • Average connectivity range is 25-40 feet but will depend on location of Heat Hub and thickness of walls. For larger houses or houses with thick walls, we recommend the Wiser Smart Plug to help extend the range. Wiser is not suitable for gravity fed systems.

Price: view availability on Amazon

7.      Devolo WiFi TRV iOS And Android Smart Thermostat Valve

Top 20 Smart Valve Controller-Home Automation
  • Accommodating Room Temperature Regulation
  • Convenient Flexible Device Helps You Screen Heat
  • Easy To Employ App For Mobile Phone Or Tablet
  • Operate The Heat Of Your House Anywhere You Are
  • Sensor Device For Viewing The Exact Temperature
  • Use Through App Versatility For Smart Programming

Price: £80.99

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8.      Energenie Smart WiFi Radiator Valves IFTTT Congenial

Energenie MIHO013 4 Smart Radiator Valves Pack of 4

You should never propose implementing radiator covers since TRV’s perceive the air temperatures surrounding them and influence the movement pace according to the capacity they are arranged. Keeping a protective cover over the radiator means the TRV is surrounded and prone to making it feel the higher heat.

  • Always Enter A Wonderfully Warm Zone MiHome
  • Implement Google And Nest Learning Thermostat
  • Instructs Current As Well As Target Temperatures
  • One Year Battery, Dual Thermostat, Really Quiet
  • Radiator Valves Are Agreeable With IFTTT Apps
  • Simple Fit WiFi Radiator Valves To Existing Items
  • Simply Unscrew Existing TRV Head And No Plumbing

Price: view availability on Amazon

9.      Lightwave Smart Radiator Valve Agreeable Amazon ALEXA

Top 20 Smart Valve Controller-Home Automation

For those who have a combination boiler, you will likely possess a few knobs – the main one with a radiator mark manages the productivity to the units, and you may arrange this at a productive stage for your heating system devoid of it influencing the temperature of the water.

  • Adapters Built In To Fit All Radiators.
  • Agreeable Amazon ALEXA WiFi Link.
  • Boost Switch To Elevate Temperatures
  • Save Electric By Heating Areas You Need.
  • Set Heating Activities From Everywhere
  • Smart TRV Contains Screw On/Off Fittings.
  • TRV Modifies The Temperature Of Radiator.
  • Use App On The Smartphone Via Any Place.

Price: view availability on Amazon

10. Meross Smart Heating Radiator Thermostat

Smart radiator thermostat also works with your existing Hive or Nest thermostat. Hive or Nest works for central control of your house only while meross smart radiator thermostats can work for each individual room, which saves over 130.00 GBP per year while enjoying the maximum comfort and convenience.

  • Take fully control of your home’s heating system to cut down your energy usage, helping both your monthly bill and the environment.
  • Meross Smart Home aim to offer convenient and efficient life for buyers. Welcome check out our smart plug, power strip, light switch, desk light, humidifier, intelligent garage door opener, and other smart devices.
  • When the Smart Radiator Valve detects a window is open, It temporarily switches off the heating in the room to prevent energy waste.
  • Work perfectly with Alexa and Google Assistant: Give voice commands to turn up and down temperature, or current mode when you are hands are busy.

Price: view availability on Amazon kit

11. Danfoss Smart Electronic Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Danfoss Link Starter kit Includes

A programmable room thermostat setting blending time and heat regulators enable you to arrange distinct temperatures several times during the day. You might have different temperatures in specific areas by merely setting up a digital TRV on specific radiator knob units.

  • Save up to 30% in heating costs.
  • App-based
  • Smart heating, can be controlled from smartphone.
  • Touch screen
  • Control over your radiators and the underfloor heating in any room.

Price: view availability on Amazon Kit

12. TOMLOV Smart WiFi Water/Gas Valve Sensor Wireless Controller

Top 20 Smart Valve Controller-Home Automation

The smart wireless valve manipulator uses WiFi 2.4GHz solution based on the latest RF radio technology. It’s a novel design product with a short distance, low cost, low power consumption, and high reliability. Adopt WiFi international technology and fully compatible with wireless networks. It can be used as a signal relay point and other devices.

  • Voice control, compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant.
  • Wireless water/gas shutoff controller for standard home automation systems.
  • Prevent water damage (add water leak sensors). Water shutoff and smartphone notification when leak detected.
  • Easy installation, no plumbing required. Support mobile phone APP remote control on/off and timing.
  • Compatible with water pipe ball valves, electric, manual control switches, and natural/liquid/tap gas, etc.

Price: view availability on Amazon

13. Albohes


Smart Automatic Watering Controller, Garden, Lawn, Smart Valve Controller & Sprinkler, WiFi Connection with 9 Zones, Timer & Remote Access, Compatible with Google Home Assistant.

  • Hands-free with 2.4G WiFi App Control – This smart sprinkler controller works with the “Ama Home” app. Just download the “Ama Home” app to manage your sprinkler controller by Android or IOS system devices. It’s so easy to water the garden and yard wherever you are.
  • 9 covering zones – It allows you to control 9 zones at the same time and also individual zones separately. You can customise the zones as you want, depending on the application settings or manual. Don’t worry if some places are missed.
  • Timing functions – allows you to program the controller to water the garden at any time.
  • Reduce your water bill – Equipped with weather forecasts and water saving statistics, this sprinkler automatically skips the watering schedule according to local weather and adjusts the watering times according to the season, saving water and money.
  • Easy installation – It’s very easy to use and install, extending your smart home to the yard. No special tools or expertise required.

