Alexa Self Destruct Code

Alexa’s self-destruct mode is triggered with the command “Alexa, code zero, zero, zero, destruct, zero,” which causes Alexa to count down from ten to zero and then play an explosive audio clip. Don’t worry, Alexa isn’t going to blow up, and the self-destruct option is just a fun tribute to Star Trek enthusiasts since the activation code was first used by Captain Kirk on the Federation Starship Enterprise.

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What is Alexa Self Destruct Mode?

Alexa self-destructs mode is an Alexa Skill that is essentially a gaffe that pays homage to Star Trek, with fans soon recognizing the parallels with Captain Kirk’s Federation Starship Enterprise’s self-destruct activation code.

Fortunately, Alexa never explodes in any form, and at worst, when it’s triggered, Alexa begins venomously counting down from ten to zero before omitting an audio clip of a ship exploding, you’ll get some awkward side-eye from pals.

Users should be aware that there is no abort command programmed into the destruct sequence at the time of writing, but the creator pledges to “work on it” and add it in the future if favorable feedback is received. Meanwhile, enjoy the entertainment by saying “Alexa, code zero, zero, zero, destroy, zero.”

Why would you want to use Alexa’s self-destruct mode?

Most Alexa Skills are used to varying degrees, and the threshold for developers to build new “Skills” for Alexa and have them published by Amazon is rather low. Alexa’s self-destruct mode is only for entertainment purposes and has no other functionality, so it’s a lot of fun to play a few times.

Alexa Destroys Herself (For Real)

Of course, there are always some who want to take things a step further, and a short search on the internet finds a slew of people who have created their own self-destruct sequences, either by shattering, crushing, or outright blowing up their Alexa devices for real. Yikes!

The Weird World of Alexa Skills Commands 

If you’re looking for a more Alexa-friendly way to impress your friends, or simply a bit of throw-away fun to pass an afternoon, then here are a few Alexa Skills that are sure-fire crowd-pleasers:

  • Say “Alexa, open Chewbacca Chat” and you’ll have Alexa with a Chewie-tinged accent.
  • Say, “Alexa, open Chuck Norris Fan Facts” and you’ll have an afternoon filled with insightful and utterly hilarious fun facts from the man that can only be described as tough as nails. 
  • Say “Alexa, open Egg Facts” and Alexa will swamp you with enough egg knowledge for you to pass the time away. 
  • Say, “Alexa, open Celery Man” and you’ll be transported into the sketch comedy world of Inside Paul Rudd’s Computer (aka, Celery Man) which is an obscure gaffe remake of the opening scene of the film Clueless. Highly recommended! 

Self-Destruction of Alexa (For Real) 

Of course, there are those who always want to go just a little bit further.

And a quick search on the internet shows that many of them have made their own self-destruct sequences that show how they will smash, crush, or blow up their beloved Alexa devices when they die. Yikes!

There are many other cool Alexa Modes

Amazon Skills is a platform that many programmers use. Because of this, many other modes have also been made.

One of the most well-known modes is Super Alexa Mode. Here are some cool things Alexa can do:

Alexa in Super Mode

The super Alexa mode was made to honor Kazuhisa Hashimoto in the same way that the Alexa Self-destruct mode was made to honor Star Trek fans.

It was made as a joke for people in the gaming industry. You can turn it on by saying “Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start.”


Unlike the modes that came before it, the brief mode is actually helpful.

If you don’t like how long Alexa’s answers are, you can turn on the “brief” setting to make them shorter.

Silent Mode

This mode lets Alexa know when someone is speaking to her in a whisper, just like its name says. She replies in a whisper.

The Voice of a Celebrity

If you switch to this mode, Alexa will talk in the voice of the celebrity. To start this mode, say “Introduce me to [name of celebrity].”

Alexa has Hidden Features and Commands

Alexa has a lot of hidden things, like jokes, gadgets, and Easter eggs from all of your favorite movies and TV shows.

Even though most of these are not useful tools like some of the above modes, they are still a lot of fun.

Alexa’s Useful Skills and Tools

  • “Alexa, what is 365 divided by 10?” is a math question. 
  • “Alexa, how many [measurements] make a [measurement? “] is a conversion. 
  • Choose a number at random: “Alexa, choose a number between 1 and 100.” 
  • To wash your hands for 20 seconds, say, “Alexa, help me wash my hands.” 
  • Spelling and word definitions: “Alexa, define/spell [word].” 

TV Show and Movie Easter Eggs 

  • “Alexa, my name is Inigo Montoya”  
  • “Alexa, party on Wayne.” 
  • “Alexa, what is your quest?” 
  • “Alexa, don’t mention the war.” 
  • “Alexa, may the force be with you.” 
  • “Alexa, who you gonna call?” 
  • “Alexa, beam me up.” 
  • “Alexa, I want the truth.”  
  • “Alexa, what’s the first rule of fight club?” 
  • “Alexa, show me the money.”  
  • “Alexa, I’ll be back.”  
  • “Alexa, where is Chuck Norris?” 
  • “Alexa, is Jon Snow dead?” 
  • “Alexa, your mother was a hamster.” 
  • “Alexa, play that funky music.”  
  • “Alexa, who let the dogs out?” 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Alexa really hurts herself, right?

Even though it would have been cool, Alexa can’t destroy herself. The mode was made as a fun way to honour people who like Star Trek.

Does Alexa have a super mode?

Yes, this mode was made in honor of Kazuhisa Hashimoto.

Does Alexa charge money each month?

You don’t have to pay a fee every month to use your Alexa device.

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