Alexa Good Morning Routines to Start Your Day Right

Do you prefer the mornings? Do you wake up excited to start the day or do you require three alarms, one of which is out of reach, to get yourself out of bed? Whatever category you fall into, an automated morning ritual with Amazon Alexa can make your day more efficient.

We will go over popular and helpful activities to help you get out of bed on the right side of the bed, from what Alexa plays for you to what the assistant instructs your smart home to do.

Here is an Overview of Alexa Good Morning Routines

  1. Wake-up Alarm: Start your day with a gentle alarm using Alexa’s built-in alarm feature. You can ask Alexa to set an alarm for a specific time, and it will wake you up with your chosen sound or music.
  2. Weather and News Update: Ask Alexa for the current weather forecast and a brief news update to stay informed about the day ahead.
  3. Daily Affirmations or Motivational Quotes: Enable a skill that provides daily affirmations or motivational quotes to start your day on a positive note.
  4. Exercise or Stretching Routine: Use Alexa to guide you through a short exercise or stretching routine to wake up your body and get energized for the day.
  5. Mindfulness or Meditation: Consider using a meditation skill on Alexa to practice mindfulness and set a positive tone for the day.
  6. Calendar and Reminders: Ask Alexa to read your calendar events and reminders for the day, so you know what’s on your schedule.
  7. Music or Podcasts: Set up your favorite morning playlist or listen to a motivating podcast while you get ready for the day.
  8. Smart Home Automation: Use Alexa to control your smart home devices, such as turning on lights, adjusting the thermostat, or brewing your morning coffee.
  9. Breakfast Recipe Ideas: If you’re unsure about what to have for breakfast, ask Alexa for recipe ideas based on your preferences.
  10. Traffic Updates: If you have a commute, ask Alexa for traffic updates to plan your route accordingly.

Remember that your morning routine should be personalized to your preferences and lifestyle. Experiment with different features and skills to find what works best for you. Additionally, new Alexa skills and capabilities are constantly being added, so check for updates and explore new options to enhance your morning routine further.

What can be used as a trigger to begin an Alexa routine?

You need a trigger to start a Routine, something that signals to Alexa that the Routine should execute when this occurs. There are numerous ways to start a Routine, some of which are completely hands-free, such time and place. Others include a conversation, like your dog barking or a vocal order.

Here are a few of the most typical triggers:

Voice: Request that Alexa begin the routine. By setting up a Snack Time Routine, your Fire TV will be paused and the kitchen lights will switch on whenever you say “Alexa, Snack Time.” Or a “Alexa, it’s bedtime” routine that, upon hearing the command, dims the lights, locks the door, lowers the thermostat, and begins playing sleep noises.

Scheduled time: Routines can start up at a specific time. Set the lights to come on an hour after sunset and go off automatically at daybreak. The best approach to get everyone to the dinner table is to implement a dinnertime routine that turns off the Wi-Fi at 6:30PM.

Smart house: Routines can be triggered by smart home devices such as sensors, cameras, and a device’s status (such as whether it is locked or unlocked). Turn on the dim lights if a motion sensor detects activity in the hallway between 11 PM and 6 AM; if the door is left unlocked after 10 PM, lock it.

Location: Alexa can keep track of your arrival and departure times at home by using the Alexa app on your smartphone. This is useful for Welcome Home or I’m Leaving Routines that, upon your arrival home, adjust your smart thermostat, turn on your lights, and begin playing music. When you depart, they reverse these actions. Additionally, you may program your robot vacuum to begin cleaning when you leave and end it when you come back.

Alarm: When you turn off the alarm, A Good Morning Routine may begin to play.

Sound: Sound triggers for Routines include the sound of running water, someone coughing or snoring, a dog barking, a baby crying, and a beeping item. Set up a Good Morning Routine to begin when you switch on the bathroom’s shower, or create a Routine that will notify your phone’s app if Alexa detects your dog’s barking and begins to play relaxing music.

What Actions Can Be Included In An Alexa Routine?