Price: £27.11

14. Zemismart Wi-Fi Electric Water Shut-Off Valve Timers Irrigation Controller

Top 20 Smart Valve Controller-Home Automation
  • Works with smart home devices – On-demand control from anywhere using your smart home hub’s mobile app. Compatible with Alexa Echo
  • When you’re on vacation – Use your smart life application to remotely turn your water shut-off valve off when you know you’re going to be out.
  • Extensive coverage-Our product could use indoor and outdoor due to the radio range up to 100ft (between gateway and the valve).
  • Support Group control, timer control, on-off control in the app after pairing the device to your Android phone or IOS phone.

Price: view availability on Amazon

15. JinvooSmart Wireless Wi-Fi Plug Smart Water/Gas Valve 2.4GHz
JinvooSmart Wireless Wi Fi Plug Smart Water

This model adopts international technology, and compatible with internet completely. It’s a new design product which is short distance, low cost, low power consumption, and high reliability. It can work as signal relay point, and a number of equipment can network like honeycomb, generating a number of paths.

  • Easily twist- High torque,,strong motor to handle high pressure water.
  • Never leak-In conjunction with your gateway, you can shut or open the valve automatically with smart phone no matter where you are, supporting multiple mobile phone control.
  • Extensive coverage-The radio range is 100ft (between gateway and the valve),so it is not only suitable for indoor, but also work with outdoor.
  • Humanized setting-In order to prevent power outages caused by the ability to use, there is a manual clutch at the bottom of the unit with a pull ring, which allows to move the lever to close or open the valve.
  • Compatible with standard (Wi-Fi 2.4GHz) home automation systems.
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant

Price: view availability on Amazon

16. Hive Radiator Valve Controller

Top 20 Smart Valve Controller-Home Automation

Hive Radiator Valves let you manage your heating room by room, all from your smartphone.

  • Schedule your radiator to turn down so you don’t waste money heating an empty room.
  • Get the temperature just right in every room with Hive Radiator Valves on all your main radiators.
  • Warm up a room without heating up the rest of the house, with Hive Radiator Valves and Hive Active Heating.
  • Works with or without a Hive Thermostat.
  • Easy to fit to most radiators.
  • Link to other Hive devices with Hive Actions.
  • Ultra-quiet motor with anti-stick protection.

Price: £54.00

17. Bosch Radiator Valve controller

bosch valve

Precise climate control at the tap of your app. easily set the heating in your home with the Radiator Thermostat for your own zonal heating system in each room and an integrated timer.

  • Manages the radiator in your room ensuring the comfort temperature is set and kept at a constant.
  • Individual time control for temperature in every room.
  • Detects temperature drops due to open windows, for example, and adjusts the heating temperature to save energy.
  • Protected communication with secure radio protocols.
  • A frost protection program is started automatically at temperatures below 4 °C. In addition to this, the Radiator Thermostat regularly opens the valve to protect against calcification.

Price: £54.95

18. Netafim Aqua Pro Smart valve Irrigation watering controller

Top 20 Smart Valve Controller-Home Automation
  • 9 volt battery powered controller – average battery life is one year (battery not included).
  • Five program modes provide programming flexibility to meet almost any irrigation schedule.
  • One run time, one start time everyday.
  • One run time, one start time, up to 7 active days.
  • One run time, 3 start times, up to 7 active days.
  • Manual operation.
  • Easy access four button programming.
  • Remote location operation up to 300’ from valve using #16 wire.
  • Mounting options include bracket for ¾” PVC pipe and wall adapter.

Price: £72.10

19. 908.42mhz Smart Home Automation Black Z-wave Wireless Automatic Water / Gas Valve water shutoff

908 42
  • Stroke: can be set manually reliable travel or start since the stroke, in place since the stop.
  • Shutter control: angle support open and louver adjusting and setting.
  • Control of diversity: built-in wireless receiving, connect the Z-wave wireless home gateway system.
  • Optional: power and hand function, hand pulling starting function.
  • Safety measures: aluminum alloy shell, motor protection class IP41.

Price: view availability on Amazon

20. Zach-8 Smart Thermostat, NTC Sensing Electric Floor Heating 16A Temperature Controller Controllable Electric Ball Valve/Electric Valve -For Room/Floor Temperature

zach 8
  • Simple and fast installation method, beautiful appearance, generous, touch button operation, control electric ball valve, electric valve, solenoid valve.
  • Using high-reliability single-chip microcomputer, strong anti-interference ability, setting different working modes and relay output through buttons.
  • With temperature calibration function, anti-freeze function, terminal wiring, shell flame retardant material PC+ABS, large screen liquid crystal display, test by safety and high reliability.
  • Modern touch screen room temperature controllers are designed to turn on/off control of electric heating applications by comparing room temperature to set temperature.

Price: view availability on Amazon

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