Why My ADT Doorbell Not Ringing Inside House (Solved)

Did you know that the ADT doorbell has chimes that must be installed in order for them to ring inside your home when someone rings the doorbell from the outside. (Just a reminder)

The primary and most often cause of your doorbell not ringing inside your home is a low battery, which is signaled by a beeping sound from your ADT touchpad. if the problem is other than a low battery, resetting the doorbell chime, most of the time resolve the problem 

So let’s get into detail:

Cause for Doorbell chime not working:

  1. A low battery
  2. Power outage
  3. Device malfunction

1- A low battery: Because the ADT Alarm Door Chime is battery-powered, it may stop working and start beeping on the main ADT touchpad when the battery is low or exhausted.

2- Power Outage: The ADT Alarm Door Chime may occasionally stop working due to a power surge or loss. The door chime often has to be reset at this stage in order to reconnect to the main ADT network.

3- Device Malfunction: If charging or resetting your ADT Alarm Door Chime is not able to fix the issue, the door chime’s hardware may be faulty or broken.

How to fix it?

The most likely suspect is a low battery if you hear beeping coming from your ADT touchpad and your door chime isn’t working. The doorbell will blink red if the battery is low, which is another sign.

To charge up your ADT door chime, you’ll need access to a micro-USB charging cord as well as a charger or charging station.

Steps of How to Recharge:

To initiate a recharge of your ADT Alarm Door Chime, follow these steps (Source: ADT):

  1. The door chime’s battery pack has to be taken out first. To accomplish this, release the doorbell and associated battery pack from their housing by applying pressure to the tab at the bottom of the mounting bracket.
  2. To remove the doorbell from the mounting bracket, slide it upward in its groove.
  3. Once loosened, the doorbell may be connected to a micro-USB charging port using a micro-USB charging cord using the battery’s charging connector. The ADT Alarm Door Chime should take around 6 to 8 hours to fully charge.
  4. The doorbell is ready to be put back on the mounting bracket when the battery light on it turns green, indicating that it is completely charged. Reinstall the doorbell in the mounting bracket while it is still charged, then slide it down until it snaps back into position.

If the problem still persists then you might need to reset this chime, this could be due to a power outage.

How to fix it?

How To Reset ADT Doorbell Chime?

  1. On your ADT touchpad, go to the Tools submenu on the far right-hand side of the screen and press the icon.
  2. Put in your ADT master code. This gives you access to a variety of different user and advanced settings. Select Settings and then select 
  3. In the menu, you can toggle the chime either On or Off. Toggle the chime to On to reset the system.

The touchpad menu gives you access to many of your other ADT device settings, including the ability to switch off your ADT Alarm Door Chime.

Fixes Failed to Resolved ADT Doorbell chime not ringing inside house

Sometimes after battery recharge and reset unable to fix this issue, the problem may lie in your doorbell hardware or battery pack. Replacing these parts must be necessary for a chime to get back to work.

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