You can add roughly 30 distinct types of actions to a Routine, resulting in hundreds or even thousands of actions that can be triggered. A Routine can also have several actions added to it. These consist of:

  • Smart home: Turn on appliances like lights, robot vacuums, intelligent fans or shades, and door locks.

Have Alexa say anything you like, she says.

  • Audible: Ask Alexa to read a book from the service.
  • Calendar: Describe your upcoming event or your schedule for the day or for the following day.
  • TV: Manage a Fire TV.

Play a song from your playlist or start a podcast.

  • Skill: Turn on any skill linked to Alexa.

After choosing your actions, you may hold and drag them around on the Edit Routine page to arrange them in the order you want them to execute. A Wait command that waits up to four hours between activities is also an option.

How to Set Up an Alexa Routine:

1.    Create and Name Your Routine

Develop your routine on your mobile device first:

1 Create and Name Your Routine (1)
Morning Routines
  • Launch the Alexa app on your iOS or Android device.
  • Choose Routines from the more option in the lower-right corner.
  • Use the (+) in the top-right corner to start a new routine.
  • Give your new routine a name. We’ll just refer to our example as Morning.
  • Choose Next.
  • From here, you can add the actions that the routine will take and set the phrase that will cause it to start. Pick the (+) to the right of the When this happens option.

2.    Choose How to Begin Your Routine

Alexa Good Morning Routines
Morning Routines

There are several choices available to you. You can select your wake word when you choose Voice. To begin your routine, what do you want to say to Alexa? “Wake me up” and “Let’s start my day” are two suitable alternatives.

The Schedule option is located below Voice. If you choose this, your morning ritual can start at a particular time instead of with a wake word. You can choose to specify a precise time, the time of sunrise, or a certain amount of time before or after sunrise. Although unlikely to be employed for morning exercises, sunset is another alternative.

Additionally, you have a choice as to which days of the week your routine will be used. This is useful for many different reasons. On Saturdays and Sundays, you can disable or postpone the schedule if you want to sleep in. You can even program it to start at different hours on days when you expect to drive to work or have early meetings.

Other options to start the routine include Device, where you may choose which of your Amazon Echo hub devices, if you have more than one, will carry out the routine. Once you arrive at a specific spot, location will cause the usual procedures to start.

When you turn off your alarm on an Echo device, the alarm option in the menu will cause the routine to start. To start the routine using the Echo button option, you must push your Echo button.

Use the (+) Add Action to choose what you want your smart home to do throughout the routine after deciding how you want it to be activated.

Turn On Your Smart Lighting Gradually

The option to gradually turn on your lights in the morning is a good function.

gradulllay turn ur smart light 1 (1)
Morning Routines

How to do it:

  1. Choose Smart Home from the (+) Add Action option in your routine.
  2. Choose Lights.
  3. From the list of smart devices linked to your account, pick the light you want to manage.
  4. The Brightness option will be available if the light can be dimmed. Choose ramp to brightness, then specify the amount of time you want the light to ramp up to the specified brightness.

With A Smart Thermostat, You Can Preset Your Ideal Morning Temperature

Warmth in your home makes getting up easier, which your smart thermostat facilitates. Simply select the Smart Home menu option under (+) Add Actions in the routine menu to set the required temperature.

Just to be clear, this will cause your thermostat to be programmed to turn on the heat when your routine starts, rather than waiting for it to reach the specified temperature. Therefore, you may utilize the smart scheduling feature on your thermostat to have the heat come on before you expect to wake up if you wish your home to be already be warm.

Automate Your Blinds So That More Light Can Enter

Smart motorized window blinds, which were formerly only seen in upscale hotels, are now more widely available. They provide natural light and can easily be included into your routine. They can be a terrific way to wake up.

Most large box stores and online window covering retailers have motorized blinds with smart home features. There are many excellent choices available. When you go to add an activity, your smart blinds will show up under your list of smart devices once you’ve configured them with the Alexa app.

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