Ecovacs Google Home Commands

Start cleaning, stop cleaning, and return to the charger are the most basic commands you may give your Ecovacs. However, there are a number of other google home commands you may include.

Before that first, you need to set up google assistant with ecovacs vacuum to be able to control and manage via voice command.

First, you’ll need theĀ Google Assistant appĀ from the App Store, which is free. Once you have it downloaded, launch it, and then go into theĀ ExploreĀ page, and search forĀ EcovacsĀ orĀ Deebot. When you find the correct one, just tap on the “Link Deebot to Google” option.

Ecovacs Google Home Commands

This takes you to a separate page where you’ll need to log in to your Ecovacs account. Make sure to select your country and choose the model (OZMO 930) to link with. After this, you should be set!

Currently, Google Assistant works with:

  • DEEBOT 900/901/907
  • DEEBOT 600/601
  • OZMO 930/937
  • OZMO 601/610
  • N79S, N79SE and N79W
  • DEEBOT 710/711


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So here are Ecovacs Google Home Commands

  • “Dock the vacuum”
  • “Is the vacuum running?”
  • “Stop vacuuming”
  • “Stop the vacuum”
  • “Pause the vacuum”
  • “Start the vacuum”
  • “Send the vacuum home”
  • “Is the vacuum charging?”
  • “Start vacuuming”
  • “Charge the vacuum”

For the most part, it’s self-explanatory, and if you’re accustomed to using Google Assistant for voice requests, it should be second nature to you.

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